Security Teams Have Been Established to Meet Any Emergency Situation in the Hospitals and Nursing Homes :LNHA

By:Dr.Mohammad Aleem (News Editor-ICN Group)

NEW DELHI:Lucknow Nursing Home Association has established a security group with the help of the other hospitals to provide protection to the on-duty doctors and nursing staffs and other personals in the hospitals and nursing homes in the city.

This function was duly inaugurated by chief medical officer, Dr. JS. Bajpai. In this security group, there will be three separate teams, which will provide the security twenty four hours a day with the shift of eight hours. These teams will visit the nursing homes and hospitals and position themselves to meet any emergency situations if it ever arises ever there.

On this occasion, many prominent people and senior members of the association like IMA Lucknow, A.P.M.P Neema, Nudwa and many other prominent citizen of the capital city, Lucknow were also present.

Association has started celebration of Nursing Home Day from 2006. This is an effort of the association to bring forward the pride of nursing homes and their useful contribution in the society. Association is working for the benefit of its members and providing better health care to the state of UP.

The secretary of the association Dr. Anup Agrawal and the president, Dr. G.C Makker also graced their presence on this occasion.  

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