Lock-Down And After

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By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group 


Precautions, behaviours, cleanliness , changes in routine , improved life styles , clean environment , pure air and water , do all they indicate something ?

Is it a whisper of the future in the ears of present that human beings on the Earth have improved their routine and everything? Does this feeling say to the changed world that , “ As soon as the Corona pandemic is over , Lock – Down gets fully open then our world will have a new look “. Will it?

We have started so many new practices pertaining to life, in the name of safety measures,

Restrictions were taken as problems initially, but they all are parts of our daily routine today.

 Every aspect indicates something to the present, may be saying about future’s daily – easers,

People seem very optimistic about the positivity spreading in the minds via environment’s way.    

Most of the people are silent in their houses, dealing with Closure. They are only watching this mankind in this era of calamity. What is being done? What is being advised by most of them to the humanity? Immunity can protect us from any inherent problem, internally. This is the reason why everyone is ever busy in increasing immunity of self and others. Market has also updated itself by launching so many products in the name of immunity boosters. So is the case with advertisement agencies, they too are ever crying to use their so called products to improve the same.

Localities seem to be silent, roads barren as never, O’ God, how could this air comes so pure? 

People are busy doing with their personal idleness in life’s peculiar situation, for the first time.

All are watching keenly the humanity in the mankind, how selfless services are there for sure?

Suggestions and advices are pouring in like rains, to protect the human race as a motive prime.   


Ever since the life exists on the planet, people are concerned about their well beings, anyhow,

They protect themselves and ever try to make others live too, has been the motive elsewhere.

They ever strive to remain internally strong to fight evils, that is what they are advertising now, 

Maintain your immune system strong so that the humanity could survive well in every sphere.   

Telecommunications as Life Notifications in The Calmness of Lock – Down.

Just seeing every aspect of routine in life, during closure, we all are subjected to. When everything is closed, schools, colleges, offices, industries, factories, trains, buses, hotels and what not? Everything is closed. In such situation even OPDs of hospitals are all closed to facilitate treatment of ensuing virus patients. Banks, Post Offices and telecommunications are doing their jobs as usual. Banks are busy helping every requirement pertaining to economy and fiscal. Post offices are doing their jobs to serve the people well. Telephones are continuing their every facility in this time of calamity.

When we look into the first ever lock down of our live, we perceive too much new to mention,

“The Essential Services, “as we call them, are busy doing their usual services to the humanity.

We came to know for the first time that we can live well without so many aspects and bastion,

These were really laden superfluous on us from generations, reaping our generosity and amity.  


We noticed for the first time, what is essential for our beings, and we can live without what?

Some calamities do make us prudent to know the realities about requirements of life or else.

So many things of daily use could not be used for months together and we survived the drought,

Are we using so many things which are unnecessary for our live? or they are comfort themselves ?

A time of crisis, when everyone is forced to stay home, things of need are to be arranged by the help of telephone only. This facility has solved so many problems. Apart from talking, the phones having internet facility are doing other tasks as well. Phones are arranging Banking Services, food and medicines, even milk and its products are also arranged through phones. During this crucial closure almost all the offices are working from home. Private companies are also active online only. Most of the meetings could have been conducted online. Some relaxations were allowed to people, opening offices etc with nominal say one third of their staff strength. Even then most of the workers remained at their respective homes only and they were on their respective duties online. Telephones helped it all.

“Essentials for life”, as world calls them, are the things and services, which continued ever,

Even during the Lock Down, when all other things, services and aspects were closed in full.

Life sustained, public survived and humanity remained alive even when too much was never,

Should we consider living without nonessentials? As they are not vital requisite in life’s needful.


Most of the services were managed with the help of telephone during closure of almost all,

This aspect became basic need  for mankind, while staying  home, we remained connected.

Whenever we say online, requesting for a necessity, help, service or any problem solving call,

Interlinked remained we, feeling no helplessness because, everywhere a phone was connected.

Banking kept its all services ever available, even during closure. Every precaution was there as social distancing, sanitization and use of masks. Net Banking and other such facilities helped them all. Be it any situation, Banking seems necessary for life and it kept running well.  Everything which any house was in need, as routine, was made available at their doorsteps. Required arrangements were made to make such network to help people in this time of calamity. Treatment is available over phone, social media and whatsap etc. Doctors are taking phone numbers of patients from their records, and provide medical help at their home over phones.

Services pertaining to Banking remained available as usual even during closure all around,

It has always been considered essential for life, which got proved during this rare calamity.

Anything, services or else required could have been managed after proper Banking is found,

This difficult time has certified the ever told fact of humanity singing, “Banking- people – amity”.

Seminars and Online Classes

 Almost every big office like medical and RDSO the seminars are going on through Webinar . Essential instructions are also given in such seminars. Online Classes seem to be a big work done during closure. Teachers and students are connected through net or phone to teach and study respectively. This is going on successfully in the days of full closure. So many fitness classes are going on over telephone or laptop. Instructions are passed on to the desired persons online and they follow them.

Popular became so many unfamiliar terms and practices, as they proved to be helpful there,

Very few were knowing about this virus, calamity, Lock – Down and many of its related terms.

They came up as saplings during rainy seasons in the form of closure of everything everywhere,

People were forced to learn them and their implications, be they defense, pandemic or germs.

                                                 ……….. To Be Continued …….  

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