When Crimes Against Women, Young Girls and Children Will Stop?

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By: Dr. Mohammad Aleem, Editor, ICN Group

NEW DELHI: Just seven years back, on 16th December, 2012, a very hateful crime had jolted the country from its deep slumber. A young physiotherapist was brutally assaulted by six rogues while traveling in an empty city bus. The strange part of the crime was that it had happened just around 9 P.M on the busy city roads where even a small car and scooter struggle to find a space to run at that time. But in that very crowd, on those busy roads, there were six wolves, who were busy in attacking a weak and innocent girl of around 25.

The description of the assault was so revolting that it is hard to even recall it today. 

The very nature of the crime had agitated the sane minds of the young people of India. They came in a large number out to protest instantly on the roads. The government, elites of the country and political leaders had vowed at that time that they would not allow to repeat such heinous crimes. But unfortunately, during the last two, three days, two state capitals, Hyderabad and Ranchi and many other places in India have witnessed the same type of gruesome incidents. 

Many new changes had been made in the laws on the recommendations of the Verma Committee to stop such barbaric crimes against women. And a fund was created with around 1,000 crore to implement these recommendations on the ground. But unfortunately, our rulers have not spent a single rupee till now from this fund. It shows their apathy towards such crimes clearly. And it should be condemned in the strongest sense.

Due to this inaction of the successive governments, nothing could be changed on the ground. According to the social scientists, only stern punishments is not enough to stop such crimes. It is imperative to change the behavior and outlook of people towards women also.

A murder cum gang rape of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad and a rape by 12 suspects in Ranchi with a law student is enough to say that our police system has completely become ineffective and paralyzed. They spend their best energies in either collecting bribes from the innocent or naïve civilians or be hand in glove in crimes with the politicians and bureaucrats. 

The disturbing aspect of such crimes is that culprits carried out these heinous attacks with full planning. They had little fear of being caught and punished. It means that such criminals are hardly taking laws of the land seriously. And it is a sign of anarchy in the society.  Had the police shown their seriousness in all such cases, these incidents could have been easily stopped?

If the government wants to establish its faith in people, it will have to do a lot of efforts to make the police force sensitive and reliable. The role of the civil society also cannot be ruled out. Sadly, in our society, sane people are diminishing day by day.

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