ICN International Award Ceremony: Galaxy of Shining Stars

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By: Akhil Kumar Srivastava, Bureau Chief ICN UP & Mohd. Tauseef Deputy Bureau Chief ICN UP

ICN Media Group celebrated its International Award Ceremony 2020 at Lucknow on 05th of January, 2020.

LUCKNOW: The Event was celebrated in unique manner by offering its tribute to six global personalities such as Rabindranath Tagore (in the field of Literature and Arts), Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (in the field of Education), Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (in the field of Science & Technology), Dr. Norman Barlaug (in the field of Agriculture), Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (in the field of Medical & Health) and Major Dhyan Chand (in the field of sports).

Tribute accorded to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was given by Prof. K.V. Nagaraj (Chief Adviser ICN Group), to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam by Prof. Jaswant Singh (Editor ICN, Science & Technology Section), to Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore was written by B. Bose (Editor ICN World), to Dr. Norman Barlaug by Mr. Rajiv Kumar Saxena (Editor, ICN International), to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy by Dr. Upsham Goel (Chief Consulting Editor, ICN Group) and to Major Dhyan Chand by Dr. Vijay Francis Peter (Sr. Sports Editor, ICN Group).

Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, the Editor in Chief ICN, told that ICN is made for reformation of the society through media, the fourth pillar of the democracy. He shared the story of progress of ICN. Dr. Shah told that ICN never receives any government aids and the organization is being run through contribution of its associates only so that its mission and purity may not be affected. He said that it is for the first time when any organization is giving its sincere tributes to six global heroes together.

Justice Khem Karan (retd.) presided the event. In his welcoming speech, Mr. Tarun Prakash Srivastava, (the Senior Executive Editor, ICN Group) told that ICN Digital Media leads the positive and responsible media and has registered its presence 140 countries. The motive of this media group is to glorify India across the World and share internationally to the other countries for all the required things and actions for promotion of the humanity and raising of life status around the nation. He further said that ICN is a group of intellectuals who are doing remarkable in their respective fields and are dreaming for an ideal society.

Justice Khem Karan said it was a wonderful and pleasant experience for him. He further said that politicians and other highly placed government officials claiming themselves to be the great executors of building of new India should take lesson from such organizations which are restlessly contributing a lot with their own resources into the society.

ICN awarded number of great personalities for their remarkable contributions and achievements.

First of all, ICN honored Justice Khem Karan (retd.), Mr. I.H. Siddiqui (Chairman ICN), Prof. K.V. Nagaraj (Chief Advisor ICN), Mr. Rakesh Lohumi (Sr. Editor ICN) and Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma (Group Editor ICN World).

In higher education category, ICN remembered Late Prof. (Dr.) M.N. Khan (Advisor ICN Group) and honored living legend of media Mr. William Mark Tully. Thereafter it awarded Prof. (Dr.) M.L.Bhatt (Vice Chancellor, King George Medical University, Lucknow), Dr. Sushil Soloman (Vice Chancellor, Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur), Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mathur (Sr. Journalist & Media Academician), Prof. Shruti Sadolikar Katkar (Vice Chancellor, Bhartendu Music Institute, Deemed University), Prof. Akhtar Haseeb (Ex. VC & PVC, Aligarh Muslim University) and Prof. Anil Kumar Rai ( Ex VC & PVC, MG Central University, Motihari).

In Science and Technology Category, the awards went to Prof. Awadh Ram ( Ex. Vice Chancellor, MGKV, Varanasi), Prof. Pramod Tandon ( Ex V.C. & CEO, Biotech Park, Lucknow), Mr. Kumar Keshav (MD, LMRC), Prof. Tapas K. Kundu (Director CSIR- CDRI, Lucknow), Prof. Alok Dhawan (Director – CSIR – IITR, Lucknow), Prof. S.K. Barik ( Director, NBRI, Lucknow), Dr. Abdul Samad (Acting Director, CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow) and Prof. Jaswant Singh (Member Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica & Artic and Editor ICN).

