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Is to be a girl a curse in our society?

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By: Mohd. Salim Khan, Associate Editor-ICN
Sahaswan/Budaun: Since last few years the incidents of gang rape or individual have been taking place in our country. The girls are not safe either in the market, fields buses trains or streets.When the B.J.P. govt. formed and came into the power in Uttar Pradesh then Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath gave the strict instructions to administrative officers to maintain law and order and to put the scoundrels in the prison who pass out the vulgar comments at the girls going to the college or in the markets. The administration implemented the instructions of Chief Minister and the police officers made a cage which was called then MAJNU PINJRA.Many scoundrels were captured and put in the cage. Scoundrels were trembled to see the police officers and  for some time they were undergrounded but with the passage of time the grip of the police officer became loose and the scoundrels again began to roam fearlessly.
If the police administration wants then no scoundrel can threatened and pass out any vulgar comments to any girl.When a boy is born in a family, the parents and the other family members are overjoyed.Dinner party is celebrated inviting the nearest & dearest of the family & society. At the time of delivery the father of the child & other family members are very anxious to hear the voice of the doctor,” Congratulation a son is born and on the other hand if the doctor says,” A daughter is born, then the thunderbolt falls on the whole family.It is not 100% but it is the reality of most of the families.Why do we overjoyed at the birth of son and why we are disappointed at the birth of a daughter.? Actually I think there are two reasons of being scared the parents at the birth of daughter.
No.1 Dowry system: Dowry system is  one of the most burning issues of our country. When a father hears the news of his dautgher’s birth his blood pressure gets down because thousands of talented and well educated unmarried girls are passing their lives  in the home of their parents in the lack of dowry.Our religious scholars too do not raise a voice against the evil dowry system as they should.. Very few gentlemen who have a noble heart get married without dowry and without any requirement or how many people are there in our society who do not tourcher the parents of the girls at the time of marriage.Everything is planned before the marriage that how many kinds of delicious dishes are to be served to the guests.Which brand of bike and four wheeler are to  be gifted.The father of the boy thinks himself as an emperor.The greedy minded  father of the boy wants to take a handsome amount as he is selling out his son. Incidents of setting the bride on fire by her husband or father in law or mother in law take place commonly for not having the sounded dowry. The second reason is security. At this time the girls are not safe.Every day many rape cases are committed with the innocent girls throughout the country. Parents are scared to send their daughters to college, coaching classes or or any other place.It is not the issue of any particular community but it is an issue of all of us because beasts never attack any one to see the caste and religion.These are the burning issues of the hour.
Now a days the parents are too much worried from the safety point of view  of their daughters. It is the age where wild wolf are roaming in the form of human being in the society to capture the innocent girls.Hundreds of innocent girls rape cases have been committed since last few years. Even the beasts in the form of human being have become so brutal that they commit the rape with only five years old girl. Committing of rape with the girls is the most sensitive and burning issue of the country. Recently on 14th of September a gang rape was committed against an innocent  schedule caste Dalit girl Maneesha Balmiki while she was going to cut the grass from the field.No matter thousands of girls like Maneesh Balmiki have been the loaf of the brutality. Until the strict law is not to be formed against the beasts who commit such kind  of brutality in the form of gang rape, then it is hardly possible to stop it. Most of the gang raped victim’s family members lay down during the mid session of long court proceedings taking round the court. Few of them are threatened by the powerful accused. It is not the matter of considerable that the person who is accused in case of the rape as well as gang rape that which caste and which religion does or do he or they belong?  Against this heinous crime and criminal or the beast verdict of court should be declared within a month by special fast tract court.The rapist should be hanged till the last breath in the open ground in the presence of the spectators.It is useless to make a debate on the television news channel to abuse each other to get the political benefits.Actually news channel debates have made the environment of our country intoxicated.As for as possible we should avoid to see such kind of cheap debates programmes on news channels. Now a days to see the incidents of gang rape and individual against the innocent girls, the parents are too much scared about the saftey of their lasses.Wild beasts are roaming out side the home in the market and in the field to capture the innocent girls to commit the vulgar activities with them. It is a shameful matter for the society as well as system of our country. If we really want to stop the heinous crime gang rape, then the matter should be disposed off within a month and the accused of gang rape or individual should be imprisoned so that others beasts couldn’t commit the such kind of vulgar activities.As we know that our constitution is flexible and inspite of knowing about the real main accused eg. rapist, murderer, or robber our flexible constitution gives a chance to stand a lawyer in his defence in the court and the lawyer too despite of knowing of everything that his client is the beast and the real rapist, murderer and robber still the lawyer of the accused tries of his level best to escape him from the sentence or to be hanged. I know that our constitution is very great and I respect it too much but at the time when the constitution of great nation India was drafted and it when it was implemented on 26th of January 1950 the ratio of crime was too less but now the time has totally changed now a days the beasts are roaming in our society  disguising in human being. It is need of the hour to do some amendments and to make some strict laws against the heinous crimes particularly rape & murder. Inspite of having the prooves real facts and the eye witness still the accused is given a change to defend himself. During the court proceedings the powerful accused’s family members threatened the victim, the hands of eye witness are greased and the prooves and facts are manipulated and put before the judge. In this way the real accused is released with honour by the judge.
If any unpleasant incident takes place with our own family member, then we will strongly recommend the strict law against the criminals and we will try our level best to see the accused hanging within a week in the open ground. By nature the man has become so selfish that he does not care about the pain of other victim.If we want to save the future of our innocent girls then we will have to speak against the brutality of rapist. The one thing is to be considerable that we should keep in our mind and notice the activities of our children.We should keep a sharp eye at the activities of our growing children.We should not give a long rope to our children particularly our girls.Untimely roaming alone in the market or in the field is not a good sign.The beast (the rapist)  capture the girls finding them alone.If the door of the kitchen remains open, then the dog will enter in the kitchen and eat the food items and destroy it.
These are the personals views of the writer if there is any error in this article, then the writer apologizes for the same.

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