ICN Advocates For New Medical System In Its Global Health Festival

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NEW DELHI/LUCKNOW: The war is at its peak. There is no dividing line, no border, nor any border between the two warring armies. The enemies known as Covid-19 are present in every area of ​​the world and the health soldiers are fighting with it to save humanity everywhere in the world.Perhaps the world has never seen such a war, probably since ancient times there is no description of any such battle even in the ancient history and probably no dreamer could find any sign of this situation even in the dream. Everything we are seeing today is quite unprecedented. History is being created and we all are its eyewitnesses.

Those of us who will remain saved from the claws of this epidemic, will certainly tell the coming generations the stories of this ‘Current World War’ and proudly say that humanity could be saved only because of restless efforts of the health soldiers of the world.

Certainly, we will also tell the upcoming generation that the world has learned the first lesson of the humanity in totality from ICN which not only treats it as its sole religion but it writes its deeds and beliefs on the inscription of time with the chisel and hammer, in self-luminous words in the way they direct the right path to the wandering ships in storms.

Like other media groups, ICN Media was born not only for the colorful portrayal of social inequalities and to ask sensational questions on the part of the so-called public against the system and to beat the drum of so-called ‘breaking news’ only but it is made for joining its hand with the society directly by landing on the surface itself to develop it and save humanity and that is why, ICN is not only a media but it is more than that and true sense, it becomes a ‘Worldwide Social Reform Movement’.After conducting highly successful webinars and webshops in India and internationally in Thailand and Vietnam on its ‘Rural Entrepreneurship’ mission, the ICN Club conducted a webinar on the global platform chanting ‘Music is not just entertainment but also an important therapeutic therapy’ and by organizing it by webinar and webshop method, it provided a cold ointment to the world, which got burnt in the fire of Corona.

On 30.08.2020, the ICN Club, through its ‘Health and Medical’ department, wrote the mighty saga of ‘Health Soldiers’ on the global stage, who never cared about their own lives against Corona. These scenes are about the war of every world citizen against the conspiracy of global humanity’s apocalypse, which is successfully represented by these ‘Health Soldiers’ in a unified international spirit to save humanity from premature death.

ICN is seriously involved in its mission for the protection of humanity through its Health Soldiers from the very first day against the global disaster of Corona infection and the solidarity it has introduced in this campaign deserves to be underlined.

Concerns have been expressed about the serious gap between the need and availability of health services in the Indian environment from ICN’s Health Forum.

Not only has the foundation of the Indian health system been weakened, but its walls have also begun to crack and this has become more evident in this global transition period and has emerged on the surface. This is the right time when an aggressive nation should review its health system to move forward on the path of development. ICN stands firmly in the interest of humanity in rebuilding the country.

After due assessment of the circumstances, through the ICN Health Club, a new system is thoroughly discussed suggesting the radical changes in the Indian health system, to enable it to counter the future pressures related to health and to increase confidence in health Soldiers towards their profession and carriers. There is the need of time for establishing a new medical system and the inclusion of the following points in the said system –

1.Like Indian Administration Services, ‘Indian Medical Services’ (IMS) should be structured giving priority to the autonomy of the health system with selection procedure based on medical degrees.

2. In the health sector, there should be a system of ‘Health Police’ to help doctors and health workers to discharge their duties without fear, which should be maintained and managed by Indian Medical Service (IMS).

3. The unnecessary interference of bureaucracy in the health and medical field should be eliminated.

4. A ‘Health Tribunal’ should be established for hearing and judicial redressal of health-related offenses, in which Medico-legal officers should be appointed for effective justice.

5. In the annual budget at the central and state level, there should be an increase of at least five percent in the head of health.

6. While establishing the autonomy of the health profession, the private practice of doctors should be approved and the rules relating to its Regulatory Empowerments should be abolished from the level of CMO and its power should be transferred to the ‘Health Tribunal’.

7. No action should be taken against a doctor or health person by CMO and DM of the district in respect of any so-called health offense without the prior approval of an institution like MCI.

8.The CMO, at the district level, should promote ‘Health Entrepreneurship ‘ in every field appropriately so that not only quality improvement can be done in the health sector but also new opportunities can be created in the field of employment. The rules of practice for new practitioners should be simplified and quite practical so that they can get effective opportunities to establish their business and earn their livelihood easily along with their social commitments.

9. The health services must be categorized among the ‘Essential Public Services’ and the ‘Small Healthcare Faculty’ should not be treated as a purely commercial venture and they should be allowed to be operated in residential areas also ti serve the society in the better way.

10. The proposed ‘Clinical Establishment Act’ should be implemented only after consultation with the ‘Indian Medical Association’ and ‘Indian Nursing Home Association’.

11. The process of registration of ‘private health care facility’ at the CMO level in the district should be simplified.

12. A consultative committee of doctors should be set up at the national, state, and district levels to deal with epidemics like corona in a reasonable manner.

Under the patronage of the top advisory line of ICN the Chief Advisor Professor KV Nagaraj, Sr. Advisor & Sr. Editor Rakesh Lohumi, Advisor & Chief Consulting Editor Professor Pradeep Mathur and Group Editor Vijay Kumar Verma. The event was led by Dr. PK Gupta and Dr. Upsham Goyal and ICN affiliated Dr. AM Khan, Dr. H.K Agarwal, Prof. JD Rawat, Dr. Rama Srivastava, Dr. Rukhsana Khan, Prof.(Dr.)RAS Kushwaha, Dr. Samayug Bhowmik, Dr. Vaibhav Khanna,Dr. Anoop Agarwal, Prof.(Dr.) Sandeep Sahu, Dr. Asad Abbas, Dr. Pratipal Singh, Dr. Manoj Govila, Dr. Vivek Kumar, Prof.(Dr.) Aleem Siddiqui, Dr. Warija Seth, Dr. Puja Dewan, Prof.(Dr.) Vivek Govila, Dr. Vikram Ahuja, Dr. Mujib-ur-Rehman, Prof.(Dr.) Anurag Yadav, Dr. Vasu, Dr. Amay Tripathi, Dr. Pranjal Agarwal, Dr. Shazia Israr and Dr. Shakti Bhushan Chandra participated in this global health campaign.

ICN Sr. Consulting Editor Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra, Managing Editor Dr. Sudhanshu Singh, Sr. Executive Editor Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-International Rajiv Kumar Saxena, Editor-World Barnali Bose, Editor MS Majumdar, Editor Mohammed Zaid, Editor GP Sinha, Editor CP Singh, Dr. Anurudh Verma, Executive Editor Dr. Shah Nawaz Siddiqui and Executive Editor Sushant Kumar Singh expressed their happiness in this wonderful event of ICN and said that the protection and upliftment of humanity is our highest mission and the whole world is our own family.

The purpose of this international event is to give a message to any global disaster like Corona that man is the best creation of the universe and with the grace of God, we will always win every war in the interest of humanity. Any disaster may push us back for some time but cannot defeat us finally.

No doubt, we, the human being, are divine and invincible.

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