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One more step : Poetry bath in the moonlight

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LUCKNOW/26.12.2021 : Poetry Bath throughout  in the Moonlight of Memories.  The occasion was the release of the posthumously published work ‘Sudhiyon ki Chandni’ (moonligt of the memories) of the compositions of lyricist Nirmalendu Shukla and a discussion on the personality and work of the poet. 


The ‘ICN Media Group’ (ICN) and its sister organization ‘Scholar Institute of Media Studies’ (SIMS) jointly have been organising a series of positive events to revive the belief in literature, culture and positivity of Indian life known as ‘Ek Kadam Aur’ (One Step More) and in the third step of said series, ‘Nirmalendu Shukla’s Rachna Sansar: Ek Charcha’ was organized in the auditorium of ‘SIMS’ in Lucknow, which was chaired by ICN’s Editor, and Musical legend Kewal Kumar, who is of international repute and honored with Yash Bharti Award in the field of music.


Inaugurating the program, Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Senior Executive Editor, ICN (Literator, Legal Expert and Law Firm Owner) said that it is time to revive the sentiments of the dying society.  We have no right to die unless we actually die.  We are deeply concerned for those who have separated us from this global pandemic, but for the life of the society that is still alive, it is a festival of enthusiasm for them.


Speaking about ICN and SIMS, Prof. (Dr.) Shah Ayaz Siddiqui , Editor-in-Chief, ICN and Executive Director of SIMS, said that ICN is such an international forum of the best talent from various fields, who love India more than themselves, which is a global platform and it represents the Indian culture and civilization and not only through words but also through its programs leads the ‘Rural Entrepreneurship’ for the all round development of the country. Throwing light on the working method of SIMS, he said that journalism is a big responsibility and this responsibility becomes even bigger in difficult and critical situations. ‘SIMS’ is committed to ‘produce’ such ‘skilled’ and subject-wise ‘educated’ journalists in the field of journalism, who are present for the balanced development of society through meaningful journalism.He said that this platform preserves the literary heritage and always tries to keep the late writers and artists alive through their creations.


First, as the symbol of honour and affection, the flowers were offered to the poet’s portrait and thereafter, his book ‘Sudhi ki Chandni’ was launched.


In the course of the discussion, litterateur Rajendra Shukla ‘Raj’ while sharing many memoirs of the poet said that he not only used to compose the compositions but also lived them.


Recalling him, litterateur Kamal Kishore ‘Bhavuk’ told that he was a wonderful creator and his songs establish his originality.


Recalling the poet, senior litterateur and journalist Anoop Srivastava said that he was a very capable writer and his departure from the world so early is an irreparable loss of literature.


Renowned Ghazalkar Rajendra Tiwari said that his songs are not only woven from the thread of love but also register their protest against social evils and injustice with great ease.


Poet and singer Sarita Katiyar paid tribute to Nirmalendu Shukla through her melodious song and Ghazalkar Kalpana Aggarwal paid tribute to the late poet through her ghazals.


Late Nirmalendu Shukla’s wife and son Yatharth Shukla were also present in the program and his son remembered his father and sang his songs.


The famous Ghazalkar Madhav Bajpai remembered Nirmalendu Ji through his compositions and shared many beautiful Shers (couplets) of his Ghazals with the audience.


Narmalendu ji’s childhood friend and litterateur Tarun Prakash, while narrating many memoirs of his life, also recited parts of many of his songs in his original tunes.


Recalling Nirmalendu ji, litterateur Akhilesh Trivedi ‘Sashvat’ said that he was not only a great litterateur but also a big personality and he always encouraged his junior litterateurs.


ICN’s Editor Gauravendra Pratap Sinha said that he could never meet Nirmalendu Ji personally but the poet has left a shining legacy of his own.  He remembered the lyricist by singing evergreen songs like ‘Ek din bik jaayega matti ke mole, jag mein reh jayenge pyare tere bol‘ (one day you will be sold worthlessly but your words shall always remain in the world) and ‘Tun mujhe yun bhula na paoge, jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere, sang sang tum bhi gungunaoge‘ (You will not forget me like this, whenever you listen my songs, you will sound also together).


ICN’s Editor and litterateur C.P. Singh said that a true creator never dies.  The creations of the creator make him immortal.  He also recited his famous English poem ‘Ashes’ on this occasion.


ICN’s Executive Editor & Joint Director Dr. Shah Nawaz Siddiqui said that even though he could not meet the late poet in this life, he would definitely like to meet such a great poet in some birth or the other.  Paying tribute to the late poet on the philosophy of life, he compelled the audience to dance by reciting an evergreen song ‘Zindagi Ka Safar, Hai Yeh Kaisa Safar‘ (Journey of life, how is this journey).


The convener of the program, Munendra Shukla, became emotional on the stage after remembering the late poet and the whole atmosphere became very emotional.


Professor Pradeep Mathur, Chairman SIMS & Chief Consulting Editor ICN said that the country which has the best literature, has also the best culture.  Nirmalendu Shukla has left a wonderful legacy for the society through his songs.


Professor Bhanu Pratap Singh, Director SIMS said that Nirmalendu Shukla will always be amongst all of us through his songs.


At the top of the program, the chief guest of the program, Kewal Kumar, while describing the compositions of the late poet as very mature compositions from the point of view of music, he spontaneously composed a Ghazal from said collection and in his very melodious and soulful voice, enthralled the audience by singing said Ghazal and he so tributed the poet.


Ajay Kumar, Secreatary SIMS placed his compositions in front of the audience, it seemed that poetry does not sleep only on muslin beds but it sometimes grows like weeds even from rocky ground and talks directly with life also.   


Akhil Anand conducted the program efficiently and Satyendra Kumar Singh, Dean SIMS proposed vote of thanks.

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