Accepting A Challenge For The Well Being Of Our Country

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By: C P Singh, Editor-ICN Group

( Story of a Colonel in service of the Nation in the Chambal Ravines)

LUCKNOW: It is a matter of great pride and elan to introduce before you Col Nilesh Ingle, a serving Indian Army Officer located at Rashtriya Military School Dholpur positioned far in the Chambal Ravines. He was working for and on behalf  of our Country and as part of his duty as Principal of the erstwhile King Georges Royal Indian Military School (now called as Rashtriya Military School Dholpur), he forges the raw Cadets into men of steel who will be our future leaders and fine gentlemen as also is striving hard to bring back life into the Chambal Ravines by virtue of creating hundreds of checkdams for rain water harvesting, enhancing the quality of water by natural processes, planting saplings and seeds of fodder for the wild and domestic animals in thousands of acres of barren land and his team of volunteers supports him for this noble cause.He and his team are found busy in doing something for the people of India, with a thought of well being of our flora, fauna and our local population, and are seen striving or conversing about general benefits and well being of the less privileged. Currently Col. Nilesh Ingle is serving in Indian Army as Joint Director DG Recruiting New Delhi.

Col Nilesh Ingle believes that complex problems have simple solutions and he has demonstrated this by evolving simple solutions to age old problems which the general area was infested with. This series of selfless work, help, services and efforts is going on day in and day out at Rashtriya Military School Dholpur and one can say with conviction that a barren landscape is being turned into an oasis.

Whatever one is doing, be it very big or even small, for self, for society for Country and mankind,
Even a poor fellow thinks for the betterment of those unable, apart from being busy in his routine.
Every task requires so many aspects for it to complete, that everyone knows and keeps in mind,
They seem to be adamant for the goal they are targeting, they do it all from the border to canteen.     

Col Nilesh Ingle adopted 30 villages in the Chambal Ravines and started digging pits for afforestation and rain water harvesting after his endeavour to help the Corona Virus affected transients. He has been rehabilitating a few poor farmers too and will now start a few schemes for women empowerment and educating the local youth. He has produced excellent results in environmental conservation and has been able to bring out a reverse migration of shephards and cattle grazers in the chambal ravines in the past three years. The entire expenditure is from his own pocket and he feels happy in enabling the needy so as to bring them to the mainstream as also preserving our native culture, sustainable environment, empowering youth, women empowerment, education, and professional guidance in his own small way.

Work is going on everywhere every time, be it known to all or even nameless in vicinity,
Every performer needs help, every doer gives assistance, in so many forms, nature and kinds.
They seek guidance and give, they take services and give, they barter their inputs and pity,
Everyone seems to be more eager than allotted duty, seeing surroundings, ideas and minds.

Col Nilesh Ingle has planned to take a few self motivated volunteers who can provide help in these endeavors and give back to the society in our own humble ways. He has donated 10,000 Lemon saplings to the families of 250 local farmers  in the Chambal Ravines so that they can have an additional source of income as also benefit the environment so as to make it self sustainable… He feels that it is a small token of gratitude towards their hardwork and a small endeavor to alleviate their hardships which they face due to the harsh weather conditions and scarcity of rainfall.

Every drop counts and every little effort towards turning the barren landscape into an oasis is welcome as per him.

The Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta rightly brings out the fact : The more you give, the more you get…

He has observed that when he sows a small seed of any food grain in favorable environmental conditions with a drop of his sweat, labour and devotion, it gives back 1000 seeds as also nourishes and benefits a million families, along with the local flora and fauna. His resolve to do it again and again is reinforced when he observes a reverse migration of population, shephards and cattle grazers with their livestock thriving in the neighborhood.

From decades together, our country says and aspires for, “Jai – Jawan, Jai- Kisaan” . That indicates our praise for our farmers and for our soldiers. The efforts of Col Nilesh Ingle are a great example and will motivate millions of our citizens and directionless youth in channelizing their energies in support of the Jawans and Kisaans and lead this great nation towards progress.

Everyone is doing for the betterment of self , for the Society and for the Nation as a whole,
They work here and think for more to do elsewhere, as part of their nature and enthusiasm.
Apart from their fixed duties, so many passions are propelling them to take some extra role,
They are the real strivers who go on working in positive ways for the betterment of chasm.

Lets turn this great country of ours into a sone ki chidiya again. Let our posterity be proud of their ancestors while we leave a legacy behind for them to reap its benefits”, says Col Nilesh Ingle.

Ever desired , ever wanted and ever appreciated are our farmers , soldiers and scientists,
Our Country is, whatever It is, due to these fulcrum making greatnesses, our Nation owns.
They do their best for the well being of all on our Motherland, with full devotion and gists,
They are our real well-wishers, who ever strive hard for overall prosperity and nice knowns.  

Coverts a Barren Land into an Oasis.

Not only one or two but scores of villages have been taken up by him and converted into fully productive villages. He is the man behind a reverse migration of population in the Chambal Ravines. With the incessant efforts of Col Nilesh Ingle, there is availability of water and fodder and the wild and domestic are thriving in their respective areas thus leading to an increase in cattle and domestic animals and allied activities. The shephards seem busy in the vicinity grazing their livestock and hardly do they know how this miracle happened, but converse that someone from the Military School toiled ceaselessly unseen and unheard.  I feel proud and amazed.

Unbelievable are some tasks on this Earth, impossible the world calls, even then they are done,
Persons are here, to take them as their personal challenge, and start doing, till the same won.
Yes, they do not have anything unfeasible, as far as their efforts are on, completing them as fun,
They can convert a barren land into an Oasis, putting hard and rigorous labour, till it is won.    

Changes TDS and PH values to do the miracles.

When he says , “ Give me a barren land and I will convert it into an Oasis“, seems to me like accepting any impossible challenge, is the habit of our brave soldiers and Col Nilesh is a live example in front of us. He accepts a seemingly impractical task as a challenge and accomplishes without obscurity. Really great!

He read the barren land in target, went for it’s numerous tests, treated it for wellness and so,
After every test, the results were verified, and further efforts were one on them, if necessary.
Slowly and gradually, the land started responding positively, for betterment and to further go,
The results made everyone amazed, who started believing in impossible tasks, to take and carry.  

A Warrior on the Village Fields battling the adversities of Nature

He has been a warrior on the borders of our country, as his prime duty. He came down to the villages to take various challenges in the remote places. He makes the unusable lands into productive, flourishing and ever green places. Your efforts are commendable Col Nilesh Ingle and we thank the Indian Army for producing fine gentlemen and Officers of your kind who are in service of this great nation unseen and undaunted!

Just imagine the situation, how these fields were, before he took the charge of them all?
Not only some, but everyone was sure that it cannot be done, a he ever aspires of it to be!
He came there, he went into the fields, he diagnosed their illness, tendency, big and small,
Then he worked there as if he being on the borders of our pious Motherland, who could see?

Volunteers are welcome to join this noble cause and with the blessings of the Almighty we are sure that our small efforts will go a long way in preserving the environment and turning the area and the local population into a demographic dividend…

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