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Rahat Indori : The Legend Of Indian Poetry

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By: Mohd.Salim Khan, Associate Editor-ICN 
“मैं जब मर जाऊ तो अलग मेरी पहचान लिख देना।
लहू से मेरी पेशानी पे हिन्दुस्तान लिख देना।”(राहत इंदौरी)
“When I die, illustrate myself in unique way.
Write Hindustan on my forehead by blood.”.(Rahat Indori)
Rahat Qureshi was born on Ist January, 1950 at Indore in Madhya Pradesh.His father’s name was Rafatullah Qureshi. His father was an employee in a textile mill.His mother’s name was Maqbool-un-Nisha Begum. He was the fourth child of his parents.Rahat Indori got his primary eduction from Nootan School in Indore.In 1973 he completed his graduation from Islamiya Karimiya college in Indore. In 1975 he qualified the M.A. exam in Urdu literature from Barkatullah university in Bhopal. Later on in 1985 he obtained a degree of Ph.D in Urdu literature from Bhoj mukt university in Madhya Pradesh.He has two sisters whose names are Tehzeeb & Taqreeb, one elder brother Aqeel and Aadil the younger one. Seema Rahat is the name of his spouse.
Rahat Indori started his career as a lecturer of Urdu literature in Indra Kumar college.According to his students he was a very dynamic lecturer. When he was only 10 years old he started to paint signboard. He was a very brillilant artist. When he was only 19 years old, he started to recite poetry during his student life.In a very short period his popularity spreaded far and wide and he bacame a prominent poet among the mass. Rahat Indori occupied a very significant space in the heart of the people.He used to govern in the heart of the people. Within three or four years the fragrance of his Urdu poetry spreaded all over the world & this is why he became the most prominent poet in Urdu literature. Not only he was skilled in education field but also expert in sports. He had been the captain of football & hockey team of his school. Rahat Indori performed his duty as a professor for 16 years at Urdu literature faculty in Ahilya Devi university, Indore.Many students had done Ph.D under his guidence.
Rahat Indori illuminated the name of our great nation India not only in Asia continent but also all over the world.He was invited from abroad like America, England, Canada, Dubai,Sharjah, Qatar, Oman and many more.In most of poet assembilies he was the winner of the Mushayra. Whenever he would come on the dais to deliver the fragrance of his poetry, the audience would welcome him  by applausing. Particularily in Dubai he was the icon of urdu llterature.His way of reciting the poems was outstanding.The audience would sink in the great ocean of his sweet poetry.On most of the ocassions  Rahat Indori was called again to recite the poem on the dais. Undoubtly departure of Rahat Indori from this world is a great loss of poetry & urdu literature. I think that it is a herculian task to occupy the space of Rahat Indori.
Rahat Indori tried his level best to aware the people by his poems. He was very courageous & daring poet. He would never care for none. He would often speak against the miscoduct of the system.In most of the assembilies whenever he would come to recite the poems  on the dais, he would often passed out a freindly comment to his colleague and friend Munawwar Rana who is a geat poet of India.
Rahat Indori composed many songs for Bollywood. He composed the songs for Bollywood movie eg. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. of Sunjay Dutt, Ishq movie of Aamir Khan & Ajay Devgan, Khuddar movie of Govinda, Murder movie of Imran Hashmi, Sir movie of Nasruddin Shah and many more in Bollywood movies he composed the songs.
On 11th of August 2020 (Tuesday) he passed away due to severe cardiac attack and he left this mortal world & his weeping fans forever. The demise of Rahat Indori is a world wide loss in the field of poetry.  On 11th August 2020 he breathed his last in Arbindo Institute of Medical Science.He had been suffering from cardiac disease, diabites, and kidney infection for a long time.He had been staying at his home since last 5 months & only he would come out of his home only for his medical insvestigations. His doctor advised him to get an X-ray in which pneumonia infection was found in his lungs.Rahat Indori tweated himself that he was under the grip of corona virus. A prominent poet of India,  Kumar Vishwas who is in deep mourn at the sudden demise of Rahat Indori, says,” This time corona virus assaults the wrong one.”
In the last of the article I would like to share some of his poems which make Rahat Indori immortal in the world.
1–Agar Khilaf hey to honey do jaan thorhi hey.
     Ye sab dhoon-aa hey koi asmaan thorhi hey
Lagegi aag to ayengey ghar kaie zad mein
Yahan pey sirf hamara makan thorhi hey.
Mein janta hun k dushman bhi kam nahi
hey lekin hamari tarah hatheli pey jaan thorhi hey.
Hamarey muh sey jo nikley wahi sadaqat
hey hamarey muh mein tumhari zuban thorhi hey.
Jo aaj sahibey masnad hein kal nahin
hongey, kirayedar hein zati makan thorhi hey.
Sabhi ka khoon hey shamil yahan ki mitti
mein, kisi k baap ka hindustan thorhi hey.
2– Hum jesey log kahan roz-roz miltey hein
        syah gulab barhi mushkil sey khila kartey  hein.
3–Uski khath- thaie ankhon mein he jantar
mantar sab.Jadu vadu chhuriyan vuriyan khanjar vanjar sab.
Jis din sey tum roothi  mujh sey roothey
roothey hein, chadar  wadar taqiya waqiya bistar wistar sab.
Mujh sey bichharh k wo bhi  ab kahan pehley jesi hey.
pheekey parth gaye kaprhey waprhey zaiwar waiwar sab.
Akhir mein kis din dubunga fiqrein krtey hein,
kashti washti dariya wariya langar  wangar sab.
4–Do ghaz he sahi ye meri milkiyat to hey.
     aey mot tooney mujhey zamidar kr diya.
5–Mein jab mar jaun to meri alag pehchan likh dena.
     Lahu sey meri peshani pey Hindustan likh dena.
By his poems we can understand the Rahat Indori had a passion of patriotism & he loved his nation India very much.Rahat Indori will remain alive in our hearts by his immortal poetry. By this article I pay my tribute to Rahat Indori the great jewel of our nation India. I pray to Almighty ALLAH to place him in JANNATUL-FIRDOUS. AAMEEN.
If there is any error in this article, the author apologize for the same.

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