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The Great Warriors Of During Corona War

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By: Mohd. Salim Khan, Associate Editor-ICN 
SAHASWAN/BADAUN: India is currently facing a monster-like epidemic called Corona.  Not only India but also other countries of the world are under the grip of this epidemic.  As till  27th of August 2020 in the country of India, about 33 lakh 15 thousand corona infected patients have been found and about 25 lakh 23 thousand patients have been cured and about 60,000 people have died.  Hardly anyone has seen such an atmosphere of fear and terror before.  Due to this epidemic, businesses of millions of people were collapsed and they came on the road.  In front of them, such a serious problem of maintenance of their family has arisen, which is very difficult for a common man to deal with.  When the corona epidemic took place across the country, the common man and the laborers were forced to come out of the house to extinguish their stomach fire to satisfy their hunger, and not only that thousands of migrant laborers traveled thousands of kilometers on foot to return to their homeland.  Set out on  Citizens from all over the country saw terrible and frightening pictures of the workers who went on foot.  In this hour of trouble, all the citizens of India united and faced this crisis and the kind hearted people of those thousands of workers who went on foot march distributed shoes and slippers to wear and food items to eat, many pictures and videos became viral on the social media.  As one thing is said, time passes and the thing is remembered.  That period of crisis has also passed and the moment of crisis which is in front of us will also pass out but the behaviour of the people and their character have been recorded in the pages of history and they will always be remembered and the great people who have such crisis  Whether in the situation, by hiding or showing help to the people, the example of humanity, which God will reward them for this great work, or with what reward, only God knows.
Yes, it is certain that if a person on earth performs any virtue even by hiding inside a mountain, or if a person commits a sin while hiding inside a mountain, then the reward or punishment of that virtue or sin must be given by God because God does not owe anyone a debt on himself. If a sinner apologizes with true heart from God then, he can escape punishment because God is very kind and very merciful, but if man has hurt another man’s heart, or If his right is killed then God will not forgive that sin until the victim himself forgives.  On the contrary, man has to get the reward of his good deeds only in both the world and other worlds.
Today, in this article, I am describing the elite people of District Badaun and city Sahaswan who helped the poor and destitute and needy people during the lockdown period and also provided food for them.  I feel happy while describing that humanity is still alive in the hearts of people.  We often criticize and should also criticize the negative actions of the government and administration and other government employees and other people associated with society, and such critical news spreads throughout the city as the forest fires.  Negative actions must be criticized but at the same time there should also be praise for governance and administration and public welfare work done by elite people so that they can be encouraged and such people can become a source of inspiration for the society and people.  I personally try to find the most positive aspect except the negative aspect in people connected with society and it is not that I ignore the wrong actions of a person.  (we should always be optimistic but not be cowardice.)
During the period of lock-down of the Corona epidemic, District Collector Kumar Prashanth, then Senior Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Tripathi, then SP Dehat Dr. Surendra Singh ADM Administration Ritu Punia and Chief Development Officer Nisha Anant carried out their duties with full devotion and honesty.  The entire district managed the law and order of Badaun smoothly.  Sometimes District Magistrate Badaun Kumar Prashant was seen to be much harder to open the Yellow zone Sahaswan market during the period of Lok Down than Red zone Aligarh and banks were kept closed for a long period in Sahaswan due to which the common citizens had to face financial crisis. They had to face a lot of difficulty. He knew better what was their strategy behind it.  Obviously the responsibility of the entire district lies on the shoulders of the District Magistrate, so he does not take any decision in a hurry because even a small mistake causes a huge loss.  The batsman who plays on the pitch only knows better which ball is to take and which one is to shot. The spectators are seated  to pass out the comments.
