What Costs To The General Public By Shutting Down Of The Internet Arbitrarily

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By: Dr. Mohammad Aleem, Editor, ICN Group

NEW DELHI: In the recent days, we have seen that it has become almost a routine to shut down the internet by the central government on the slightest whim. And shutting down the internet means closing down all the doors to the world for its public in this digital age and communication.

The reason it offers that there was the fear of violence. But it doesn’t take into the account that to what extent it harms the general public and the country’s economy and well-being at large. According to the one data, since the Modi Government took charge of the affairs of the country at the center, till 2018, the forceful impositions of the ban of the internet in the country made people lose around 3 Billion US dollar ( around 21 thousand crore rupees.)

In Jammu and Kashmir and Assam, this situation is much graver. In Jammu and Kashmir alone, it lasted for complete six months. But now the honorable Supreme Court of India has clearly said that the use of the internet comes under the right of expression envisaged in the article 19 of the Indian Constitution. It has ordered the central government to review the ban order on the internet within a week in Jammu and Kashmir. But unfortunately, this order came after the long and painful wait. 

If the Government of India bans the internet, arbitrarily, it affects the basic human right rights of the public in a great way also. The freedom of expression has been given to the Indian citizens under the article 19 of the Indian Constitution and freedom of the basic rights has been given under the article 21 of the constitution. Both should be respected at any cost. And such reckless behavior should be avoided at all if we want to see our country moving forward as a great democratic nation of this world.

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