In Medical Education Category, the awards went to Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Kanpur (Ex Director, SGPGI, Lucknow, Prof. (Dr.) A.K.Tirpathi ( Director, Dr. RML Instt. of Medical Sciences and SGPGI, Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Peadhan, (Neurologist, SGPGI), Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Sharma ( Nephrologist, SGPI), Prof. (Dr.) R.A.S. Kushwaha, (Chief Proctor,KGMU, Lucknow), Prof. (Dr.) Kausar Usman (Department of Medicines, KGMU) and Prof. (Dr.), Sandeep Sahu (Department of Anaesthesia, SGPGI).

In agriculture Category, the awards went to Dr. Ram Bhujel (Director Aqua Centre AIET, Thailand), Varapon Suthipheat (Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand), Prof. Masarrat Haseeb, Eminent Professor, AMU), Dr. Neelima Garg (Principal Scientist & Head ICAR- CISH, Lucknow), Prof. R.K.Yadav, (Dean Lakhimpur Kheri Campus, C.S. Azad University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur and Executive Editor, ICN Group) and Mr. Rajdeep Kapoor (Executive Chef, Hotel Sherton, New Delhi).

In Film and Music Category, ICN remembered versatile actor Late Tom Alter and other awards went to Mr. Kewal Kumar (prominent Music Director and Singer) and Mr. Suresh Thakur (Film Maker, Music Composer and Writer).

In Education Category, the awards went to Dr. Jagdish Gandhi (Founder of CMS Group) and Paradee Patummapattananont (Ministry of Education, Thailand).

In Disaster Management Category, the awards went to Mr. Alok Kumar Singh (DIG-NDRF UP) and Dr. Kumar Raka ( Head, NIDM & PO, CCDRR, Ministry of Home Affairs & Editor ICN Group).

In the category of Environment Protection & Education, Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra (Ministry of Communication & IT) was awarded.

In Health Care Category, Dr. Rama Srivastava ( President- IMA, Lucknow), Dr. H.K. Agarwal (Chairman Nirvan Hospital, Lucknow), Dr. Vaibhav Khanna (Director Health City Hospital and Project Director Smile Train & Consulting Editor ICN Group), Dr. P.K.Gupta (Ex President, IMA Lucknow & Consulting Editor ICN Group), Prof. J.D.Rawat ( Vice President UP IMA and Secretary- IMA, Lucknow), Dr. Anup Agarwal (Secretary Lucknow Nursing Home Association and Executive Editor ICN Group), Dr. Pratipal Singh (Urologist), Sister Blessy (Administrator, Fatima Hospital, Lucknow), Dr. Shama Lohumi (Principal, Shuvalik Nursing Institute, Shimla), Dr. Vivek Kumar (Leprosy Mission), Dr. Vikram Ahuja ( Kosmic Dental Clinic), Prof. Dr. Anurag Yadav (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgen), Dr. Mujiburrehman (Shifa Medical Centre), Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan (Govt. Medical Officer), Dr. Shakti Bhushan Chand (Sr. Medical Officer, KGMU, Lucknow) and Dr. Vasu (Sr. Resident, GMC, Kannauj) were awarded.

In Media Management Category, Mr. Tarun Prakash Srivastava (Sr. Executive Editor, ICN Group), Dr. Sudhanshu Singh (Managing Editor-ICN Group), Dr. Upsham Goel ( Director, TC Eye Centre & Chief Consulting Editor ICN Group) and Mohammad Zaid, (Executive ICN Group) were awarded.

In the category of World Journalism, the awards went to Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui (Editor – In- Chief ICN World), Mrs. Barnali Bose (Editor ICN World), Mr. Rajiv Kumar Saxena ( Editor ICN International) and Rebacca Brindza (Editor- ICN International, USA/Israel).

In Journalism Category, the awards went to Mrs. M.S.Mazumdar (Editor ICN Group), Dr. Mohammad Aleem (Editor-ICN Group), Mr. Gaurovendra Pratap Sinha (Editor ICN Group) and Mr. Sushant Kumar Singh (Deputy Editor ICN Group).