Government employees of various departments such as Administrative Officers, Police Officers, Policemen, Medical Staff and Physicians and especially Lab Technician Tehsil Staff, Municipality Employees, and Sweapers have been making every effort to make their areas free of corona continuously for the last 5 months. All these Corona warriors deserve congratulations who served us in such a state of crisis day and night without resting.  The most risky adventure from my point of view is lab technicians taking samples of Corona infected patients because during the Corona period and even today all the officers and employees are talking a distance by doing what people should do but lab technicians have to take Corona infected patient  samples going very close to him and after standing for many hours. The lab technician carried out this risky and adventurous work.  There are few lab technicians who are in my cognizance like Imran Zuberi alias Ranu of Badaun, Amit Chauhan, Aamir Faridi, Shehroz Khan alias Shanu and these lab technicians have more work today than before because of the high number of corona infections at this time and   more  tests before than are being done..  During the period of lock down in city Sahaswan while reporting as a Journalist along with my colleague photojournalist Syed Tufail Ahmed alias Pappan, I noticed that Dr. Imran Siddiqui, Medical In-charge of CHC Sahaswan and his subordinate as  Dr. Amir Husain, Dr. Mohammad Aaqil,  Dr. Abdul Hakeem, Dr. Sumant Maheshwari, Dr. Kuldeep Maheshwari, and Lab Technician Mohammad Muslim and Shoaib took full care of the quarantined patients.  Along with these were Deputy District Magistrate Lal Bahadur, CO Sahaswan Ramkaran, the then Kotwal Harendra Singh, the then Town Incharge Ramkumar S.I., Ganga Singh S.I. Isham Singh, and other police personnels who often could not even get food throughout the day.  These people carried out their duties with complete sincerity and sincere loyalty while remaining hungry and thirsty.  Some doctors and police personnels also died while taking care of corona infection patients and performing their duties.  I pay homage  to such brave  Corona warriors and pray to God to rest his soul.
Due to the lock-down, millions of people became unemployed and a severe crisis of two-time bread has also arisen in front of them.  God Almighty also created an organ with human being that we call belly, and whether the belly belongs to rich person or poor person, it needs two times of bread in every situation.  Our belly is unaware that the government has been declared a lock-down due to corona infection and it also does not mean that your business is doing well or your business has been collapsed for months.  The belly needs bread in every situation, if you want to stay alive, so if we have to stay alive, we will have to make arrangements of food, no matter where it comes from.
I am happy to write that during the lock down period of the last 5 months, the intellectual persons of our city Sahaswan and Deputy District Magistrate Sahaswan Lal Bahadur, C.O.Sahaswan Ramkaran,  then Kotwal Harendra Singh, then Town Incharge Ram Kumar.Due to the relentless efforts of Dr. Imran Siddiqui, Tehsildar Deepak Chaudhary, the grueling time of the entire lock-down of 3 months passed without any loss of life.  Deputy Collector Sahaswan Lal Bahadur is a good officer as well as a kind hearted person.  Being a journalist with my colleague photojournalist Syed Tufail Ahmed alias Pappan during the lock down period, I saw Deputy Collector Sahaswan Lal Bahadur managed the door-to-door distribution of vegetable fruits and LPG gas in city Sahaswan.  The law and order situation during the lock-down was completely circumscribed due to the promptness of Police Officer Ramkaran, the then Police Station Incharge Harendra Singh, and the then Town Incharge Ram Kumar and his team.  Another one where such administrative officers, police officers and policemen are being mentioned in this article who performed their duties with full devotion during the day and night lock-down period and recorded their work in history pages.  On the other hand, the poor working style of some such ruthless police personnels were also seen that at the time when migrant laborers, suffering from hunger and thirst, were going to their homes on foot, at the same time a shameful incident took place in Badaun in which some policemen made those laborers cock and driving them ridicule, however, against such policemen, the then senior Superintendent of Police of Badaun, Ashok Kumar Tripathi, taking cognizance of the case, immediately took action against those policemen and a similar shameful incident took place in Mohalla Chaudhary of Sahaswan  At the time when a milkman came from the village, showing him the terror of uniform, a police sub inspector ran and beat up the poor milkman.  Such policemen and police officers forget that the government has given them this uniform to protect the public and not to torture them, the defenders of the society are often seen to be devourers and some similarly undeserve and rude people get government jobs and their feet do not hit the ground as soon as they wear uniforms and it is because of these people that the working style of the entire department is questioned.  There is also a bitter truth. Some police officers and policemen consider it to be their fundamental right to abuse the public or show them the status of uniform and they misunderstand that the more we abuse the public, the more the public will be scared or respected by them.  But the reality is the opposite, whether an officer or someone else occupies a higher position in the society, the softer his tone (speech) and behavior, the more he gets free from respect as well as heartfelt devotion.
