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By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group 


Every one of us must be confirmed that nature is sovereign and most competent power surrounding us . None of us has any option but to deal it with . Nature is ever busy for ourselves only . It has got nothing which is not for us . It performs and produces everything selflessly for this world only . It keeps nothing reserved for it’s own use . The Sun is continuously burning itself for the benefit of this world . The Earth is restlessly moving on it’s axis as well as around the sun , for this world . Mountains , Trees, Rivers , Land , Seas and clouds all are ever busy to sacrifice their everything for this world . Yes , The Nature has got everything for us only .

The Nature is most powerful , selfless and self sufficient , un conquered and ever busy , 

It is for us , it works for us , it donates everything ever to us , life lives into it , by grace of it .

None can even imagine anything against it , life is cruel when it is angry, else it is ever easy ,

Let us live friendly with nature , moving all along it’s glad , reaping it’s all fruits for our benefit .

– Can  Ozone –  Layer Get  Improved ?

Ozone Layer is  a  natural gaseous layer around our living planet Earth . It  has  got  so  many impacts  on the Environmental parameters of the Earth. Presently , due  to increasing pollution and anti nature activities of  men on Earth , this  layer  is  continuously becoming unfriendly with the life . It was clearly evaluated that such anti – man – changes in this Ozone Layer are due  to  increasing pollution on  the Earth . Obviously this pollution is caused by the  people on this planet . 

Atmosphere is a mixture of various gases filled and flowing around our live planet , The Earth,

It  is the main ingredient , which makes life possible hear , along with other grant of nature . 

Other Planets of our Universe are deprived off life there, just because of  their ambiance dearth, 

There is a gaseous layer around our Globe , which is life friendly , as if an  umbrella with armature .

Some indications are there mentioning positive changes in this Pollution . Reason is said to be the less or no activities on the earth during lock – down. Did this  lock – down stop people from doing that usually cause pollution ?  Once the level  of pollution goes down , everything seems to be easy on the Earth. For every pollution , we are responsible . During this Lock  – Down , people were less active and almost everything remained closed , then the condition of pollution seems to be a little improved .

“ Lock – Down “ simply means that the activities on the Earth are minimized , or restricted,

The level of Pollution seems to be very much improved , as we , the doers are not doing ? 

The main reason of pollution here are the human beings and their wrong doings , rifted ?

Yes , we can very well keep our atmosphere clean , healthy and safe by our super doings .

This Ozone Layer has  got it’s  shape due  to  the gaseous emission from various projects and  industries working on the Earth . Everything including industries has stopped during this Lock – own  period , reducing all such gases in the atmosphere itself. This might have caused some life friendly improvement in this layer . Simply saying , reduced activities , reduced pollution improved Ozone – Layer.

So many undesired changes occurred in this ozone layer , by pollution ,  in the course of time ,

We went on doing against nature , feeling ourselves as sovereign , and it became bad for us .

When pollution level got reduced, it  changed the ozone layer as if it became our favourable time , 

We are the seasons , yes , our deeds are the culprits , to make this nature so unconducive thus .    

– Will  It  Affect Global  Warming ? 

This  has been a continuous topic  of discussion in the arena of Scientists , Environmental scientists and all concerned that the temperature of entire atmosphere around globe is increasing gradually due to the non cooperation of this layer called Ozone – Layer. This layer is forced to become unfriendly with us due the pollution of various kinds caused by us only . Nature has provided this layer to the entire living beings on the Earth , This layer does not allow harmful and tough rays to fall on the planet . In turn it protects us from so many unknown dangers, regularly, even unsung . 

We , The Superior Most living beings on the Earth , ever do , what ever we deem fit , anyway ,

Our unfriendly doings against atmosphere , are always irking it , by putting pollutants into it .

Such undesired toxins do harm every thing , even if we know it or not , conscious ones do say ,

Nature is ever busy to serve , help and protect us from everything , known or unknown a bit . 

Directly saying  this layer is a natural creation  which is adversely affected by  unnatural byproducts of our doings. Should  we  stop or reduce pollution , this layer will automatically get improved to favour our live . A big problem called Global Warming is getting improved or giving a positive signal to become good for human life . Does this problem called “ Lock – Down “  has inadvertently reduced pollution around us and all over the Earth ? Does it indirectly help us in purifying our atmosphere ? Be it the case , due to which our atmosphere feels pleased and life friendly . It did reduce the temperature all around , though just a bit but improvement seems significant .

