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Announcing the Launch of the Inaugural Edition of Indian IsoFest, 2020, presented by Sampreshan Multimedia in association with Film Graffiti.

Art Exists in Isolation

NEW DELHI: Covid19 has forced almost every industry into extended lockdown. People & Organizations have come to a standstill. Times are indeed uncertain and IsoFest is an effort to join cause with various other initiatives happening across the world to resurrect the tempo of the entertainment industry. Innovative minds have come up with some exceptional work in the past few months. As the matter of fact, even the celebrities and driving forces of various industries from the world over are experimenting with new methods of reaching out to their fans and audiences. ‘No one definitively knows what’s next, but everyone knows that status quo is lifted’. 

Film Graffiti has created a unique platform, IsoFest, 2020 that invites from across the world imaginative filmmakers, still photographers, music video directors, musicians and singers to compete with their contemporaries by showcasing the work that they have produced during the period of isolation. 

Number of categories have been opened like best short films, Original Music Score, Instrumental Tracks, Songs, Music Videos, Teasers/Promos, Still Photographs etc. Most categories have sub categories wherein Indian Languages, English and other Foreign Languages can participate. There are special categories for Animation Films, Children’s Films and Comic Films. Film Graffiti also intends to incubate winners from selected categories. 

Not only will the winners be awarded with cash prizes but nominated work will be broadcast on a principal television network and published on various digital platforms both in India and rest of the world. Webinars, Virtual Meet & Greet, Virtual Press Conferences, Web Screenings, Interactive Sessions etc. are planned to create an ecosystem for the ‘ensuing digital world’. 

Festival Director Atul Pandey believes, ‘it is a great time to welcome aspirational film makers to the community by providing structured space for the content created in isolation. I am confident that solitude and restrictions would bring out something from deep within the creative minds, and added with the intrinsic paranoia of the unknown, may also bring out unshackled products’.

Entries will be accepted for all work that is created from 1st January 2020 till 31st July 2020. 

The Advisory and Experts Panel consists Amit Rai, Anirudhya Mitra, Bidyut Kotoky, Dhwani Desai, Gireesh Sahdev, Jasbir Jassi, Laura Ortego, Michela Scolari, Nikita Hattangadi, Prashant Shisodia, Parag Chapekar, Priya Singh Paul, Premendu Bikash Chaki, Rajesh Sethi, Rajiv M. Vijaykar, Sajjad Ali Chandwani, Sonali Bhattacharya, Ujjvwal Chatterjee, Varija Bajaj & Vinko Grubisic. 

Likewise, the jury will consist of several eminent industry representatives from all over the world. 

Atul Gangwar

Executive Director

+91 98716 24016

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