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ICN Octave-2020 : The World Drowned In Musical Ocean On Gandhi Jayanti

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Those who till date have been trying to measure and assess Mahatma Gandhi only through his physical shape and related facts, should understand clearly that Gandhi was not a person or a mere fact of history but rather he is an idea and a culture. 
No culture has ever been able to grow in any particular physical shape, but culture always comes into existence through a particular pattern of social interrelationship of specific ideas and perform their journey like the essence of flowers.
The facts related to Gandhi are not as important as the elements contained in Gandhi.  Facts only repeat history while elements give way to the future. It is our historical mistake to see Gandhi as a ‘fact’ because the facts of every person, time, society and situation are always different but as soon as we see Gandhi as an ‘element’, Gandhi becomes a unique idea, a unique creed and a unique culture. We all in the form of a living-body  have a very short-lived existence in this mortal world, but cultures are always combined with long-term existences and create social standards, norms and ways.
In today’s context, ‘Gandhi’ is virtually ‘a religion’, ‘a combined insight’ and a ‘movement’ that advocates leveling of the high and low surface of society.  While the world is waiting for an unseen and unwanted distraction and perplexity at the edge of the Third World War, Gandhi becomes more relevant and justified than his own time.  Today, in the global perspective, ‘Gandhivata’ (element of Gandhi) is the ‘Mantra’ (formula) of harmony, humanity, peace and prosperity.
‘ICN Media Group’ has set a new definition of journalism to break the mechanism of today’s complex and unprecedented global problems, not only by accepting journalism as a dialogue, but by adding it to new efforts on the ground of social development also. With its presence in 167 countries on the international stage, the tireless ICN has made a unique beginning to plant the seeds of Gandhian in the world court, which is engaged in a bloody struggle to gain global power, so that fragrant flowers of truth, non-violence and peace may blossom to apply nectar on the body of the world injured in the great war and to fill its soul with divinity.
The ICN immersed the world in a supernatural stream of music, making Bapu’s birthday unforgettable on 2 October 2020.  In this grand event of music through the global stage of ICN, led by ICN Editor (Entertainment) and noted Musician and Singer Shri Kewal Kumar, many great and proven personalities of the world of music performed extraordinarily wishing the world through music and dedicated their history-making performances to the world.
During the lockdown period of Corona, 281 compositions were handed over to the society through the digital system, presenting a new composition daily through the series ‘Stay at home – listen at home’ by said Sri Kewal Kumar with the aim of providing healthy and positive energy while staying at home. To which many senior and new artists of India gave their voices, including senior and established artists like Anup Jalota, Usha Mangeshkar and Shardaji and many more in 1st web series.Another feature of this series is that the of all lyrics are comoosed by the famous lyricist Mr. Ashok Hamrahii.
ICN gave its unique feat of its ICN club celebrated Gandhi Jayanti by dedicating the divine music to the world through 16 artists whose names are:

Kewal Kumar, Singer/Music Director

Ashok Hamrahi, Lyrics Writer (Mumbai)

Usha Timothy, Playback Singer (Mumbai)

Dolly Guleria, Singer (Punjab)

Pandit Sukhdev Chaturvedi, Classical Singer (Bihar)

Ela Sen, Singer (Mumbai)

Puja Gopal, Singer (Delhi)

Rashmi Chaudhary, Classical Singer (Lucknow)

Raj Kumar Rizvi, Singer & Neha Rizvi (Mumbai)

Aastha Goswami, Classical Singer (Mathura) 

Dr. Puja Dewan, Gynaecologist & Singer (Delhi)

Debu Seth, Singer (Noida)

Ratna Chatterjee, Singer (Kolkata)

Suman Devgan, Singer (Delhi)

Dr Shikha Bhadauriya, Singer (Lucknow)

ICN’s Chief Advisor Prof. K.V.Nagaraj, Senior Advisor Rakesh Lohumi, Chief Consulting Editor Prof. Pradeep Mathur and Group Editor Vijay Verma, on this occasion, specially congratulated the group’s entertainment department on their dedication. Tarun Prakash Shrivastava, Senior Executive Editor said that ICN is the first institution in the world which is committed to human upliftment in every sphere of life.

Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-in-Chief said that in today’s situation, human compassion should be international and no border exists between love, kindness, and cooperation.Dr. Shikha Bhadoria, Assistant Editor (Entertainment), thanked everyone for their partnership on this epic festival of music.

Consulting Editor of ICN Suresh Thakur, Sr. Consulting Editor Dr Bhola Nath Mishra, Managing Editor Dr Sudhanshu Singh, Chief Consulting Editor Dr Upsham Goel, Editor-ICN International Rajiv Kumar Saxena, Sr. Executive Editor Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Editor-In-Chief Dr Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-Barnali Bose, Editor Dr Mohammad Aleem, Editor M S Mazumdar, Editor Mohammad Zaid, Editor G P Sinha, Editor C P Singh, Executive Editor Dr Shah Nawaz Siddiqui, Executive Editor Sushant Kumar Singh, Editor-ICN UP Amitabh Dixit participated in the ICN Web Music Fest.

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