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ICN and SIMS joint step ‘one step more’

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LUCKNOW/16.10.2021 : The world, which has been battling the global pandemic for two years continuously, needs to be reassured that it is breathing and still alive despite the severe and unbelievable damage. It is very important that we listen to the music of our beats again, feel the speed of the blood flowing in the veins and tell our brain again that it is true that we have lost a lot but it is also true that still we have a lot left. We must understand that life is a name ‘to go on’ and there is a golden dawn at the other end of every night.

ICN Media Group and its affiliate Scholar Institute of Media Studies (SIMS) have jointly organized a new series of positive events Ek Kadam Aur (One Step More) to revive this belief in life. (One Step More) was started, as the first step, a Vichar and Poetry was organized in the auditorium of SIMS located in Lucknow, in which Vichar Goshthi was presided over by the director of SIMS Bhanu Pratap Singh and The Kavya Goshthi was presided over by ICN Editor CP Singh.

Inaugurating the programme, Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Senior Executive Editor, ICN (Literator, Legal Expert and Law Firm Owner) said that it is time to revive the sentiments of the dying society. We have no right to die unless we actually die. We are deeply concerned for those who have separated us from this global pandemic, but it is a festival of enthusiasm for the life of the society that is still alive today. Some of us were unfortunate enough to be defeated by this pandemic but crores of us also defeated this epidemic. We will walk again, we will move again and step by step we will create the history of new destinations on the geography of the world.

The President of SIMS, Bhanu Pratap Singh (journalist and retired bureaucrat) while throwing light on the working of SIMS said that journalism is a big responsibility and this responsibility becomes even bigger in odd and critical situations. SIMS is committed to produce such skilled and subject wise educated journalists in the field of journalism who are present for the balanced development of
society through meaningful journalism.

Gauravendra Pratap Sinha, Editor, ICN (Retd.Pharmaceutical Manager) said that ICN is a common platform of intellectuals from differentfields, despite all the differences, the common element is that they are all humanists and uniting according to their respective skills are irrigating humanity through ICN. He said that the global tragedy of Covid has shocked the world and now both our challenges and responsibilities have become higher.

Amitabh Dixit, Editor, ICN-UP (Literator, Painter, Film maker) said that all the serious diseases and social complications had almost exhausted his life expectancy in him and the folds of his talents had almost closed. But then a breath of fresh scented air entered his life in the form of ICN and then he realized for the first time that life is not a name of getting something but it is a name of giving something to the society. It is preferable to live life not for himself but for others and today he is again present with full enthusiasm and strength todischarge his social and human responsibilities.

Adarsh ​​Srivastava, Associate Editor, ICN ( Former real estate expert) said that the truth should not only be felt but truth should also be seen. We feel the truth in the heart and show that truth to the society through our actions and only then the truth that grows in our heart gets reflected in the society. ICN is the best way to bring the truth present in the heart to the ground in the society.

CP Singh, Editor, ICN (Literary & Retired Banker) said that unless we stick to our roots, our development is baseless. We should always be eager and available to learn and should be full of reverence for our Gurus and teachers.Our Sanskars strengthen our interpersonal relationship and we can easily do even unbelievable and impossible tasks in a collective form.

Program anchor Akhil Kumar Srivastava ;Akhil Anand, Editor, ICN-UP (Literary and Legal Specialist) said that every person present on  the stage of ICN is a seed in which the shape of Mahavat (big tree) is hidden and when shaking hands with each other we engage in some sacred work, our power and energy become a thousandfold.

Dr Shah Ayaz Siddiqui, Editor-in-Chief, ICN Group & Executive Director-SIMS said that ICN is internationally present in 179 countries and is not only glorifying India on the international stage but It is also creating a new and meaningful society through the International Rural Entrepreneurship Mission. He said that Covid has been a global disaster and we will have to face this challenge unitedly at the world level. Humanity may be upset but we will not let it be defeated.

