Women’s Mental Health In Lockdown And Corona Crisis

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By: Dr. Shazia Veqar Siddiqui, Clinical Psychologist & Sr. Associate Editor-ICN   
In these times of Lockdown & Corona crisis ..we as women are overburdened with physical and emotional work. So here are a few take home points from my expertise as Clinical Psychologist.
We know how important routine is, especially for kids, under normal conditions. And when schools are closed and many people are working from home or told to stay at home.
But it’s actually much better for everyone’s mental health to try to keep a routine going, as much as possible.Lots of recent research finds that spending time in nature is a boon to both mental and physical health.
Campaigners echoed concerns about the potential for long-term damage from the coronavirus crisis to people’s mental health.
1. Distribute the work load. Make children and other members of the family bid their bit which can be as small as closing their books after studying.
2. Don’t nag or criticise about the quality of work if done by others. Even small help is appreciated. Household chores are life skills.
3. Don’t let your daughters do all the job. Boys can too wash utensils,mop and broom. Let’s copy the west in this. Their men work equally.
4. Invest in exercise and routine. A little difficult but not impossible. Schedules give sanity. Don’t allow the children to stay up beyond 12.00 and sleep beyond 9 or 10 at max. It’s overstretched but can’t help it.
5. Although we don’t prefer food rewards but we have limited resources so use your mental and culinary skills to make children study, work or whatever.
6. Make sure you rest. Your family has to understand that ur not a machine
7. Make a list of things that you were not able to do due to paucity of time.. and then do them.. like reading.. gardening… exercise ..
8. Use technology to stay connected with family and friends.
9. Don’t read or see news which makes you anxious. Change your perceptions. See difficult times as an opportunity and challenge.

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