“Your way of speaking is the fragrance of your character.
Words spoken by you leads to your dignity.”
During the lock down period, such policemen and police officers were also seen who were running behind the migrant laborers on foot and giving them food packets and water, but it is the irony of our society that as a fly  sits on a wound leaving the whole beautiful body in the same way, the good deeds of the rulers and officers present in the Govt. and administration are ignored and focus only on the wrong actions done by them.
In the event of a food crisis arising during the period of Lok Down, the public welfare organizations of the city and the well reputed people of the city have helped the poor and helpless people openly.  Dr. Mujib ur Rehman, the founder of Shifa Clinic in city Sahaswan, who rules in the hearts of  the people due to his sweet voice and charming personality, for poor and helpless people during the period of Lok Down  He has made his outstanding contribution in providing food and financial aid and for his outstanding contribution and service in the field of rural medicine, the international award winner Dr. Mujib ur Rehman had presented 10 PPE Kit (Personal Protection Equipment) Kit, CHC Medical In-charge Dr. Imran Siddiqui  Presented.
Apart from this, other elite people of the city like Nooruddin, former chairman of Nagar Palika Parishad Sahaswan, Mir Hadi Ali (Babar Mian), current chairman of Nagar Palika Sahaswan, senior leader of Samajwadi Party and philanthropist Naeem ul Hasan alias Ladan Miyan, Syed Khursheed Naqvi former Principal  , Raghib Ali advocate, Master Shakir Ali, Hafiz Irfan Anwar Khan, Syed Tufail Ahmed (Pappan) Anas Naqvi, Abdul Fareed Khan, Senior Journalist Ashraf Ali Khan, Saleem Subur, Farooq Subur, Shams shuzuha Naqvi, Ashraf Ali, Acharya Prem Swaroop, Alok  Maheshwari, BJP youth leader Anuj Maheshwari, Neeraj Saxena, (Roy Sahab) Dr. Aadil Sami, Samajwadi Party youth leader and State Secretary Ghyasuddin alias Guddu, Basit Ali, Jamshed Ali Khan alias Guddu, Dr. Rashid Naqvi, Mohammad Aaqil, Syed Tasawwar Ali  Alias Babbu, Naved Iqbal, Javed Iqbal, advocate Roshan Yasin advocate, alias Guddu, Dr. Munir Akhtar Master Mohammad Naeem, Dr. Yasir alias Haikel Naqvi, Dr. Ishrat Ali, Owais Nafees Dr. Saifur Rahman alias Ranu, Rubed Iqbal, Dr. Arshad Ali Khan,  Syed Wahab alias Babban etc. Elite persons  They helped people from their own level and did not let the poor helpless people realize that they are not alone in this hour of crisis, an intellectual and social class of the city stands with them and this is the matter of the city.  Elite individuals proved it by helping people and serving humanity, who set the example of humanity by doing the most excellent work in the world.  Dr. Aadil Sami, a well-known orthopedic of the city who occasionally participates in public welfare works, after giving himself a daily iftar, used to provide financial help to the needy people and I am myself a witness to this.  The Congress Party’s youth leader Sharif Uddin sat on a hunger strike on the complaint of some partiality for distribution of food packets approved by the government to the needy people and he took his matter to the top officers and his officials took notice of it.
