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ICN Octave-2020: The World Dives Into The Musical Ocean

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Music is not only a means of entertainment only but also a certified and established medical therapy, which increases the immunity of the human body by planting divine energy in the brain and the one becomes able to stay healthy or be healthy by countering any disease or infection.

There is an old saying – ‘Nero was playing the flute while Rome was burning’.  Perhaps in the eyes of the creator of this proverb, Nero’s idleness may be stagnation and avoidance of dure responsibilities, and it may be that Nero is also playing his flute in the same sense, but time has proved that nature is ecological.  Every problem in life stems from the violation of natural laws and the solution and treatment of every problem is with nature itself. 

From time to time, it has been proved again and again by various researches and experiments that any disease or malaise of a man is not only of physical nature but it is also related to mind and brain in some form. It has also been proved repeatedly that at first, only the brain and the mind accept that they have become healthy and only after that, a healthy mind makes the body healthy. 

In this view, music is not only a means of entertainment only but also a certified and established medical therapy, which increases the immunity of the human body by planting divine energy in the brain and the one becomes able to stay healthy or be healthy by countering any disease or infection.  During the entire lockdown due to global corona infection, many musicians and singers conducted many experiments in India and abroad which gave very positive results and in our country, the need for this was felt by the police teams patrolling amidst the lockdown also and their singing team giving healthy massages to the public was welk viral in social media.

The army of almost every country in the world has its own music band.  If you study about any major war like Mahabharata, you will also see that there music is also present as a tool to generate energy in a specific sense.  The music is very powerful, very divine, and very positive.  Today, when the world is standing in its place with the strike of the deadly infection of the corona and the time is completely speechless, the role of music and its dialogue become even more important.  In today’s context, it cannot be said that Nero was playing flute when Rome was burning.  Today, the flute is being played not only for self-satisfaction and amusement, but it is blessings the welfare of the whole world, and the music and energy that has arisen from it, is reweaving the damaged fabric of our mental concentration.  

ICN Digital Media Group has taken a pledge to uplift humanity at the international level through grassroots issues and is slowly starting to hit the ground.  Launching from the Indian soil and then conducting online webinars and webshops at the international level, first in Thailand on the ‘Rural Entrepreneurship’, the imperative need of the time, and then in Vietnam. ICN has given a global message that the borders maybe for the countries but not for the humanity.

ICN has gone a step further in its mission of human upliftment today by launching its ICN Club through which it introduced the world-class magical musical therapy to the Covid affected the world through its Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Jaipur, regional cities of India’  in ‘ICN Octave – 2020: Web Music Fest’ under the leadership of eminent music composer and singer Shri Kewal Kumar, the creator of maximum musical compositions in world.  Shri Kewal Kumar is a very respected figure in the music world and has indescribable authority over many genres of music.  He creates songs, ghazals, bhajans, folk music and classical music and these are the amazing musical creation in all fields and their compositions have been sung beautifully by senior and established artists as well newcomers.  During the lockdown period of Corona, more than two hundred compositions were handed over to the society through digital system, presenting a new composition daily through the series ‘Stay at home – listen at home’ by said Sri Kewal Kumar with the aim of providing healthy and positive energy while staying at home.  To which many senior and new artists of India gave their voices, including senior and established artists like Anup Jalota, Usha Mangeshkar and Shardaji and many more.  Another feature of this series is that the of all lyrics are comoosed by the  famous lyricist Mr. Ashok Hamrahii.  In this unique caravan of music, Shri Anoop Jalota, who is a Bhajan Samrat and a famous Ghazal singer, always played a very important role with his sense of responsibility and dedication towards the world and always ready to offer his sacrifice in this global mission. 

ICN gave its unique feat even more unique to the inauguration of its ICN club today on August 15 i.e. Independence Day, launching its global series as an Indian gift to the world and introduce the first fifteen artists whose names are: 

Bhajan Samrat, Padma Shri Anup Jalota (Mumbai)

Kewal Kumar, Singer/Music Director

Ashok Hamrahi, Lyrics Writer (Mumbai)

Usha Mangeshkar, Singer (Mumbai)

Ustad Sakhawat Hussain Kha, Classical Singer (Rampur)

Sharda, Singer (Mumbai)

Dr Shrishti Mathur, Singer (Jaipur)

Pritha Mazumdar, Singer (Mumbai)

Madhushri, Singer (Mumbai)

Jasmin Mehta, Singer (Ahmedabad)

Prof. Vidhyadhar Mishra, Classical Singer (Prayagraj)

Sanjeevani Bhelande, Singer (Mumbai)

Mukta Chatterjee, Singer (Lucknow)

Debarati Chakraborty, Singer (Kolkata)

Dr Shikha Bhadauriya, Singer (Lucknow)

ICN’s Chief Advisor Prof. K.V.Nagaraj, Senior Advisor Mr. Rakesh Lohumi, Chief Consulting Editor Prof. Pradeep Mathur and Group Editor Mr. Vijay Verma, on this occasion, specially congratulated the group’s entertainment department on their dedication. Mr. Tarun Prakash Shrivastava, Senior Executive Editor said that ICN is the first institution in the world which is committed to human upliftment in every sphere of life.  Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-in-Chief said that in today’s situation, human compassion should be international and no border exists between love, kindness and cooperation.Dr. Shikha Bhadoria, Assistant Editor (Entertainment), thanked everyone for their partnership on this epic festival of music.

Consulting Editor of ICN Suresh Thakur,  Sr. Consulting Editor Dr Bhola Nath Mishra, Managing Editor Dr Sudhanshu Singh, Chief Consulting Editor Dr Upsham Goel, Editor-ICN International Rajiv Kumar Saxena, Sr. Executive Editor Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Editor-In-Chief Dr Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-Barnali Bose, Editor Dr Mohammad Aleem, Editor M S Mazumdar, Editor Mohammad Zaid, Editor G P Sinha, Editor C P Singh, Executive Editor Dr Shah Nawaz Siddiqui, Executive Editor Sushant Kumar Singh, Editor-ICN UP Amitabh Dixit, Executive Editor Hardik Murarka and Associate Editor Rahil Akhtar participated in the ICN Web Music Fest. 

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