My Chirpy Little Beings

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By : Klinsa Kurien, Bureau Chief-ICN Kerala 

Well, I stood on the balcony of my house

Hoping to see a mouse

I could view my miniature world in a big spectrum

Of those lovely times in a tin and drum

Where only innocence and imagination filled my space

I would gradually gain pace

Of my romance with nature

Its variety,

Being my satiety


When mother made a beautiful nest

For sparrows to come and rest

Her unique creation complete with twigs

For those big- wigs

Little did I realize these visitor birds

Would be as pure as curds

Their chirpy, blissful appearance

Bore a gay resemblance

To a baby lying on its mother’s arms

With all the sweeping charms

That a tender life could blossom

Sans feelings, worrisome

What an indelible impression they cast on my mind 

Where love could bind

Man and bird together

In a reality so tether

Sweet songs of chirping do those birds display

Of their movements being sway

Where wind goes, their direction too goes

To make friends, not foes

With humans.

Not their own bird- fellows


We homos didn’t care for our sparrows’ reverence

In their true obedience

Would sing out a chanting filled with mirth

That were instilled in them from birth

Of winged victory

Singing from trees


All of a sudden we find them missing

Gone are those days of innocent thissing

And frantically searching

For those chirpy delights 

And picking up fights

To display their might

For a right to survive at will

We rarely find them at a hill

Or a passing mill


I can never ever relive

Those satisfying memories of gazing at my sweetie pies

Who whisper sweet nothings

Into the air, the vast expanse of the universe

As deep as the ocean their melodies reverberate

Of hearts solemn and minds collaborate

In unison with the divine

Here’s gleefully wishing my Birdie Goddesses,


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