Punjab, Haryana Resumes Normalcy

By: Dr. Chavvi Garg (Bureau Chief -ICN Punjab)

CHANDIGARH: Punjab and Haryana almost returned to normal routine on 29 August  after a hiatus of four days. Curfew was lifted from most parts of the two states barring Sirsa and few other places on Tuesday.

All the offices in two states opened on Tuesday (29 August) though educational institutions in some districts of Punjab and Haryana including Bathinda and Sirsa remained closed.

Internet services were also resumed in the two states except for Sirsa and few other connected places. Sirsa remained the most sensitive area as it was the seat of the Dera Chief. Though the verdict of the case was announced in Panchkula, Haryana which bore the gory violence on 25 August.

All the shops in Punjab and Haryana opened today and residents heaved a sigh of relief as restrictions on the movements for four days had choked the lives in two states.

“I almost left like dying in my home. There was no internet and I was not even able to contact my friends forgetting about going out even for buying basic necessities,” said Aman Kumar, a resident of Model Town, Bathinda.

Curfew like situation had engulfed the two states since 24 August as the chief of one of the most famous dera had to face final court judgement on 25 August in two rape cases. The dera chief Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim was found guilty in two rape cases and has been awarded 20 years of imprisonment.  

Keeping the lives still for four days without shops and transport services has badly hit the business activites in the area and lead to losses of crores.

Many residents were seeing discussing the emergence of these deras and their popularity. Some of them even pointed that even the government should be blamed for the popularity of these deras as many a times poor people get basic necessities of life from these deras which government of states fail to provide to its people.

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