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World Kidney Day: Prevention of Kidney Disease

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By: Dr Lubna Kamal, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. of MM, State JLN Homeopathic Medical College

LUCKNOW: Despite being a non-communicable disease,Kidney failure is rapidly spreading worldwide. The estimated numbers of sufferers are more than 850 million worldwide. Every 1 person out of 10 is suffering from kidney disease.It is expected that by 2040, the disease will reach fifth position, causing death of patients.

In the developed countries, the annual expenditure on Dalysis and Transplant for the treatment of this disease is about 2-3% of the annual Health Budget of that country.In underdeveloped and poor countries, it is unthinkable for all patients to get treatment.

But the best part is,unlike Liver Cirrhosis,Cancer or Cardiovascular Diseases which go undiagnosed until the disease actually sets in,Renal Failure is not only preventable at large but also diagnosed very easily by means of simple Blood and Urine tests and Ultrasonography.

Nowadays Renal Failure is mainly due to 3 reasons.1. High blood pressure, 2. Diabetes Mellitus or high Blood Sugar levels and 3. Indiscriminate use of painkillers.

Primary prevention of Renal Failure,which is most important, requires that a person should eat salt in moderation, avoid excessive intake of oil, ghee, sugar and alcohol along with moderate exercise and yoga.

Blood pressure should be checked regularly since the slightest increase in Blood Pressure damages the filtration apparatus ie the Nephron, within the kidneys.The kidney starts contracting and its efficiency decreases.Therefore, if the blood pressure is persistently raised,a doctor should be consulted immediately.

A clinical examination will tell whether the blood pressure is increased for a serious reason and medication is necessary or just lifestyle modification is needed.

Similarly,in patients of Diabetes, excessive blood sugar levels cause damage to the kidneys and leakage of albumin or protein in the urine which causes swelling in the body.Therefore, a specialist should be consulted so as to control Blood Sugar and prevent damage to Kidneys and other organs.

People who suffer from joint or body pain and take painkillers without medical advice,cause irreparable damage to their kidneys.This can happen even in adolescence.Hence it is not advisable to take painkillers or OTC ie over the counter drugs for long periods without consultation.

In a country like India,where healthcare is not available to lot of people,pravelence of Renal Failure can be reduced to a great extent by checking blood sugar and Creatinine regularly.

Urine should also be checked once in a while for leakage of Albumin or Protein.All these tests together do not cost more than 100 Rs. Therefore,it’s my humble request to the authorities and the government that camps should be organized once in a month in all government hospitals in which the blood pressure of everyone should be checked and blood and urine should be tested for 50-100 Rs,so as to identify the disease at the earliest and reduce the burden of Dialysis.It is not possible for many people to get costly treatment of kidney disease at present, but by identifying and stopping this disease many lives can be saved.

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