The Half World : Looking for Roots

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LUCKNOW, dated 11.09.2022.: Has the universe given anything less to the woman while creating the male and female? Has nature made a structural discrimination between the two? Is this distinction religious, or is it historical, or is this difference political? Is this human instinct or some deliberate conspiracy? When we try to understand any equation of society and women, why mostly the slope seems to be moving towards men?
These many questions unintentionally create a forum where not only the scope for a meaningful debate is created, but also the possibility of creating something new on the canvas of time raises its head.
Today, under the aegis of ‘ICN Media Studies, Training and Research Centre’, ICN Media Group has taken an initiative to underline the meaningful role of women in the society with a view to feel and examine the differences of the masses, organized the first session of the three-session seminar ‘The Past’ on ‘The Half World: The Women’.
The first season of this three-season series titled ‘The Past’,  Dr. Neelima Garg, Chief Scientist and Head of Department of ICAR-CISH  was the chief guest and Dr.(Maj.) Ruchi Srivastava, retired from Indian Army was the special guest of the of the first session ‘The Past’
Among many of the women representing different sections of the society and number of male favouring the equality between men and women, the chief guest and the special guest were first welcomed by the representatives of ICN and then the session was started by Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Senior Executive Editor, ICN by saying that we all live in a world of cause and results. The roots of every plan and tree are present under them and in the depths of every architecture created by man on this earth, there is their foundation. If today we see social inequalities between women and men, then these are only the results of those reasons and to test them, we have to look into history, that is, our past. He said that there is a need to examine the whole subject on the level of equality and this gap of inequality is very wide even today despite some women creating the paradigm of excellence. This question still stands in front whether man is only a symbol of power and woman is only a symbol of beauty or has there been any positive change in proportion? Does the man rule in the field of the mind and the woman is the ruler of the land of the heart?
Later, Prof.(Dr.) Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Convener of the program and Editor-in-Chief of ICN Digital Media Group, said that ICN believes in grassroots change and we have not only tried to change the old mindset in the plains and hills villages in our rural entrepreneurship campaign but we strongly advocate every point which is necessary for the all round development of our society. He said that since ages, a clear distinction has been drawn between men and women and this is the reason that for centuries, the society is slowly slipping away from lameness, but the day women and men will come to the level of equality, the pace of our development will be beyond our imagination.
Naish Hasan (Women Rights Activist) said that the male society is unjustly occupying the land of women and it must now stamp the rights of equality for women in the society. She said that issues like ‘triple Talaq’ and ‘discrimination against women in Signa Shani temple system’ are enough to understand in which uneven society we are living. This inequality is the biggest obstacle in our social development.
Social activist Varsha Verma said that I never accept that woman is only a symbol of beauty. She said that woman is a symbol of power. she told that in the second wave of the COVID pandemic, when there was an influx of deaths of Covid affected people in all the major Covid hospitals of Lucknow and the people were lurking in their homes due to the lockdown and fear and the owners of the hearse and ambulances were charging exorbitant rent to transport the dead bodies to the graveyards, she parked her own van in front of some big hospitals and put the banner of ‘Free Corpse Vehicle Service’ on it to serve the victims themselves and took the dead bodies of hundreds of destitute people to the graveyards and performed their last rites herself All the people present in the meeting saluted this revolutionary thinking and efforts of Varsha Verma by standing in their places.
Musician Reema Aggarwal said that the longer we think about ourselves, the more time it will take to change the society in a positive way. We thought some time ago that our role is not only inside the house but also outside the house and today we are all active in the outside society as well.
Teacher Mayuri Rastogi said that ever since the woman has started changing out of the old mold, this society is also changing. Both men and women are two wheels of the cart in every field, and so long as one wheel is small and one wheel is large, no vehicle can travel properly.
Poet Sarita Katiyar said that since ancient times, women have been victims of injustice to men and most of the societies have been male-dominated, where women have been seen only as an object of enjoyment. Today we are proving that we are not objects but divine creations created like men and if rights are not obtained by asking, then we have to create the definition of our rights ourselves.
Teacher Richa Sinha said that ICN is such a platform in which there is an eagerness to see the society developing in every field and the questions on which it is trying to find proper answers, those answers will make the World more beautiful.
Dr. Shubhra Agarwal, Director Nirvana Medical Group, said that the woman not only has to make her role more sharp but she has to break the old images and create her own new and decisive image.
Special guest Dr. Ruchi Srivastava, in her brief address, said that I feel happy to think that all of us are involved in the campaign to write new history through this platform.
Popular poet Akhil Anand, by narrating his composition ‘Madhumakhi (bees)’, gave this message that even though people neglect their wives as bees, but they flow honey in the family and society. Butterflies hovering over a flower can never take the place of a bee.
