Rinju Rai Awarded To Doctorate Degree For Research Work On Indigenous Immigrants

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Rinju Rai successfully completed the research thesis on the topic ‘Indian Diaspora and Hindi Diasporic Cinema : An Analytical Study of Socio-cultural Interactions’.
WARDHA: The Department of Migration and Diaspora Studies of Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University is a prominent institution of migrant study and research in the country and the world. The researcher Rinju Rai of this department has completed a very important research work on the subject of Indian diaspora and Hindi diasporic cinema. In his thesis she has described the socio-cultural aspects and aspects of life vision in a specific perspective through diasporic cinema. In order to understand the context and impact of diasporic cinema, with scientific methods she made sufficient effort to analyze the consideration of mind and social interactions of the Indian community who living abroad. On the basis of manifestations of cultural transgression, this research shows the way to adopt the improved culture and glorious tradition of Indianness in the migrant society. Similarly the impact on the overseas Indian society, especially the youth, the research is important to examine cultural conflicts and concerns on abroad and to assess the social duality and living conditions in the cinema.The research was completed through online presentation by digital platform with the presence of subject experts, research experts, educator and a number of researchers scholar having with dialogues and satisfaction of their questions. It is noteworthy that this research work has been completed under the supervision of Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Rai, Senior Assistant Professor of the concern Department. This research work is also notable as the first doctoral research degree of the Department of Migration and Diaspora Studies. Rinju Rai received well wished for excellent research work and first Ph. D. of Department of Migration and Diaspora Studies. People from university, many academician, researchers, students and well-wishers signified their heartfelt congratulations and good wishes to award the Doctoral degree.

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