The overall temperature of our entire universe is increasing gradually , we seldom know ,

The studies and researches are going on to repair this invisible calamity , busy in becoming .

This situation , called “ Lock – Down “ is reducing pollution and warming seems ready to go , 

Will this problem happen to be a “blessing in disguise “  and , Life’s better days are coming .

– Will  Shaking Hands Be Replaced by Namastey ( Indian Style of welcoming ) ?

The  present situation has made it mandatory to follow  the rules of “ Stay at home “ and  “Social Distancing “ which  are proving to  be helpful in preventing us from infections . Even  if the relaxations come and people are allowed to resume their movements , the self restriction of social distancing may please be taken in our routine practices . In case we leave the practice of shaking hand with each other, it will be a good  practice for social distancing . 

Remain apart , Stay a bit away from each other , is the call of the time , to all of us ,

We need to restrict us from contacting , that is , we should leave shaking our hands .

Infections must not be allowed into us , for which society has to adopt practices thus,

Move less , touch not , clean more , eat less , drink warm , are some necessary ands.  

Many countries in the world like India are having their own practices to welcome people , while remaining away from each other. In our Country we say “ Namastey “ from a distance. People in other Countries of the World have also adopted this practice during Lock – Down . This might become a practice in many countries in future too. The only theme behind these practices of the societies as well as countries is to welcome our knowns keeping everyone safe as well . In present scenario we are supposed keep distance to avoid any infection . The future might also feel easy and pleased with today’s imposed practices , to go with them .

Every society , every group , every state has it’s own prevailing practice to greet their owns,

All these practices are good , welcome and liked , but scenario asks us now, to keep distance .

One has to think , ought to change , think to adopt some easy and safe practices for  knowns , 

Welcome as usual , meet well normal , enjoy with all but stay safe , stay away for instance ,

– Work – From – Home and Online – Classes .

A concept of , “ Work from Home “ has been adopted by various companies across globe . In this newly invented system the employees of many companies are allowed to wok while staying at their respective places of stay .  They remain at their respective houses and log on in their computers and start working , “ On – Line “ .  This work goes on for their entire working hours . This system has taken very good acceptance in most of the companies across the globe . 

“ Stay – Home “ is the call , “ Keep – Distance “ is the instruction , work and produce , is the duty,

Can we evolve some via media, so that all these are taken care off , during present days of gloom ?

Wherever it is possible , people have geared up , they are staying home and are on respective duty,   

This is the noble way to respect one’s duty ,as well as the days of calamity , so that all goes bloom .

They are getting their works done on daily basis on these computers and lap tops . Obviously this is done only in those companies who have computer friendly on line work. Only that work could have been done which was practically possible on these computers .  This is going on and is very successful in so many companies . Naturally , some companies could not do it , who were not on their computers . Even then it is a good success .

Persons are protecting themselves from the looming crisis , by following all guidelines,

They are also regularly busy doing their respective work satisfying self and their employer . 

It  is proving to be a good success for the computer savvy persons’ job and their duty lines.

This alternative proved to be a boon for the work culture as well as the economy of foyer. 

“ On – Line  – Classes “ are equally popular now a day during this Lock – Down. Most of the schools are running such on line classes regularly . Teachers and their respective students are there on same group in their respective smart phones . They are going with their classes every day . This is more practical , easy and adapted by students and teachers . This might change the concept of teaching and studying in days to come , which can be considered as a revolution in the sector of studies and teaching . Be It originated out of a calamity , under some restrictions , even then it is getting response .

Schools, teachers and the students are happily busy in their ongoing , regular online – classes,

Studies are going on, teachers teaching and students getting their best in these days of calamity.

When restrictions get lifted , even then , can these classes proceed , as if accepted by masses ?

Will it become a way , to run the classes in future , even when all is well around , with full amity ?   

Both  , “ Working from Home “ and “ Online Classes “ have taken their respective acceptance with the persons concerned and are going on well . One can suppose that even when this ongoing lock down is lifted and life comes to it’s normal , this practice of working from home and online classes may continue . These practices may prove to be very productive , easy and practical for both persons concerned . There may be less persons on roads and on work places while work will go on smoothly . 

If , in the normal days also , these practices continue , it will be very well evolved live out ,

There will be less crowding , reduced rush and fewer expenses for their daily  conveyance .

Gathering might get minimized , easy as well it could prove and overall level of liking about ,

Provided it’s quantum and quality of out put is maintained long with work culture abeyance. 


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