The chief guest Dr. Neelima Garg said that it is true that if we walk in the corridors of history, we will find that in the Vedic period, the position of women was very high in the society, but medieval history conspired to make a woman an object from a person. This was a period of undermining the identity of women from all religious, political and social points of view. The seeds of our inequalities are hidden in our history itself, which requires social surgery to understand and get rid of them and this role is being played by a platform like ICN with great selflessness and affinity. She said that not only the male society but the women’s society itself is also responsible for its inequality. Whenever a man wanted to put the necklace of slavery around the woman’s neck, the woman always offered her own neck. When it was time to fight for her rights, the woman accepted the unwanted treaty and the result was that the social land always remained seriously uneven. For some time the voices of our struggle have become vocal and forums like ICN are making meaningful efforts in this direction.
The writer of thirty four books and editor of ICN C. P. Singh placed vote of thanks all the guests and the community present.
As usual, the program was successfully conducted by Gauravendra Pratap Sinha, Editor, ICN in his distinctive and attractive style.
Dr. Sanjay Prakash, Orthopaedeic Surgeon, Nazam Mustafa, Consulting Editor, Siddharth Amar Rastogi, Senior Associate Editor, Sumit  and many more participated in the program.
ICN’s Chief Advisor & Chairman ICN MSTRC from London Prof. K V Nagaraj and ICN’s Sr. Advisor & Vice Chairman of ICN MSTRC  from Shimla Rakesh Lohumi congratulated the participants  for the successful program.
Vijay Kumar Verma, the Chief Consulting Editor ICN  from India, Dr. Sushil Solomon(India),Ex. VC CSA Agriculture University Kanpur & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN International, Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Kamal Nayan Mishra, Retd. Major General (Indian Army), Prof Awadh Ram(India), Ex. VC MGKV Varanasi & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Dr. Ram Bhujel (Thailand),the Director Aqua Centre AIT Thailand & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Lt. Col. Nilesh S. Ingle, Sr. Consulting Editor, from  India, Varaporn Suthipeth (Thaiand), Consulting Editor-ICN International from Thailand, David B. Shea (USA) ICN North America, Conrad Paparowa (Australia) ICN Oceania, Ghassan Aki (Brazil) ICN South America,Yiugeni (Ukraine/Russia) ICN Europe.Pieter Kmerman (Canada/Netherland) ICN North America, Marvin Sikota (Zambia) ICN Africa, Vinod Belani, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN International from Thailand, Jamal Abdullah Al Shamsi (UAE) ICN Asia, Christeen Thi (Vietnam) ICN Asia, Aphrodite Machopolou (Greece) ICN Europe, Max Robbynson (Indonesia) ICN Asia, Dr Vincent Tan (Malaysia) ICN Asia, Tho Sithi(Laos) ICN Asia, Srikul. K (Thailand), Associate Editor of ICN Asia, Cyrus Etminan (Germany), Sr. Associate Editor of ICN Europe, Prof. Masarrat Haseeb(India) Ex. Principal Scientist-CSIR & Consulting Editor-ICN, Dr. Neelima Garg (India) Principal Scientist & Head ICAR-CISH & Consulting Editor-ICN (Hony.), Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra (India),Convener, SJM & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Sudhanshu Singh (India), Managing Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Upsham Goel(India), Chief Consulting Editor-ICN, Tarun Prakash Srivastava(India), Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group, Prof. (Dr.) Shah Ayaz Siddiqui (India), Editor-in-Chief, ICN World, Prof. R.K. Yadav (India), the Dean Lakhimpur Campus Agriculture University Kanpur & Editor-ICN, Prof. Jaswant Singh(India), Member-Antarctica & Arctic Expedition & Editor-ICN, Barnali Bose( India), Editor-ICN World, M.S. Mazumdar(India), Group Editor-ICN World, Mohammad Zaid(India), Editor-ICN, Dr. Mohd Aleem, Editor-ICN Group, Dr Kumar Raka, Editor-ICN Group C.P. Singh(India), Editor-ICN Group,GP Sinha, Editor-ICN, Najam Mustafa, Consulting Editor-ICN Lidiya Myalkina(Russia), Executive Editor-ICN International, Dr. Shweta( India), Executive Editor-ICN, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Executive Editor,Dr. Shah Nawaz Siddiqui(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group & Hardik Murarka(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group, Dr Puja Dewan, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN, Sushant Kumar Singh, Executive Editor-ICN Group, Diwan Singh Dogra, Editor-ICN Uttarakhand, Dr. Ameya Tripathi, Bureau Chief-ICN UP, Mohd. TauseefNimit Singh, Associate Editor-ICN, Adarsh Kumar Srivastava, Associate Editor-ICN, Kauser Khan, Associate Editor-ICN, Mamta Saxena, Editor-ICN, Asstt. Editor Gazala, Meraj Khan, Photojournalist and many more participated in the program.

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