The Milli Imdadi Society located in Mohalla Chaudhary in city Sahaswan, which frequently participates in public welfare schemes such as marriage ceremonies for poor and destitute girls, provides financial assistance for the treatment of the very poor and blanket distribution during winters.  The distribution of food items was abundant to about two thousand families by the beloved hands of the Society’s Sadar-e-Mohatram Muzaffar Saeed alias Afroz Advocate,Mohd.Tarique treasurer and Saleem Ahmed Khan executive member.  In this noble work of humanity, the work of marking the needy people and sending food items to their homes, the hardworking employees of the Society are Saif Ur Rehman, Syed Hasan Jalees, Tanveer Ali Khan, Mohammad Feroz Ansari, Mishka Tur Zafar, Tausif Ali Khan, Iqbal Hussain,  Abdul Salam, and Ziauddin alias Bundu carried out this great work in scorching sun.
While reporting during the period of Lok Down, we came to know that under the efficient leadership of Mir Hadi Ali alias Babar Mian, Chairman of Nagar Palika Parishad Sahaswan, the employees of Municipal Council Sahaswan like proficient and popular Abdul Fareed Khan Revenue Inspector Neeraj Gangwar, Jamshed  Ali, Syed Khurshid Ali, Ishaque Huain, Syed Danish Ali, Engineer Ansar Hussain, Qadrul Zameer alias Guddu carried out his work with full diligence.  If someone makes the biggest contribution in keeping our city clean and green, then it is the contribution of the cleaning staff.  About 190 sweepers, under the able leadership of Safai Nayak Neeraj Rahi, contributed to keeping the city Sahaswan clean, with the chief sweepers like Sikander, Ajay Mookerjee, Harish Lal, Bhure and Vikram.  On the instructions of Mir Hadi Ali alias Babar Mian, Chairman of Nagar Palika Parishad Sahaswan, during the period of Lok Down, sanitization was done several times in the entire city Sahaswan and in the village of Bhawanipur, which was then the Red Zone.  Due to his dedication and honesty to his work, Mir Hadi Ali alias Babar Mian set a unique example by flagging off a hardworking employee Satyapal tractor driver in the Municipal Council on the occasion of 74th Independence Day.  The tractor driver Satyapal would never have imagined in his dream that he would get an auspicious opportunity to hoist the flag in the courtyard of the Nagar Palika Parishad Sahswan on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day.
In the time of crisis, when the situation of food crisis has arisen in front of the people, taking cognizance of the public’s problems, the Central and State Government send abundant packets of food items to the needy people and to distribute food items to the needy people.  Work was taken up by the staff of Tehsil especially Lekhpal and Kanungo.  In this work of virtue, Lekhpal Om Babu Sharma, Lekhpal Manoj Yadav, Lekhpal Nadeem Ahmed, Lekhpal Laeequ Uddin, and Kanungo Virendra Kumar did it under the efficient guidelines of Tehsildar Sahaswan Deepak Chaudhary and Nayab Tehsildar.  Apart from this, I have seen many times that Lekhpal Om Babu Sharma did his duty at Shahbazpur intersection with full devotion, which I myself witness.  In distributing the food items being distributed by the administration to the needy people, Mrs. Mumtaz Jahan, husband of ward number 25, husband the most diligent & most active  Ragib Ali Advocate personally met the Deputy Collector Mr. Lal Bahadur and went to door to door for the needy people.  Get it delivered. Apart from this, the Ragib Ali Advocate also contributed significantly in bringing the packets of cooked food by the administration to the needy people.
Dharmendra Yadav, a man of development and soft-spoken former MP who gave the gift of the State Medical College to District Badaun and the highway of Badaun to Gunnore, stood very close along with the people of Badaun in the hour of crisis during lock down period and he distributed food items to the needy people in the entire district of Badaun parliamentary constituency.  In this public welfare work, the volunteers of the Samajwadi Party and all the dedicated party workers of the district like Ghiyasuddin alias Guddu Shoaib Naqvi Aamir Sultani Syed Tasawwar Ali alias Babbu contributed their selfless contributions. Apart from this, Sahaswan MLA Omkar Singh Yadav, besides helping the needy people from their level, also provided financial aid of Rs 10 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
Former M.L.A .of Bilsi constuency  Bittan Ali as well as his brothers Arshad Ali, Mushahid Ali provided financial aid and distributed food items  in bulk to poor and very needy fellows in Islam Nagar during the period of lockdown.
