ICN : Rural Entrepreneurship Festival At Rajauli, Barabanki

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Rajauli village, confined in the rural area, suddenly became the ‘Breaking News’ of the area when ICN International Media Group, present in 182 countries through English language and 81 countries through Hindi language, organized this village and nearby areas.
RAJAULI/BARABANKI : 17 July 2022, Rural Entrepreneurship is the basic ‘mantra’ of all round development of our country.  When almost all the media houses of the country and the world are wondering around the marketism and mob lynching their TRP, at the same time, ICN International Media Group is creating new trails of development journey by organizing village to village fairs of rural entrepreneurship by connecting at the grassroots level.
ICN International Media Group, born on the surface of human compassion, has the fragrance of the global personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Norman Borlaug, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. BC Roy, and Major Dhyan Chand. This is the reason why ICN started its mass movement of global humanity by drawing inspiration from these global legends in which, gradually, the eminent experts and collaborators from all walks of the world, engaged in the cause of humanity, and today, ICN has become a global forum with energetic representatives of 182 countries of the world.
To deliver this magic of self-reliance to world, the  wonderful, self proven and the most sensitive people, through the platform of ICN under its  ‘Rural Entrepreneurship Mission in Dr. Norman Borlaug genre, have been spreading the message of self-reliance and prosperity. Its first lamp lit internationally in Thailand, the second in Vietnam and the third in Germany.
ICN International Media Group not only imbibed this idea but also brought itself to the grassroots level for social upliftment and their mission of “Rural Entrepreneurship” gave the message of holistic development of the world at national and international level. On the platform of ICN  Media, those talents at national and international level are united who want to make the world created by God more beautiful, energetic and useful with their efforts. When dreamers from almost every region of the world open their hearts to their positive role, standing shoulder to shoulder on a platform, beams of light descend from the sky to the earth from place to place. Earlier, these miracles have happened at national level in Malihabad-Mal area, Kakori area, Sarojini Nagar area,  Rohilkhand region, Bundelkhand, Mukteshwar,Uttarakhand etc.
The program was presided over by Dr. Bholanath Mishra, Project Director-GPON & D,ITI Ministry of Telecommunication Govt. of India & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN. Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra said that the time has come to build a new India.  New chapters of re-development in India are to be written by all of us and complete success in this field is possible only through rural entrepreneurship and ICN is committed to make this dream a reality.
Dr. Saher Hussain, Principal of Karamat Hussain Degree College, Lucknow & Sr. Associate Editor-ICN, said in her statement that in a society where girls’ education is considered an important responsibility, the development of the society is written remarkably.
Agriculture sector reform expert R. K. Singh  was also present in the program as a special guest and he presented many important facts and valuable ideas about regional rural entrepreneurship in front of the people present.
Siddharth Amar Rastogi, Senior Associate Editor ICN said International Rural Entrepreneurship is one of the social missions of ICN for the country through which, it adopts some villages for the purposes of their overall promotion by providing them national and international level training and sharing of useful information.
Social & Medical Service expert Munis Wiqar was also present in the program as a special guest.On this occasion, many regional people of the said ideology were honored, and certificates were distributed to the trained villagers.
Colonel Nilesh Ingle, Sr. Consulting Editor of ICN and Honorary Director of ICN MSTRC sent his message for the program from Rajasthan, through which he introduced the regional people to the possibilities of rural entrepreneurship and inspiring ideas regarding Green Revolution and specific animal feed etc.
Col. Ingle is not only a soldier who loves his country or has served as a dedicated Principal as an academician in Army Educational Institute at Dholpur (Rajasthan) but he is an institution also. Those who are determined, they feed flowers even on stones. This nature, this world and this life are full of miracles, but these series of miracles are not visible to our physical eyes. To see and test these wonders and possibilities, only the eyes of the mind are capable and once the mind and brain extract water from the stony earth, for that in the physical world too, planting greenery on the sandy and rocky land of Rajasthan is no big deal.
Prof. (Dr.) Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-in-Chief & Director ICN MSTRC and Nimit Singh, Associate Editor, ICN organized the event wonderfully and conveyed the message of independence and self-reliance to the people of the area.
Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui said that only the model of  International rural entrepreneurship can fulfill the dream of global development.The Earth is ‘green’ that’s why there is life on it. That is why you and we are here. That is why there are dreams, possibilities, and hunger on the earth. Probably the equation of ‘Life’, ‘livelihood’ and ‘possibility’, is the most powerful equation in the world.Dr. Norman Borlaug, as a nutrient for lifelong humanity, explored the equations of vivid possibilities between ‘life’ and ‘livelihood’ and at his death, he left the legacy of green revolution for the world and responsibility for the generation to come to build new bridges between ‘life’ and ‘livelihood’.