Najam Mustafa,Consulting Editor, ICN also presented his views.

Amitabh Dixit started the poem with his composition Dhwniyan (Sounds). He sang along with many other compositions –

अक्सर बुनती हैं छोटी-छोटी ध्वनियाँ,
इतिहास को एक कपड़े जैसा,
पानी जैसी पारदर्शी ये ध्वनियाँ
अक्सर इस सिरे से उस सिरे तक
चमकते कणों में तब्दील होती हैं।

Often weaves small sounds,
History as a cloth,
these sounds like water
often from this end to the end
transformed into shining particles.

Adarsh ​​Shrivastava recited his latest composition written after a long gap of twenty three years, a part of which is as follows –

गर मै सच हूँ
तो सच में सच सा दिखना होगा,
भगवा, नीला, लाल, सफेद,
काले, पीले, हरे अनेक
सब रंगों में, बेरंगा सा मिलनाऔर निखरना होगा।

I am true
So it really has to look like the truth,
saffron, blue, red, white,
black, yellow, green many
of all colors and it will shine.

Tarun Prakash Srivastava ;Tarun Prakash ; while presenting his poem & Samay ka Geet
(Song of Time) said –

मैं समय के सिंधु तट पर आ खड़ा हूँ,
पढ़ रहा हूँ रेत पर,
मिटते मिटाते लेख, जो बाँचे समय ने।

I stand on the banks of the Indus of Time,
reading on the sand,
The articles are being erased, which time has spent.

Akhil Kumar Srivastava Akhil Anand along with other compositions made the audience laugh a lot with his very popular composition ;Kafan, while at the end made them extremely sensitive and incredibly serious. He said –

कफ़न बहुत से लोगों के लिये
रोज़ी रोटी का साधन भी है,
अगर विश्वास नहीं है तो
पूछो कफ़न के व्यापारियों से
सरकारी अस्पतालों से
कफ़ंन के नाम पर चंदा मांगने वालों से
और मुंशी प्रेमचंद की कहानी कफ़न से।

Shroud for many people
is also a means of livelihood,
if you don’t believe
ask the shroud merchants
ask the government hospitals
Ask the peiple those seeking donations in the name of the Shroud
And from Munshi Premchand story Kafan

The president of the program C.P. Singh, the writer of thirty-two books won the hearts of people by presenting his very popular poems Ashes& and Tears in English.

Emotions of any kind, affect and melt the core,

It fills in, then flows, affectionately  to our eyes.

They dissolve one’s being in it, even before,

Draining to fill  and be in our situation –felt – eyes.

Emotions and being, thus so fully dissolved in,

The natural secretion , called tears, and fills.

Coming as true friends, in every situations’ Din,

Remain intact in all  ,glad –sad, as Heart’s –Bills.

These tiny drops, draining via eyes, to say,

Never leave me alone, be what the situation, ever.

Shedding tons of emotional load to it’s drain bay,

As real friend of mine, for all day’s  endeavour

I have not seen one happy or sad alone, without tears,

They take away one’s load, dissolve and drain.

Even if, tears are not seen, due  to any or more fear,

They occupy our inner –core, thoughts and brain.

They are nature’s gift,  to keep us ever intact,

In the times of calamities, joy or even  otherwise.

Persistent are they from and in our beings, in fact,

None else is so selfless , devoted, ever  in wise.

Word “ True – Friend “ is smaller than being of tears,

They come, ever  ready, un – called, when  needed.

Are self –sacrificing, death – ready, humble -dears,

Never leave one alone, in times of joyous – dreaded .

At the end of the program, Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui said that our aim is to provide the elixir of positivity to the society through our series One Step More which has suffered from pandemic, we will teach the society the skills to live with dignity. Thanking all the people present for their participation, he said that the next step of this series would be presented before the society very soon.

Prof. Pradeep Mathur, the Chief Consulting Editor, ICN and Chairman, SIMS stated that such events are pulse of the society.

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