World Is At Its Most Dangerous Point In 30 Years: Nato Chief

The world is more dangerous today than it has been in a generation, the head of Nato has said.

The world is more dangerous today than it has been in a generation, the head of Nato said days before the mobilisation of an estimated 100,000 Russian troops on the European Union’s eastern borders, and as a nuclear crisis grows on the Korean peninsula.

The head of Nato has warned that the world is in a more dangerous position today than it has been in a generation.

Jens Stoltenberg said the number of different threats currently surfacing around the globe simultaneously – including North Korea, terrorists and an increasingly assertive Russia – was making the world a more unsafe place.

“We have proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in North Korea, we have terrorists, instability, and we have a more assertive Russia. It is a more dangerous world.”

Mr Stoltenberg made the comments while in Estonia where he was visiting British troops.

South Korea, fearful of an attack from its neighbour, has deployed a controversial US  missile defence system.

Hundreds of protestors surrounded the military base as the defence system arrived, amid fears it could lead to environmental and health problems.

Stoltenberg has completed a tour of the four battle groups stationed in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, forming the Nato advanced forces defending the eastern borders.

Stoltenberg said Nato had always offered up its exercises to scrutiny, “while Russia has not opened any exercise to open observation since the end of the cold war”.

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