ICN Workshop : Prospects of Rural Entrepreneurship in India

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LUCKNOW / March 11, 2022 : The development that India is targeting, its path emerges only through rural entrepreneurship. Our country is not only a country of diverse natural resources and assets, but human labor is also abundant here. If the best combination of these two is done with wisdom and foresight, then the world teacher of ancient times, India can once again be established on the highest position in the world.

This is a message of Col. Nilesh Ingle ( Sr. Consulting Editor, ICN) through his workshop on the topic of possibilities of Rural Entrepreneurship in India organized by ICN Media Group (ICN) and its sister organization Scholar Institute of Media Studies (SIMS) in the fifth episode of ;Ek Kadam Aur, a joint series of (SIMS) of positive events.

Col. Nilesh Ingle is not only a soldier who loves his country or has served as a dedicated Principal as an academician in Army Educational Institute at Dholpur (Rajasthan) but he is an institution also. Those who are determined, they feed flowers even on stones. This nature, this world and this life are full of miracles, but these series of miracles are not visible to our physical eyes. To see and test these wonders and possibilities, only the eyes of the mind are capable and once the mind and brain extract water from the stony earth, for that in the physical world too, planting greenery on the sandy and rocky land of Rajasthan is no big deal. With clarity in vision, fertilizing mind, positive thinking and hard work, the workshop of Colonel Ingle filled the audience with energy and it mesmerized the participants who not only got acquainted with the new possibilities and techniques of rural entrepreneurship, but they were also determined to create new standards of earnings and employments for themselves and others.

Inaugurating the program, Mr. Tarun Prakash Srivastava, the Senior Executive Editor, ICN, while speaking in his address, said that it is high time that instead of looking to the governments for our employments and income, we should look ourselves at the employment and income
around us. Everybody should learn the Mantras of creating in his region himself and instead of becoming a burden on the governments, they should fix their roles in making of new India.

Even today India is mostly present in the villages and the migration of crors of people from the metropolis to the villages at the time of Corona tragedy was certainly a scene of our returning to our roots in the time of crisis. The journey from an undeveloped place to a developed place can be a journey of our livelihood, but it can never be called a journey of development. Developing an undeveloped place is the most effective and practical definition of development. He said –

मुमकिन नहीं लगता है, मगर ठान रहे हैं।

कुछ लोग अंगोछे से नदी छान रहे हैं॥

It does not seem possible, but still well determined.
Some people are filtering the river with a rag.

Professor (Dr) Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-in-Chief ICN and Executive Director SIMS, said in his address that the mission of ICN is to write a new history of Indian development through rural entrepreneurship. He said that in this field, ICN is dedicated not only to India but to  the whole world and has also conducted successful experiments in Thailand, Germany and Vietnam in the last years. In India also, he has organized successful events in the states of Uttar Pradesh,Uttarakhand, Bihar etc.

Col. Nilesh Ingle presented his workshop in a very interesting manner and presented the stories of his many successful experiments related to the land and water told how his experiments created new jobs in rural areas for the people who had left the villages to metros in search of employment and how Reverse migration of people could be possible. He presented many successful techniques of rural entrepreneurship and drew a blueprint for a new India through rural entrepreneurship.

The program was successfully conducted by Shri Gauravendra Pratap Sinha, the Editor ICN, Sri Nazm,  Consulting Editor ICN, Sri Akhil Srivastava, Editor ICN U.P. and Sri Hanif, Bureau Chief ICN U.P. also participated in the program along with many other participants.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Satyendra Kumar Singh, Editor ICN and Dean SIMS.

Professor KV Nagaraj, Chief Advisor ICN, Sri Rakesh Lohumi, Sr. Editor ICN and Professor Pradeep Mathur, Chairman, SIMS and  Chief Consulting Editor ICN through their digital presence spoke on the occasion to make the society better and they termed Rural Entrepreneurship Mission as the  most important and urgent need of the hour and appreciated the joint efforts of ICN and SIMS.


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