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Money Series: Part 6

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By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group
“Lace of Richness” 
Welcome to this second stop.
It is enough to signal that after crossing your first halt and arriving at the second, you are now mentally prepared to fill your life with new light, new aroma and new energy.
But before proceeding, I have a question from you – have you paid the first payment of this month yourself? If not, make sure to make your first payment yourself before proceeding, and if you have made that amount, please store that money at a short distance from your reach, because after that fee, there will be a little financial pressure on you and if you break down before that economic pressure and spend that money, you will get the same result which you were getting until today. If that payment is at a distance from your reach, it will probably be safer. In my view, fixed deposit is a good option for you to keep your small but valuable money safe.
I want to share another great idea with you that is directly connected to the principle of ‘First Payment to Self.’ In fact, this idea is the second episode of the principle of ‘First Payment to Self.’ This idea is quite capable of glittering the light of the little holes you have caused in your trapping cycle. This approach tends to grow those small tiny whole points so that you can tune your eyes on them to better observe the image of your bright future.
Perhaps you might be thrilled by the title of this stop. It is also possible that you are considering this as an imaginary point, but I assure you that if you do not forget the belief that you have awakened in the first halt, your faith will be double at the end of this episode and this magnificent creation of the great God will inevitably appear to be more beautiful and vibrant.
I want to ask you a question, and this is a question that probably has not been asked by anyone so far, and if you were not interested in reading this book or such type of guidebooks, you would never have such a question in your life. The question is – can the richness be measured? You may be thinking of this question as a silly one, but you do not know that this is a fundamental question of money science and its correct answer opens up new horizons for you to improve your wealth and personality. It is entirely correct that wealth can be measured. You can estimate your richness, and you can also mark your future goals by getting an introduction from this ‘Measuring Lace of Richness’.
There may be many definitions of Richness, but in my view, the following definition of Richness is most uplifted and practical:
“This Lace of Richness shall be as long as you can continue to maintain your current level of living without earning. This thing can happen in days, in weeks, in months and even in years.”
Think about yourself once again. With the wealth you accumulated till date money in the future, how many days/months / years can you maintain your current level of living? Perhaps you never thought about your future in this way before, and you were unable to present yourself to such a fate till now, and the sudden stoppage of money is just a terrible dream for you and who wants to see bad dreams. Once again, collect the full concentration and try to understand this principle which is the foundation-stone of your happy future.

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