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Negative versus Positive

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By: Suhail Kakorvi, Literary Editor-ICN Group
(The theme of the poem is derived from the negative reports of suspected Covid 19 patients here only negative is winner)
Very common is negative response to poor things from beloveds
Which keeps restless lovers hearts and heads
It creates in their lives torturing mess
For loved ones are generally cruel and heartless
Negation causes sufferings of separation
Ails lovers ultimately with the depression
The negation is a fire sets ablaze tranquility
It is storm that that annihilates harmony
It inflicts wounds in heart and in the soul
In exasperation very far looks the goal
Though reality of “no”  has different significance
Yet implied in it a “yes”, accepts not mind tense
Quite a long time back it was usual in photography
Positive appeared then from darkness and secrecy
“Be positive” has been an advice from one to another
In order to infuse spirit if someone has trouble inner
But in me runs like blood robust optimism
Covers so long my being my life’s prism
But these days world fight with a ferocious enemy
So I pray for well being of my countrymen and country
My land and world may get rid of the curse I wish earnestly
I hope from Nature,for our good, shower of mercy
Significant to mention that my hearts started finding solace in negativity
Terrorizes, at this juncture positiveness simply surprisingly
Desire I before me series of negatives may appear bright
For only there lies success of our difficult fight
Still I have confidence about the achievement of pleasure
Break of morning would  illumine the atmosphere drear

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