Money Series: Part 3

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By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group
“Successful people do not do any new work, but they do the work in a new way.”
The ‘Neutral Witness’ (Sakshi Bhav) is a complete subject and in the next stages of this journey, I will talk to you in detail about it. But to show you its glimpse in the beginning only means to prepare you mentally for a complete transformation process if you want to become a witness of this great and beautiful world of the great God and enjoy its beauty.
I started my professional life at that time when information technology was knocking on our society, but we were all unheard of that knock. We were clinging to traditions that were going on from generation to generation and were not even ready to accept the change process from old to new as inconvenience and insecurity.
When the computer was settling its routes in India, all the employees of our largest bank State Bank of India went on a long strike against computerization of the banks in India because its employees, who were versed with working through the traditional mode of banking by making manual ledger of accounts, profit and loss and deposits and withdrawals only, were feeling themselves insecure. They argued that a computer would eliminate employment opportunities for nineteen persons out of every twenty persons in average. But always remember,
“You can just create temporary obstacles in the way of development but you cannot reject it.”
Ultimately, not only computerization took place in our country, but India is today the world’s leading developing country in this technology. Today, we may not like even to keep our account in a bank which is not computerized.
The truth is that if we live in the society, we will have to accept its development otherwise the development will leave us behind and go ahead.  It is also true that if we are aware of development by identifying and preparing ourselves for change, whatever we are in the present, our future will undoubtedly be golden. Today those who are standing at the peak of success, are sensitive to the development and success up to a limit beyond imagination, and they always look forward for changing.
I also started my profession with the traditional equipments and adopted the working style of my seniors along with my bookish, raw and quite unpolished knowledge only.  But since right from the beginning, somebody has been in me who served me the ability to hear an even slightest voice of footsteps of development despite the noise of society at its high notes and this sensitivity led me from physical and traditional tools to new mental theories of success.
I have been a student of economics and psychology, and there is a universal principle described in Economics that neither we can add any new substance to the material present on this earth nor we can reduce any content. Despite it, we are continuously developing day by day by our innovative approach, and the only reason behind it is art of inventing new powers with the different combinations and proportions of existing substances. This is a science, and this is the fundamental basis of our continued development.
“Ram Charit Manas” the Holy Epic also has its most famous lines that indirectly connects us with this science:
Means everything is available in this world, but idle people don’t have them and without understanding the true meaning of these lines, we have been reading and listening to it for centuries, and in this way, we have left this great message of Sri Ram ignored.
The following statement of great Indian scholar, thinker and personality development trainer of this era Mr. Shiv Kheda, gives complete clarity to this idea:
“Successful people do not do any new work, but they do the work in a new way.”
That is, if we change our attitude, then we begin to see the path of success which was hidden from our eyes so far. My sensitivity towards development and success not only constrained me to discover these hidden but always proven principles of success, but also made me able to interpret them and I have achieved enough success in my life by applying those principles.
I will talk to you about many precious sources of success one by one, but at this point, I want to talk to you about the idea and the principle through which you are also able to improve yourself in your present economic condition without any significant changes and you may have great advantage and may examine the eternal truth of self-proven theories of success yourself. This principle, rule, and formula which provided me a solid base of immediate benefits in my economic growth along with progressive development and success.

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