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By: M.A. Shams, Literary Editor-ICN World

The Sun shines in the Morn;

It radiates soft tender smiles;

Spreads the perfumes of celestial abode.

It narrates the glory past,

Reveals love, peace, innocence and smile- 

The very essence of existence.


It perceives the music,

of stars, of planets, of heavens,

of rivers, of mountains, of planes………..

It expresses a pure delight,

It narrates a rare smile,

It expresses the vision of the universe,

It radiates the sparks of innocence.


The sun turns bright and bold

It enjoys the spirit of adolescence.

Desire and Experience

Knocks at the golden bar

of Height, Perfection, Sparks and Lightening

Facing the challenges before

Enters into the glorious dale,

of experience, fame, everlasting and excellence.


It celebrates the golden jubilee,

Analyses the work done,

Feels the pulse of Time,

In the light of the narrated tales.


Each and every moment 

Is surrounded with clapping challenges.

Here it breaths out the scorching heat, 

Here it burns out the base amalgam,

Here it freshens the Soul,

Here it learns to bear the fret and pains,

Here it cracks the chain of pleasure.


Face is reddened,

Face is gloomy,

Face is glowing,

Soul does spark,

Soul does laugh,

Soul does smile,

But for what ?


It comes the time of blow…..

The silent blow, the musical blow, the perfect blow,

the artistic blow, the celestial blow….

Pain and Pleasure, earthly and divine,

Today and Tomorrow are infused;

To spring out a full throated song;

A spontaneous over flow

of Music, Melody, Beauty, Spirit,

Perfection and Unity of the universe.


It radiates a mystical smile,

The sky turns pale,

The sky is full of Music,

The sky is full of mystical blending,

The sky is full of beautiful painting,

The sky is full of Musical air,

The sky is full of beautiful landscape,

The sky laughs out the spring,

The sky springs out the spirit.

The sky is colored with – Silence,

Horror, Music, Beauty, Promise,

Creativity, Peace and Perfection.


The sun is gone,

It makes me feel,

Does man like the Sun

Counters with the phenomenon

of Creativity, Delight, Sparking,

Laughter and Perfection ?

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