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They Killed A Feeling

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By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group

We are alive here –under-God’s –grace, till we respire last.

Vital organs function, blood flows, neither slow nor fast.

Lungs- purify, heart- pumps, kidney-lever, un-extant,

Persists, this body, live, be what so ever, slow or fast.


Causes for end may be, natural, artificial, or forced,

Illness, calamity, disaster, accident, mob- enforced.

Murder, suicide, honor- killing, all fate- endorsed,

They all lead to one, i.e. the end of life- sourced.


The end may be physical, moral or even ethical,

Social, mental- values, principal or a typical.

Various aspects of life, together being well and fiscal,

Harmonious, in proper correlation, even un known to other dismal 

No stranger can harm, help, please, tease, bleed rescue or kill me,

Can’t spare time to think, blink, mink, weep (sob) 0r even laugh of me.

Stranger need not worry, furry, hurry, blurry of or even burry me,

Neither visits me nor invites, else neither using nor providing their time to me.


The strangers are neither helpful nor harmful to me or else,

Are never acting in front or behind, favour- against ,real- fictitious or else.

Are neither happy nor sad, good- bad, gave- had, clave- cad or else,

Are neither related nor known, cons- pros? With no thoughts about me or else.


We are helped, earned, considered, served by our owns,

Ever thought, brought, got, fraught, only by our knowns.

We are greeted, treated, bereted; fretted, cheated, looted by our owns,

Ever troubled, prowled, rumbled, grumbled, stumbled, by our knowns.      


We are never harmed by un related, un concerned, un aware and un knowns,

Any passerby, co passenger, casual-visitor, who have nothing about us- known.

Are not even having any intention, what ever be their parameters known,

Even cruel, ferocious, dreaded or brutals are not intending to un knowns.


We are frightened of ignorants, who are harming un knowingly,

Of those non- sincere- strollers, who are pinching – playingly?

A routine step of a relative or neighbour, taken  pleasingly,

When goes on eroding ethics, values, peace or skin, gradually.


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