The award of Literary Category went to Mr. C.P.Singh (Literary Editor, ICN Group) for his unique literary work.

In Life Skill Category, the awards went to Lidiya Myalkina (Executive Editor ICN International – Russia) and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal (Time & Goal Guru & Sr. Associate Editor ICN).

The awards in Medical Journalism Category went to Prof. (Dr.) Mohd. Aleem Siddiqui (Editor ICN & Joint Secretary IMA, Lucknow), Dr. Warija Seth (Sr. Associate Editor- ICN), Dr. Shazia Veqar Siddiqui (Sr. Associate Editor- ICN), Dr. Pranjal Agarwal (Associate Editor – ICN) and Dr. Amay Tripathi (Associate Editor – ICN).

In Sports Category, the awards went to Dr. Vijay Francis Peter (Hockey – Sr. Sports Editor), Dr. Meenakshi Tripathi (Volleyball – Sr. Associate Editor), Sadhna Singh (Volleyball Coach), Neeraj Tandon (Cricket), Dr. Mohammad Salman Murtaza (Volleyball – Sports Editor), Dr. Asim Khan (Athletics- Associate Editor – Ethiopia), Dr. Arif Mohammad (Hockey – Associate Editor), and Vaani Pandit (Samurai – Sr. Sub Editor).

In Agriculture Journalism Category, the awards went to Dr. Shweta (Sr. Associate Editor), Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Kamil (Sr. Associate Editor –ICN Group), Mr. Hardik Murarka (Associate Editor-ICN), Dr. Ripudaman Singh (Associate Editor), Mr. Shailendra Kumar Singh (Associate Editor-ICN), Dr. Hemant Kumar (Asstt. Editor-ICN) and Mr. Achal Gupta (Sr. Sub Editor – ICN).

In Anchoring Category, Dr. Shazia Israr (Associate Editor–ICN International) was awarded.

In the category of Communication & IT, the awards went to Mr. Tejeshwar Singh Rana (Associate Editor–ICN) and Mr. Tejaswi Louhmi (Associate Editor-ICN).

In the Bureau Chief’s Category, the awards went to Dr. Samayug Bhowmik (Buearu Chief- ICN, West Bengal), Klinsa Kurian (Buearu Chief – ICN, Kerala), Vatsala Bhusry (Buearu Chief – ICN, Delhi), Mr. Akhil Kumar Srivastava (Buearu Chief –ICN, Uttar Pradesh), Mr. Rana Awadhoot Kumar (Buearu Chief –ICN, Bihar) and Mr. Sajid Yusuf Shah (Buearu Chief –ICN, Jammu & Kashmir).  

In Social Jouralism Category, the awards went to Kiran Verma (Ex Banker, Himachal Pradesh) Dr. Bhawesh Dave (Associate Editor –ICN, Rajasthan) and Mr. Hoshiyar Singh (Sub-Editor ICN, Delhi).

In School Education Category, the awards went to Garima Gaur (Associate Editor-ICN) and Mohammad Salim Khan (Sr. Sub-Editor ICN).

Shoubhik Bose and Debanjana Maitra (USA) were awarded with the award under Travel Blog Category).

In the Enterprenureship Category, Sri Arvind Srivastava and Priya Srivastava (DJ Exports & Imports) and Mohd. Shariq Siddiqui (Eco Village Creator) were awarded.

In the category of Real Estate Category, Mr. Mohd. Umar Raza & Mr. Durgesh Kumar Singh (Hyades Infra Project Private Limited) and Mohammad Javed (Unity Builders).

In the category of Youn Journalist Category, the awards went to Dr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey (Asstt. Editor –ICN), Eram Fatima (Asstt. Editor –ICN), Tanya Prakash (Asstt. Editor –ICN), Mohd. Tauseef (Deputy Buearu Chief ICN, U.P.), Akriti Vigya (Asstt. Buearu Chief –ICN, U.P.) and Mehwash Fatima (Sub Editor-ICN). 

Mr. Gaurvendra Pratap Sinha, Editor ICN Group placed thanks note to the audience for ICN.

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