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Unite and Rule : The Call of the Time

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By: Mohd. Salim Khan, Sr Sub Editor-ICN Group
Sahaswan/Budaun- Aristotle, a great philosopher of Greece said, “The man is a social animal.” It is absolutely right to say that the man is a social animal and this is why, we live in the society with the liberal people. Ofen a question stricks in my mind and the question is that ,”Are we social and liberal in real sense and  what is the difference between the animal and human being?”  I think the difference between the animal and human being is that the animal does not feel the pain and the fundamental needs of the other animal and has no vision.
An animal does not share its pleasure and sorrows with others nor it  wants to participate in the pleasure and sorrows moments of the other animals. “Might is right” is the ideology of the animals and if a mighty animal kills a poor one, no other animal wants to stop a mighty one because it thinks that it is the none of its business. Here I would like to mention an example; whenever any of us go to take the meat of chicken from a chicken shop, the shopkeeper takes out a cock from the cage and kills the cock with his knife. The poor cock cries and weeps with the  great pain when it is  killed with the sharp knife but on the other hand , the rest of the cocks have gone to silent mode and they never pay their attentention to the poor killing cock and they just think that it is  the chance of this poor cock to be killed and they are safe in the cage and no body would harm and they do not need to speak against the brutality of the shopkeeper.
In the consequences, the shopkeeper kills all the cocks one by one according to his planned schedule and its too late then.You will have understood why I have mentioned the example of cock and shopkeeper. Here I want to emphasise the fact that animals do not feel the pain of others but human being feels the same very seriously. Human being stands with his fellows in all kinds of circumstances even those are adverse or prosper, healthy or sick, rich, Hindu, Muslim Sikh or Christian. All of them always stand to help each other in all kinds of adverse circumstances. This is the difference between the animal and human being.Brutality can never be a part of human being because the brutality is the nature of beast and it can never be accepted by the human society.
Unity in diversity is the ornament of our great nation India. India is the largest democratic and secular nation in the world. It has a very glorious past and earlier, it was called the golden bird. The people from different casts, creeds and religions have been residing in this country with love and integrity since long. Our great constitution does not allow any one to discriminate any people on the basis of caste, creed religion, colour and language. Our great constitution allows us to speak against the evil policies of the system also. If any wrong is done by any particular society, it is the duty of every citizen to  raise his voice against the demerits of the system. I am proud to say that I am the citizen of great nation India where the people from different caste, creed religion, colour and language live together peacefully.
A bond of love is the path of success of any nation. Until the people of the entire country feel the pain of each other and until they stand against exploitation created by the system, the country would never be developed in the real meaning. When the British moved from India with their bag and baggage in 1947, they left behind their ideology ”Divide and rule” in India but this ideology can never be a policy of a successful nation but on the other hand, “Unite and rule” can only be a part of a successful nation.
We live in such a country where great souls like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Shri Guru Nanak Dev and Hazrat Nizamuddin and so many others are born and made the entire world enlightenment. All these great souls always tried their best to unite the people with the bond of love and ingerity. All theses great souls had come to this world to spread the message of love, integrity and humanity. Either any of us belong to different religion then we just follow our Lords respectively and match the ideologies of each other and finally we will find that all of them had come to this world to unite us and to show the path of truth, justice and sacrifice. Jesus Christ was crucified for the sake of humanity. He devoted his whole life for the service of mankind.This is why the above mentioned great souls are still remembered and respected in the whole world.
I would like to remember Swami Vivekanand here also who was another  great soul of our country. When Swami Vivekanand delivered a speech at Chicago in America, he said,” I belong to India which is considered as a great republic country in the world. I am proud to be an Indian because I live in such a country where the people from different religions, casts, creeds and languages, live together peacefully. He further said that he was proud to say that his great nation India is a secular nation in real sense.
Swami Vivekanand too taught the lesson of truth and real spiritual. But it is sad to observe that a group of people with sharp weapons and sticks assault on a helpless and weaponless lonely person till his last breath. It is true that crime has no religion and a mob has no wisdom but still, who can justify this brutality? No doubt, it is an open question on our sense of humanity. Such cruelty and cowardness, applied by majority to minority or by minority to majority is strongly condemnable.
The creator of whole universe is same and alone and the people of whole world are the production of the same manufacturing unit, the entire biological system of every human being of the world is the same. When the Almighty God has never discriminated in producing the human, who are we to categories them in different classes? There is no difference at all so what is the confliction?  If we try to understand this theory of the nature, we will come to know that all human beings are our near & dear.  In fact, we are not only the citizens of great nation India but also the whole world and God has placed us here to spread love, humanity and integrity on the earth. Basheer Badra,  a very renowned poet of our great nation India says.” LOG TOOT JATA HAIN EK GHAR BANANEY MEIN, TUM TARAS NAHI KHATEY BASTIYAN JALANEY MEIN.” The time demands that the political policy must be modified from “Divide and rule” to “ Unite and rule”.

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