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Safety Is Not Our Priority!

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By: Basant Tanwar, Bureau Chief-ICN Haryana

The Constitution of India give the right to health & life care of Citizen of India. The Constitution incorporates provisions guaranteeing everyone’s right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.Article 21 of the Constitution guarantees protection of life and personal liberty to every citizen.Government is committed to regulate all economic activities for management of safety and health risks and to provide measures so as to ensure safe and healthy conditions for every citizen of the country. Government recognizes that safety and health of every human being has a positive impact on productivity and economic and social development. Safety prevention is an integral part of economic development. A sustainable economic development is not possible in absence of prevention & proactive safety process.

Safety of citizen is the utmost priority of any nation however its surprise to see the ignorance level in our country of both side of the coin. Neither the people of India want to use this right of safety and not either Government take proactively measures for the safety of citizens. Accidents & Incidents are the true indicators of health and safety standard of a Nation or an organization.

The ongoing accidents of building fire, train accident, road accidents, building & bridges collapse, school kids, women rape etc. These all accidents are indicating the current condition of our health & safety polices implementation and governance level. We are running after the situation rather analyzing the situation and taking proactive measure to prevention of these accidents.

Our situation is like a (Kacha Ghada) half cooked pot which is full of water. Water is dripping from all around the pot. Leakages of water is symbolic of incidents/accidents. We are all trying to fix the leakages from outside the pot. Fixing the leakage from outside the pot is a temporary solution. We are in need to do a complete risk assessment of the pot before putting water into it and then we need strict governance and strict action in case anyone manipulate with the process of making pot and the way it is being operated.

Recently we witnessed two horrific accident of fire in NCR. The both accident happened in such buildings those are bound to provide safe & healthy service to their customer but it happened opposite to the expectation of people those were there in those building at that time. Many people celebrating their new born baby, many were wishing for healthy recovery of their parents or relatives & many were getting ready to attend marriage next day. They paid whatever the fee structure of hotel and hospital including the safety maintenance of these building. This looks so horrible to even imagine the scenario and situation of the both accidents. In the Safety process there are four phase of safety process which is Plan, Do Check & Act. Considering the example of these accidents its seems safety process is being compromised on all level. Eyewitness and people who have been their shared that they did not see the active fire safety equipment’s which could help in detecting and fighting the fire in both cases.  It is completely failure from the end of approval authority, governance body, owner of the business.

Government should take corrective measure by get into the deep of the problem rather than imposing penalties on owner and arresting people of these properties. As a good citizen of the country we should be aware of the safety process and government should consider these accident like a disaster as no one can replace the life of a human being. Jai Hind.

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