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By: Vijay Kumar Verma,  Group Editor-ICN World

SHIMLA: A few days ago I was assigned to cover a political get together.  The General Secretary of the ruling party was too elated to announce that it was a matter of great pride that all the ministers in the state cabinet were offshoots of the students union. Nurtured over the years.

Is that a matter of great pride or introspection on the role of educational institutions. Do they continue to be breeding ground of political leadership over the years? Pursuing education perhaps remains secondary for such hand picks?

The educational institutions often turn into political battlegrounds when the clash of ideologies erupt or when the political bosses design to flame clashes for achieving their political ends.

It may the ongoing orchestered clashes between the politically aligned students groups in the JNU or the just recent flare against the CAA. The preplanned sparks are ignited in one or the other institution which is soon made to spread in other universities. A review of such incidents show the common linkage. The breeding grounds are for the unsocial elements too. And the political leaders who appear on TV panels are too ready to plunge into the debates. While their senior leaders are empathetic to arrive at hospitals to nurse the wounds.

The clashes and aftermath are preplanned and brought to an illogical conclusion for the audience to break their heads. It will be wise for the audience not to indulge their brains in such nefarious political activities brought out to spread the communal venoms. And for the parents to save their wards from becoming pawns of political interests. Not all student leaders turn into politicians and many simply end up bringing tears of sorrow in the eyes their parents.

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