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By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group 

A good theme to be realized and perceived,

A good word to be said by the literates,

Lessons to be extracted from our historic past, grieved

But equally rare to be prevailing on recent dates.


Very noble to preach and impressive to say,

A glittering star in the Galaxy of Sins.

It’s followers in the past are the examples gay.

Is rare to be found, being lost in the bins.


Very difficult to follow and alike to say,

As bitter some swallow, and start their plays.

As hurdles will follow, for every truth- way.

Saying it all hallow, quoting various essays.


Truth is better, but bitter to follow,

Ever greedy to have, but efforts hollow.

Thinking themselves-unable, to conquer,

Molded  the way, saying as it is to swallow.


Speak the truth, soft, generous and liked,

Lye in no case, be it what ever hiked.

Express truth, with kind, if  sure to be liked,

But not a single, in any case, so un liked.


Avoid lying, any way, even if paying,

Pay a simple cost for every true- saying.

Be honest to self, to all in every neighing,

Be true yourselves, as book’s open saying.


Our Historians have paid even capital costs,

But remained intact with the Truth, being.

How dismayed, squeezed, shattered and all lost,

Were they? With truth as their only being.


The flourishing essence of our true beings,

May please be attributed to grace them.

The Truth should prevail in over all seeings,

The Humanity in our hearts to reach at helm.

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