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Media : A Threat Bigger Than Known Threats

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By: Prof. Pradeep Mathur

NEW DELHI: Being a senior, superannuated and side lined mediaperson, I think  it won’t be an act of grace on my part to comment on the ways of  the present generation of journalists , especially so when quite a few of them have either been my student or are of the age of my children. However, I cannot help commenting on Arnab Goswami who I do not think I have ever met or interacted with. And here  my concern is neither his focus nor his political preferences. My problem is with the way he conducts his programmes. He has an  immaculate expression in English language but unfortunately he does not understand the spirit and soul  of the language. Moreover   the way he conducts his programmes is against all good and great traditions of English journalism. He is loud , vulgar and needlessly  aggressive  which is not at all necessary to derive a point home. I wish someone will tell him some day that this is not done.          

In the past 50 years or so practice of journalism has changed significantly in India. English press has conceded its   preeminent position to Indian languages newspapers. Quite a few English journals have closed down, others are losing  circulation  ; TV channels, especially those in Hindi get a much bigger TRP compared to the best English channels. However, what has survived are   the traditions of professionalism   – and culture of good manners and modesty which was the defining character of  English journalism.From Prem Bhatia to Sapan Das Gupta many journalists after the Independence got important positions like ambassadorships and membership of the Rajya Sabha because the government of the day appreciated their creative contribution to society but they never had to shout from the housetop that those in the Opposition are demons. Perhaps  Anrab does this to catch  the eye of those who are in authority.But this is not in  keeping with the   traditions of good journalism.

While the essential characteristics of a journalist  are confidence, a high sense of self respect and some degree of assertiveness , ego should be no part of his personality. Almost the first thing we were taught while entering the newsroom was that while a journalist meets and interacts with VVIPs  himself he is no VIP. Humility is a good quality for any   human being. But for a journalist it is an essential requirement. Unless you are humble you cannot interact with   the common man who the media represents in a democracy to be called as its Fourth Estate. Moreover the man in the street   is the biggest source of news. Most of the all -time  great news scoops have come by talking to the common man and operating at the ground level and not by sitting with VVIPs in their high chambers.

My friends may ask me that when I am retired and out of circulation why should I be  concerned as to  how Anrab  functions especially  so when I do not want to bother about his politics. My answer would be simple . For one   his arrogant  style and brash manners are an anathema to me  and my contemporaries who have  pursued and taught journalism for nearly half a century . And the other more concerning thing is that he is becoming an icon for our educated urban middle class youth who like their right to vote but do not  understand the basics of  the  culture of democracy. 

My concern was greatly enhanced while conducting an online   viva voce examination of a university student recently. I put up some simple questions to her. The poor girl was blank about history of media, had  not read even a single book on media , did not read newspapers , did not know what broadcast or digital media was but without clearly remembering the name of the TV channel he heads  wanted to be a mediaperson like Anrab  Goswami.  

“Why so “, I asked her.” Because   he does not listen to anyone and shouts down other participants in his show “ she replied.

Like most of us I have always thought of vested interests of   business and industry , people in authority  and mafia  as major  threats  to  freedom of our  media. Before this I never thought that a mere anchor could be so  big a threat to news media.       

Prof. Pradeep Mathur, a veteran journalist and a former Professor at IIMC, New Delhi, is Editor of Media map, a monthly thought journal on current affairs & Advisor cum Chief Consulting Editor-ICN Group.        

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