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The Science Of Traveling Light

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By: Vijay Kumar Verma, Group Editor-ICN World
SHIMLA: Since generations All elders have had at least  one common blessing to bestow on all those who bowed before them, “May you Live Long”. From the most often bestowed blessings to the facts of life do we ever try to realise and decipher how fruitful is long life, well before brushing aside the value of blessings?
Just one life may not be enough to realise our relation with the creator. In true fact the entire life is lost in running after fulfillment of desires and amassing worldly possessions. Where was the time to sit and realise the fact why we were born as a human? Was it just accidental? Was it cyclical? Or was it God’s will.
We all understand that it is only in human life that we can perform karma. Because karma is a doing linked to the mind. And we believe that mind is the creator of all karma may be they are resulted by the act of 10 senses or the end result of three gunas that govern our actions. Nothing in fact is caused by the will of God. The quality of gunas keep improving or deteriorating life after life and lead to our doings, good or bad.

Friends, the grammar of life to a bit too complicated for those who are not tuned to introversion and thereby meditation.  But it is neither too complex and nor too difficult to understand.
The fulfillment of life is in leading it peacefully and enjoying every bit of it for most of us. But it will be all the more fruitful if it is in sync with realism of The creator, with whatever name we may call Him. The supreme power must be too Supreme that moves not only our life cycles but the entire cosmic lives and movements thereof are determined by Him.
“Babu moshay jindagi lambi nahin, badi honi chahiye”. The famous dialogue from film Anand may always remain fresh in our  minds. As it deciphered the quality of life. A long life spent in pursuit of worldly desires and quenching the never ending thirst of our senses is not going to bear any fruit in the long run. We need to understand the utility of valuable opportunity granted to us in the form of a human being by God. Do we continue to carry the burden of our karma from one life to the other or shed it lighten the journey of our soul to the eternal goal? In this very palace of nine doors our soul yearns to realise the tenth door to escape. This human body is considered as a city of nine doors or openings one can easily count. But the tenth one lies hidden and only our relentless pursuit and relationship with our inner self can help us realise it.

In this life we all tend to carry the burden of luggage wherever we go. And when this luggage is light we feel relaxed and when we are not carrying any luggage nor are we concerned of the luggage left behind, the journey it is all the more lighter. We feel like moving in the direction of Mukti or Moksh. What is Mukti? Simply when we shed our attachment to just one attraction that had reached the proportion of intoxication, we realise how childish the pursuit was. And as we March forward we can be victorious at every step. Remember the old saying by Faber,  “Each moment of resistance to temptation is a victory”. Then why not be victorious at every step?
In aerospace engineering we know that the periphery of this earth has to be crossed not below the given speed to come out of its magnetic field. Accordingly we find that the spacecraft keeps on shedding one part after the other till it reaches that boundary.  And once the pull is cleared and the craft is out of the magnetic field of earth it can venture in the given direction comfortably. To realise it mission to the moon or Mars.

Somewhat on the similar lines of life science, our soul always yearns to unite with the creator.  But it continues to remain entangled with the karma and the most sought after karmphal. How long can we continue not to seek the fruits of our karma, is the basic science behind travelling light.
To be continued…

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