Nimit Singh while telling the villagers about rural entrepreneurship, said that we cannot depend on the government to solve all our problems and we have to learn and teach ourselves the craft of living with respect and convenience.Nimit Singh is not only doing employment of beekeeping in the area himself, but he has also provided employment to many people to live with dignity.
Providing new energy and direction to the people of the region and especially the youth throughout the time, this program was efficiently anchored by Amir Hanif, Bureau Chief – ICN U.P.
The Chief Advisor & Chairman ICN MSTRC, Prof. K.V.Nagaraj from India, the Senior Advisor & Vice Chairman of ICN MSTRC Rakesh Lohumi from India, Vijay Kumar Verma, the Group Editor ICN World  from India, Dr. Sushil Solomon(India),Ex. VC CSA Agriculture University Kanpur & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN International, Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Kamal Nayan Mishra, Retd. Major General (Indian Army), Prof Awadh Ram(India), Ex. VC MGKV Varanasi & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Dr. Ram Bhujel (Thailand),the Director Aqua Centre AIT Thailand & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Lt. Col. Nilesh S. Ingle, Sr. Consulting Editor, from  India, Varaporn Suthipeth (Thaiand), Consulting Editor-ICN International from Thailand, David B. Shea (USA) ICN North America, Conrad Paparowa (Australia) ICN Oceania, Ghassan Aki (Brazil) ICN South America,Yiugeni (Ukraine/Russia) ICN Europe.Pieter Kmerman (Canada/Netherland) ICN North America, Marvin Sikota (Zambia) ICN Africa, Vinod Belani, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN International from Thailand, Jamal Abdullah Al Shamsi (UAE) ICN Asia, Christeen Thi (Vietnam) ICN Asia, Aphrodite Machopolou (Greece) ICN Europe, Max Robbynson (Indonesia) ICN Asia, Dr Vincent Tan (Malaysia) ICN Asia, Tho Sithi(Laos) ICN Asia, Srikul. K (Thailand), Associate Editor of ICN Asia, Cyrus Etminan (Germany), Sr. Associate Editor of ICN Europe, Prof. Masarrat Haseeb(India) Ex. Principal Scientist-CSIR & Consulting Editor-ICN, Dr. Neelima Garg (India) Principal Scientist & Head ICAR-CISH & Consulting Editor-ICN (Hony.), Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra (India),Convener, SJM & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Sudhanshu Singh (India), Managing Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Upsham Goel(India), Chief Consulting Editor-ICN, Tarun Prakash Srivastava(India), Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group, Prof. (Dr.) Shah Ayaz Siddiqui (India), Editor-in-Chief, ICN World, Prof. R.K. Yadav (India), the Dean Lakhimpur Campus Agriculture University Kanpur & Editor-ICN, Prof. Jaswant Singh(India), Member-Antarctica & Arctic Expedition & Editor-ICN, Barnali Bose( India), Editor-ICN World, M.S. Mazumdar(India), Editor-ICN Group, Mohammad Zaid(India), Editor-ICN, Dr. Mohd Aleem, Editor-ICN Group, Dr Kumar Raka, Editor-ICN Group C.P. Singh(India), Editor-ICN Group, G P Sinha, Editor-ICN, Najam Mustafa, Consulting Editor-ICN Lidiya Myalkina(Russia), Executive Editor-ICN International, Dr. Shweta( India), Executive Editor-ICN, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Executive Editor,Dr. Shah Nawaz Siddiqui(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group & Hardik Murarka(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group, Dr Puja Dewan, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN, Sushant Kumar Singh, Executive Editor-ICN Group, Diwan Singh Dogra, Editor-ICN Uttarakhand, Satyendra Kumar Singh, Editor ICN, Associate Editor, Dr. Ameya Tripathi, Bureau Chief-ICN UP, Mohd. Tauseef, Nimit Singh, Associate Editor-ICN, Adarsh Kumar Srivastava, Associate Editor-ICN, Kauser Khan, Associate Editor-ICN, Prabhanjan Tiwari, Head-India Now24, Mamta Saxena, Editor-ICN, Asstt. Editors, Avnish Pandey, Gazala, Vandita Pal, Sub. Editor, Meraj Khan, Photojournalist.
Pooja Singh, Zila Panchayat Member, Akber, Raj Bahadur Singh, Om Prakash Verma, Suheed, Shiv Kumar, Ajay Verma, Gaya Prasad, Kiran, Suman, Puspa Devi,Manoj, Ajmeri, Gendalal, Mohd. Shiraj, Rjneesh, Videsh, Sarvesh, Ram Kilash, Mohd. Shabir, Nitin, Sita Kant Mishra,  Vimlesh, Rakesh Verma, Virendra, Amar  Singh, Premchand, Imran, Shahrukh,  Abdul, Madhuri, Aafrin, Fasia, Falak, Saabrin, Irkaan, Maroof, Bhim, Saurabh, Sumit, Ayush, Nobhita, Himanshi, Raagni, Arpit, Pratibha, Shilpi Devi and many more participated in the program.

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