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Pandemic and Islam

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By: Dr. Mohammad Aleem, Editor, ICN Group

NEW DELHI: It is a troublesome situation for the whole world that around 7,000 people have been died to this deadly infection of the coronavirus so far. Around 150 countries are affected with it at present. Some of the worst hit countries are China, Iran, America, Italy and South Korea. Almost one third of the world population are at the grave risk. 

All respective Governments of the world are adopting the best precautionary measures which they could think of. The best method which is being applied to contain it is to quarantine and isolate the affected people.

This is very much close to the teachings of Islam. There are many sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, about what the precautionary measures should be adopted prudently while dealing with such epidemics as we have been fighting today against the deadly coronavirus.

Once, the Prophet Muhammad, came to know about the outbreak of the cholera in Syria. This place was known in his time as the most fertile and prosperous among the Arab world.

He soon asked his followers not to visit that infected country and issued a clear-cut instruction to the people that not any among you should visit to such places where any epidemic has broken out, neither anyone should come from those infected places. He also instructed that a healthy person should not visit also to any infected person though visiting a patient is being considered as a pious act.

From the traditions of the Prophet, Muhammad, we find many other suitable health advices. He instructed the believers to cover your faces with the piece of clothes when sneezing. The most obvious effect of sneezing and coughing without covering the mouth is the spread of the airborne bacteria and viruses. 

Islam gives utmost importance to the cleanliness of the surroundings where a person lives. The holy Quran says, “Truly, God loves those who turn unto Him in repentance and loves those who purify themselves.”  (Quran 2:222).

In the traditions of the Prophet, Muhammad, cleanliness has been described as half of the faith, therefore, it is important to keep the body fresh and clean all the time, while using the toilet and before eating the food, especially.  And Islam also insists on several other practices to facilitate this.  Even before worshipping the mandatory five times Namaz a day, it has been ordered to perform the Wazu, the ablution properly. This exercise includes the washing of the hands, face, arms, feet and rinsing of the mouth and the nose.  

Prophet Muhammad insisted that even a person should first wash their hands before touching any utensil in the morning.

It means that such outbreaks occur and spread unchecked due to the unhygienic conditions. If we take the example of the effected countries of the world, many gross negligence we find on the term of the proper cleanliness. People have also not followed the instructions to restrict their movements from the infected places to safer places. Due to uncaring behavior of the people and fear of the death from it, they ran from the affected countries recklessly and took the virus to the other healthy people.

In India, this virus is wreaking havoc now. It is in the second stage, but if it enters into the third phase, the situation will be much more serious and acute.

In the modern time, we can save a great number of people by adopting these simple Islamic methods as isolating and quarantining such patients and maintain the basic standard of the cleanliness.

The coronavirus has no cure. The best cure is the precaution and avoidance of such people and places. 

Let’s make a resolve to fight with this beast of the coronavirus with full resolution and sensibility.

Dr. Mohammad Aleem is an award winning novelist, playwright, scriptwriter and journalist.

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