Being A Woman….Made Me Strong

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By : Klinsa Kurien, Bureau Chief-ICN Kerala


If there’s one thing in the world that made me strong

It is the tag of being a woman.

There is nothing that I fear.

I have my own shades of emotions- be it grey or white.

Or sometimes padlocked in black.


Never mind the colour

I only look at the hues.

Whether golden or silver

I always knew it with a quiver.


When someone insults me.

I shake it off mentally.

Because I believe in my own self

Nothing can ever bog me down.


When someone praises me;

I really feel worth it

I forever keep reminiscing those words.

So I cherish them for long;

My battle is pitted against my own self

Not with the world.

To whom I owe nothing.


I’m glad to take things in its stride.

Never to have any pride.

To shimmer and glimmer in my ideals.

Without explaining it to the world.

I always lend a helping hand 

To whomever I can

And wherever I could.

I believe in my own self.

No matter where I would.


I’ve been through experiences multi fold.

This leads me to good, bitter and harsh ways

I learn from them without any regret.

Till I draw something worthwhile.


The world depends on us women

While all the work is done.

They trample on our souls.

And let us off with a go.


We learnt to stand up for our own selves

With no one’s help.

We battle with life’s struggles.

And appear unshaken.

Though timid we appear.

We have an Iron Will.


To perform, to race ahead, to manage, to multitask.

The list goes on and on.

We dare to take up challenges

To prove our own selves.

We dare it, we bear it.

We achieve it.


We are not the weaker sex.

In fact a strong one.

Can even make rainbows in the sun.

If we are ever given space.


Mighty forces crush us.

Put their power around.

Thorns and Words are centred on.

But life moves on and on.


As sweet as sugar

As pure as honey are we.

Here is our song, our testimony.

That we are stronger than money.


I sing and wish for all my women folk.

With a plate and fork.

A glorious, Happy Women’s Day.

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