Money Series: Part 4

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By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group

“When an egg breaks out from the outside, there is killing, but when it breaks from the inside, one life comes out from it.” 
If you have read this series of money up to this level with interest, then I assure you that there is someone inside you who is not only keen to achieve success but is also aware and prepared for achieving this pious mission of life. I am also very curious to open this curtain for success at the stage of life for you. Let’s go to the first step of success, reaching on which you will experience the communication of a new life inside you and this beautiful world of the great God will appear more beautiful to you.
Whether you believe or not, we always earn more than our minimum requirements. It may be that this thing seems to be untrue in general, but this fact is entirely true and proven. If we are alive on our low income, it means we are earning more than required to survive. Now, we want to extend our facility area after successful completion of these minimum requirements and add some new elements to our list of those minimum standards. The result is that our current income starts to seem less, and then we look for the sources of additional revenue to meet those new needs and then, we reach a new level of income with our increased efforts and these newly added requirements also start to be completed with our increased earnings. Once again we add new elements to our list and yet complain about the decrease in our current income and still find some new sources of growth in current income.
Now, let’s put a vision of nearly ninety-seven percent of general public’s fund raising science. These people first create liabilities and then search for sources of income for its fulfillment, and they depend on their single temporary and easily effaceable income to fulfill these obligations of life only. The ‘Single Income’ is always full of risk as this is quite temporary income and it can be affected very easily even by slightest ups and downs of life. The truth is that these nearly ninety-seven percent of the people are the ‘Servants of Wealth’ and the system of their control is always in the hands of money. Roberts T. Kiyosaki, the great thinker of the financial aspect of this century, calls this process as ‘Rat Race,’ where a rat only keeps on running throughout its life to fill its stomach. If you are following this process, be assured that you can never reach the standard point of success and you should keep your dream to climb the staircase of the height at which the success is residing, away. In fact; you will not be able even to see those stairs.
It is clear that an ordinary person creates a cycle of earning limited income to fulfill all of his minimum obligations and he remains trapped in this self-made cycle throughout his life, and like ‘Abhimanyu of Mahabharata’, his dreams are also brutally murdered. Please carefully see this picture – there is no way to get out of this cycle. Respected Roberts T. Kiyosaki calls this a ‘Rat Race, ‘ and I name it a ‘Cycle of Big Liability and Low Income.’ The person trapped in this cycle is bound to do hard work throughout his life to fill his synthetic needs. Such people are constrained to live a purposeless life. Dreaming is a luxury for them. They only spend their days of life, but they never live life. In fact, the dreams are our energy – turning dreams into reality is the mission of life. Such people are having their beating hearts and moving bodies, having no life. When our dreams die, we also die – even if our body is alive. Someone has said the truth: -“Those people, who do not have dreams, have died long ago even if they are burned or buried very late.”
Our efforts can earn money up to a certain amount only, and after reaching that level, the probability of extra income is always ended, and then we begin to shrink our dreams and large cars, magnificent bungalows, foreign tours, precious ornaments, social services and charity, our desire to live according to our style and liking go away out of our list one by one and we receive in return – Frustration, Depression, Mental Pressure, Jealousy, Failure and Endless Complaints from life, society and God.
I have full faith that you do not want to live such a life. You do not want to be trapped in the ‘Cycle of Big Liabilities and Low Income’ It may be possible that you may not have any way out to get freedom from this endless trapping wheel but the question is –are you mentally prepared to break this cycle? Are you ready to present yourself to change for such new path and the new method? Remember, change is always painful in the beginning, but its results are always surprising. If you still believe in the beauty of life, you have not torn off and burnt the list of your dreams, please be concentrated once by closing your eyes and just imagine that you are imprisoned in such a limited space with all four high-elevated walls around you in which you can move only but cannot walk and where even the light is not allowed to enter. By sinking deep into that dark and terrible environment, bring all your senses together at one level and carefully observe that darkness – a ray of light is trying to reach inside through a tiny hole, which you have not even noticed so far because of your frustration, depression, despair and your negative attitude. In fact, you are currently imprisoned in an eggshell. How accurately has someone said: –
“When an egg breaks out from the outside, there is killing, but when it breaks from the inside, one life comes out from it.”
Now let’s try to break this trapping circle, this eggshell with your help and try to experience you a new life. The hole, through which the light is peeping inside, is known by me as the principle of “FIRST PAYMENT TO SELF.” Let us try to understand and see how this law works and how precarious it is.

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