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By : Mohd. Salim Khan, Associate Editor-ICN

Sahaswan/Budaun : Education is the most important factor that makes the human being civilized. without education the man is unable to distinguish between good or bad. Education creates manners & etiquettes in human being. It enables us stand in the society among the civilized people. It leads the human being in every corner of the life. When India became free in 1947 at that time the literacy rate of India was only 18% but with the passage of time education system was improved and according to Census 2011 the literacy rate became 74%
but it is less than the world’s average literacy rate 84%.

The female literacy rate is having 65.46% still less than male’s literacy rate 82.14% in India. It is expected that in India the literacy rate will be more than 95% within next 20 years. Some orthodox minded people still discriminate with girls comparatively boys to provide education. They think that it is useless to spend money on girl’s education but they forget that mother’s lap is the first school of the child where he or she
learns manners & etiquttes .

Often conflict creates between literate husband & illiterate wife. it is the opinion of some people that what is the benefit to be educated or to provide education to our children because there is a great shortage of govt. jobs and after being educated he has to struggle a lot to get the job
& to survive in the life. I want to convey a message to those people through my article that an educated person is better than an uneducated one in every field of the life. For example if an educated man works any faculty either he minds his job in private sector under the supervision of someone or he starts his own business he will do his duty more efficiently than an uneducated one. Here I would like to mention an incident of my life which happened with me. In 1996 I worked as a lab attendant under the supervision of Dr. Aamil Husain Isaralie (Chief Laboratory Manager) Uwais Khan (Chemist) and Mohd. Rafi (Chemist) at Research & Development Lab. In Hamdard wakf laboratories situated at Lal Kuan near Ballimaran in old Delhi. On every weekly off (Sunday) I used to go to Jama Masjid where I met a foreigner whose name is Dr. David Tausig from London. I began to guide him about the history of Jama Masjid. He began to take interest talking with me. He came out from the gate of Jama Masjid to proceed to Old Delhi Railway Station. There were few rickshaw pollars standing at the gate of the mosque one of them rushed at the foreigner and said to him,’’ Hello sir how are you. Where will you go sir? Please be seated sir I will drop you where you would like to move sir. Except him all of other rickshaw pollars were standing silently because they did not know how to speak few words in English.

We seated in the rickshaw of that person.The distance from Jama Masjid to Old Delhi Railway Station is not so far yet the foreigner gave him a sufficient fare to that rickshaw pollar. I mean to say that rickshaw pollar was educated man so he could impress the foreigner. Such is the difference between an educated & uneducated one. It is the age of modern and it is being seen that most of the persons are trying to provide modern education to their wards. In high profile families the guardians admitted their wards in the convent school at a very early age. At the time when the child requires the lap of his mother, he is handed over to school staff. I want to ask a question from those guardians that can the school teacher care your ward as you can? No never. Mother is the invaluable treasure of nature presented to the child in the world. It is a
heinous crime which is done by most of the guardians admitting their ward in play group school at a very early stage.Our great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa (PBUH) too forbaded to admit the child at a very early stage in the school. He said,’’ Do not tourcher your child to admit your ward in the school at a very early stage snatching the lap of his mother.

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahab (PBUH) said,’’Acquire knowlege & education at any cost either you have to migrate to China to get it.”All the religious intellectuals of different religion emphasised to get education & knowledege. Education is a lamp of light which kills the darkness of ingnorance & poverty. To spread the light of knowledge & wisdom it is necessary to establish the educational institutions. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya and Dr. Zakir Husain were some renowned and great educationist and social reformer who did the great jobs for the sake of humanity to launch the educational institutions eg.

Aligarh Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University and Jamiya Milliya Islamiya University. Collecting the money as donation from the people. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Pandit Madan Madan Mohan Malviya established educational institutions.They had to struggle a lot during the session of construction of the school It the age where a real literate brother ignores his real illiterate brother. He feels shy to introduce his illiterate real brother with his educated friends. A illiterate man is just like a blind man who can not see the glory of the beautiful world. Either we cultivate the fields or starts our own business we should be educated to do our work more efficiently. These are the personals views of the writer if there is any error in this article, then the writer apologizes for the same.

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