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“Please Excuse Me“

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By: C.P. Singh, Literary Editor-ICN Group

Who so ever , on  this Earth , hates  me , knows some or  more about me ,

The aspects which my  hater knows to  hate, are more vital to  understand . 

O’ me , please  be a little serious about  yourselves , look into these  topics’ key ,

O’ my being , be  benefitted by knowledge of  your hater , crucial for you  to stand .

Our  good world ever teaches us , “ Love  All , Hate None “ on our all stages , 

Life goes on and runs perceiving all  such preaches as it’s ethics and  rules .

Days and nights of  life reaches us to  so many hurdles , boundaries and  cages,  

We find us under these limitations and  live happily , considering them as  life’s fuels . 

We  have no option to  hate anyone irrespective of  his or her habits or deeds ,

Taking all such parameters as  routine of world and  to cope with situations  well . 

Every aspect of  our systems to  be dealt with prudently to  yield it’s best feeds ,

Keeping ourselves safe , flourishing , and  incredible , for everyone else  to tell .

We ever continue  our journey , following  all possible norms of life , as  main beliefs ,

None to get annoyed , harmed or disturbed due  to any of our deeds , whatsoever .

Even then the  principle of   “ To Err is Human “  runs in every step of  our humanly reliefs ,

Some  remain  satisfied , happy and  thankful , others angry for  any of our endeavors .  

Ever remains many  who hate one for  numerous topics , even  unknown to so erring ,  

And untold complains of hater , hate and hated continue  in the minds of so many .

This becomes even worse when they start pulling apart belief’s invisible  string ,

Sometimes  it is so imaginary that the realities  of the aspects are not known to any .

I , as  a human being , put  myself , with  my full heart open , to  my every known ,

Saying unconditionally , “ Please Excuse Me “ for  all my unknown misdeeds to you .

So that this soul of mine , might  realize , “ No One Hates Me “ my deeds unknown , 

Assuring all that I have nothing in my core and , “ I Hate None and I Love All Of You “ . 

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