The current M.P. of Badaun parliamentary constituency, Dr. Sanghamitra Maurya was also no less in the crisis during the period of Lok Down and he brought food items door to door by marking the poor helpless people to the needy people by his party workers. The MLA of Badaun city and the Minister of State for Urban Development Mahesh Chandra Gupta, who has led the  simple life and kind  behavior and with his smile, also helped the needy people.  Former Minister of State for Badaun city  MLA  and Waqf Board chairman, Minister of State Abid Raza, through his volunteers, distributed door-to-door food items to the needy people.  Under the banner of All India intellectual board, Yasin Usmani, Chairman of the Board and former Minister of State and eminent speaker, distributed food items of poor helpless people in collaboration with his colleague and Sadar Hamiduddin Qadri of Western Uttar Pradesh and Hafiz Irfan, State Secretary of the Board.
In Badaun itself, Aamir Sultani, a youth leader of the Samajwadi Party, along with his team, distributed food to the needy people.The noble deed of food distribution was done to about 150 needy people daily from October 2019 at Hotel River View located in Abul Fazal Enclave, Delhi by Kaleem ul Hafeez alias Hilal Malik, founder and chairman of Al Hafiz Education Academy, the only educational institution run by the CBSE Board based in Sahaswan  The work was being done silently.Even after the lock down, the work of food distribution continued and about 2000 hungry and needy people were fed daily, and even today about 150 people are being fed free.
I remember an incident in Guru Nanak Dev’s life at this time.  During his childhood, Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not feel like studying.  His father Mr. Kalu Mehta ji used to be very worried about him.  One day Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s father gave him some money and said, “Go & do some good business with this money and do business which is beneficial.”  Guru Nanak Dev went out in search of some good business with money.  On the way, he found a group of religious saints. All those sages were hungry and requested Guru Nanak Dev ji to have food.  Guru Nanak Dev ji thought what better business could there be in the world than feeding the hungry, so he spent all the money given by his father to feed the hungry saints.  God has always and forever illuminated the name of those people who have done great works of humanity in this world.  Taking inspiration from Guru Nanak Dev Ji, even today, the followers of Sikhism spend their heart freely in feeding the poor and destitute people in their gurdwaras, in orphaned ashrams and where they feel the need.  The anchors run and the destitute and needy people of all religions extinguish the fire in their stomachs with the food being fed in that anchor.  Guru Nanak Dev ji spent all his money in feeding the hungry monk saints.  Of course, by feeding food to a hungry person, big business can be done with God and who can compete with that person in the world.  Rahmatullah Alameen (philanthropist for the whole world) the beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam has stated that by taking interest decreases goods (money) and giving goods increases wealth (wealth).  This is a deception of our eyes, which we do not understand this mystery.  Just as a magician removes the neck of a child or a person from the front of the body with his magic lore, and we see that too, but the reality is quite different and, it is also a deception of our eyes and right  Similarly, by deceiving our eyes and brain, the devil fits in our mind that by increasing interest, goods increase and by giving Sadka (philanthropic work and money), goods decrease.  Sadka is the wealth and work that we spend on needy people to please Him in the way of God.
In this article, I have tried my best to describe the employees and elite persons who have contributed little or big during the period of lock down, from District Magistrate Badaun to a sweeper.  I apologize to my esteemed readers for the error and administrative officials, police officers, policemen, medical staff and doctors, lab technician, municipality employees, Tehsil Sahaswan’s employees, sanitation workers, and all those in the entire Badaun district and Sahaswan city.  I offer my salute to the people who pay their respects to those who have helped the needy and poor people in that terrible situation of crisis and set the example of humanity in the pages of the history of this article.  Whenever there will be mention of Corona’s havoc in future, the mercy of these Corona warriors will also be mentioned.  My prayers are that Allah Ta-Ala will return in good forms all of you for your good deeds  &  noble causes. Ameen!

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