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Where The Ability Resides?

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By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group

Part: 2 Every time, it is the mind who wins and every time, it is the mind who loses. It is very truly said by some great scholar : (When our mind loses, we lose and our mind wins, we win)

This is the right time to let you meet with great news reader, Carnatic Vocalist and Konakol exponent Mr. H. RAMAKRISHNAN. He was the son of a Distt. and Session Judge at Tamilnadu and he became a victim of Polio when he was two and a half years old and  eighty five percentage of both his legs were affected with it. The life was much adversed for him but sometimes, these adversities provide extraordinary mental strength and commitments which shines him superbly. Mr. H. Ramakrishanan never took these disabilities as the hurdles in his life but as the challenges.

When he started his academic education, he was denied admission to the school of his town so that the other ordinary students might not feel discomfort in his company and he had to take admission in a school in another district.

Even having eighty percent polio affected legs, he kept movements through normal bus services continued until he got a sidecar scooter. Later on Bajaj Auto Limited gifted him an auto rickshaw with handbrake facility. His badly disabled legs could never get success to check his movements and speed.

Mr. H. Ramakrishnan passed out UPSC exam but when he went to join the job of news reader, translator or reporter, his joining was denied on account of his physical disability but this unique creature proved him everywhere and became the most popular newscaster with his unique sound and worked for about forty years as a newscaster and a successful and dignified journalist who still lives in the memory of the people. He has wielded the microphone on number of important events including rocket launches at SriHarikota.

Mr. H. Ramakrishanan is a famous Caranatic Vocalist also and has staged his number of successful performances. He has been awarded with Kalaimamani Award by the government of Tamilnadu for his musical contribution. He is the secretary of Bhairvi Gana Sabha also.

His fight with adversities of life is still going on and he runs a non government organization which manages tools like tricycles, walking sticks and calipers for physically disabled persons.

Mr. H. Ramakrishnan has played a role of a disabled person in a famous superhit Tamil movie known as Veename Illai directed by K.Balachander and his character motivated a lot of similarly conditioned people.

He has written a couple of books and contributed in several columns of the popular newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Dinamani and Kalki etc.

He is married to Vasanthaa and has four children.

  1. Ramakrishanan sir, you are a torch bearer of your own kind who is showing the way of life to the society. Sir, the world ‘great’ is not enough to describe you and you are bigger than all such big terms.

Lastly, I want to have credit to meet you with another like eminent personality known as AKBAR KHAN. This wonderful personality was born on 16.08.1962 to the parents namely Kistur Khan, a farmer and Rahmat Begum, a housewife at Bangasar located at Rajasthan. His birth was not a pleasant event for the family because he was born visually impaired and not only he but his elder brother Huasain Khan was also born blind. The family was too poor to manage its two times bread and butter and that is why his grandmother suggested his elder brother to leave the house to make the daily life of the family a little better. This came to the knowledge of his maternal uncle, who was a teacher and got him admitted in a school at Bikaner (Rajasthan) who provides free education to visually impaired students upto eirth standard. His brother stood first there and he got Akbar Khan admitted there also next year and Akbar Khan was proven a wonderful student and stood at first position throughout. After passing eirth class, higher education was not possible for both brothers and then, the elder brother Hussain Khan decided to do sime job himself and keep the studies of younger brother continued. In 1978, Akbar Khan passed Secondary Examination in first division and his name appeared in merit list and he was awarded with national scholarship and later on he passed out Higher Secondary Examination in First Division. He did thereafter his B.A. and M.A. in first class and then he was selected for stenography training course to the visually impaired students in AIFC in Delhi. Earlier, he got admission in a Music Girls College to learn music but as he was a male and his admission was possible with the interference of registrar of the institution, the teachers refused to teach him.

Mr. Akbar Khan has composed number of Ghazals, songs and other articles and has performed them well and not only this but he has seated among the judges of number of musical contests.

He has been working with Punjab National Bank and bank has mentioned regarding his ability as more able than a general person.

In 1989, the Indian Government has Awarded its prestigious President award for the most efficient handicapped. Apart from it, he has bagged several awards for his amazing abilities and skills. 

Akbar Ji, I am one of your fans and I believe that you are the great teacher to teach the world that ‘disability’ does not mean ‘defeat’.

These wonderful people proved that this wonderful world is much bigger than the scope of visibility of our physical eyes and the path of this wonderful world is much longer than the path which can be measured by our physical legs. They proved that the ability does not reside in our physical limbs and organs but it always rests in our mind.

Yes, our ability resides in our mind only and mind has art to substitute and compensate any bodily  disability.

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