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Multiply Your Success Possibilities with NLP+ © Lifestyle Series: Part 01

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By: Shantanu Das Sharma, Sr. Associate Editor, ICN Group

New Series of NLP+ Lifestyle

KOLKATA: Welcome you to this brand new series of NLP+ Lifestyle articles for YOU to multiply your success at least ten times by applying Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your life. Your intention is important. And it is enough to begin this wonderful journey of transformation. May you prosper better and better!!!

You Can Be Successful Today

So, do you think you are a successful person? Most people I ask tell me ‘No’. “I am not successful till I reach my goal. I am far from it right now”, most of them would say.I believe that as long as you have taken action and moved closer towards your goal(s) each day,then you are a successful person this very day. As long you have learnt something and are better today than the person you were yesterday, and then you are successful!

“Doesn’t that make it really easy to be successful?” many people ask. “Absolutely!” is my reply.I have realized that success breeds success. When you feel and believe you are successful, you will have the confidence and motivation to keep moving forward and become even more successful. See yourself as a successful person today and you will start to think and act like one,
attracting even more success into your life.

If you keep thinking that you deserve to be successful only when you reach your destination years later, then you may never reach there. You may not have the drive and the confidence to keep moving forward and overcome the obstacles that come your way. You may only feel good about yourself and your life at the end of the journey and not along the journey, when it really matters most.

The Rules that Winners Play By Winners dare to set huge goals and never quit taking action towards them. That is what makes them successful. On the other hand, many people fear setting goals. Even if they do, they do not dream big, fearing that they may fail to reach their goals. They lack the motivation and confidence to do what is necessary to create breakthroughs.

Why is this so? The difference lies in the way winners and the ordinary person defines success. They play by different rules of the game. Winners know that success is a process of moving towards their goals a step at a time.

For example, when I wrote my first book, ‘Awaken The Incredible Within – Incredible Is The New Giant”, I set the audacious goal of making this title Amazon #1 Best Seller title within a day. That huge goal is what excited and drove me to give the work my best effort. I knew that I had to write a book that was worthy of becoming an Amazon #1 Best-seller.

Beyond six months book sales were just not satisfactory. I was far from satisfied. Since success is an ongoing journey and not a destination, I begun aiming towards building business around my book. I developed an one on one coaching track for personal excellence & peak performance applying NLP principles and modalities of Mental Space Psychology. The weekly session to teach, train and apply NLP principles, beliefs (beliefs of excellence) became a popular model of learning engagement to produce generative change in people’s life increasing my coaching clients. And most importantly it brought me success with sense of fulfillment!

Know that in life, we don’t always reach the goals we set in exactly the way we want. However,if you allow yourself to be successful as you move towards that goal, you are going to get pretty close to it! And it’s the heady feeling of success that counts, of feeling fulfilled and rewarded byour persistent action.

Every Step Back is a Learning Experience Are there times when you set goals, doing your best to achieve them and suffer a setback instead?

Of course! In the beginning when I thought of coaching as career, I got inspired to make my fortune in the coaching. So without any training and merely relying on my youthful enthusiasm, I threw whatever money I made into training to make my coaching career, confident that I would triple my invested money in no time.

I had a goal of recovering my investments in a year. Instead, I got hit hard by the reality of losing all my savings instead. At this time, many may quit and avoid ever putting their money into further training. I didn’t. I grew even more determined to master the skill of generative change work through NLP and invested till trainer level certifications with NLP as a coaching tool.

I have learnt that when I take action and move towards my goal, it is called ‘success’. However, when I take action and do not get the desired results, it is not ‘failure’. It is a learning experience.By going through that setback, I now know what doesn’t work. I have now more experience than someone who didn’t even dare take that first step.

In my mind, there was NO WAY I could fail. By setting goals and taking action, I could only succeed or to learn something. That definition in my mind is what drove me (and many other successful individuals) to go for my dreams without the fear of failure.

Only You Can Allow Yourself to Fail!

In winner’s mind, they can only SUCCEED or they can only LEARN something. That belief is what gives them the courage to dream and go for their dreams despite the challenges and obstacles.

In winner’s minds, failure only happens when they quit or if they don’t even make an attempt. As long as you give your best and refuse to quit, it is impossible to fail!

The Greatest Failure in Life is the Failure to Participate in Life.

Winners fear failure like everyone else. However, because of the way they define failure, they never allow themselves to quit or to not give their dreams their best shot.

“You miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take”
– Wayne Gretsky, Known as Best Hockey Player in History

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Shantanu Das Sharma ★Founder & Creator of NLP+ Lifestyle at Neuromind ★C-suite Executive Coach ★Mental Space Psychology Enthusiast ★NLP+ Master Trainer ★Social Panorama Consultant ★Amazon #1 Best Selling Author ★Strategic Interventionist ★Growth Accelerator Neuromind offers you a superior choice to live life with finest clarity and deep understanding about yourself and others. You can get most resourceful by creating multiple options for living your life.

NLP+ Lifestyle is an evocative leadership communication model which when learned can be easily leveraged to transform mediocre life experiences to ultra-superior consequences for self and others.This communication model empowers you to shift from unconscious reactive auto-pilot mode toconscious responsive self-engineered mode to live your life. NLP+ Lifestyle removes the gap between your knowing and doing, such that you can always do whatever you know.And these new skills enable you to be a conscious collaborative leader to design your desired growth trajectory in career & life. It enables you to engineer your destiny by usefully leading self, family, team,an organization or a nation.

At Neuromind you are trained to operate for a superior way to live life with finest clarity and deep understanding about yourself and others. With NLP+ Training you can transform mediocre life experiences to ultra-superior consequences for self and others. This communication model empowers you to shift from unconscious reactive auto-pilot mode to a conscious responsive self-engineered mode for experiencing life in a all-new way.And because NLP+ Lifestyle effectively removes the gap between your knowing and doing; you can always do whatever you know, want and love. I invite you to be a conscious collaborative leader and achieve your desired growth trajectory in career & life.

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