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Human Rights- Our Own Rights?

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By: Klinsa Kurian, Bureau Chief-ICN Kerala

Freedom is a basic human right that all people must enjoy, where the burden of suffering under somebody’s yoke is reduced.

This day is a red- letter day in the history of the United Nations. It is important because December 10th is celebrated as Human Rights Day in the history of the world. It is also marked by grandiose celebrations as well as functions which denote its importance in letter and spirit. The greatest gift that God has given human beings is the capacity to be free and not in bondage to anyone. It is 71 long years since its inception. There may have been remarkable achievements in the area of Human Rights where groups or communities of people who were in bondage got their right to be free as well as pursue the profession of their choice.

Freedom is a basic human right that all people must enjoy, where the burden of suffering under somebody’s yoke is reduced. What initially started out as a means to attain culture and civilization went on to achieve a civil society. But as the days and years passed by, in my experience I came to realize that there is neither “human” nor “rights” in the times that we live in. 

Really gory incidents are experienced at all times particularly in India. We have forgotten to be human and the viewers of heinous acts further entertain these occurrences. Why do these incidents occur time and again? Psychologically speaking, human beings are not happy. They have an unceasing quest for possessing more and more things which makes them turn selfish and kill somebody in order to have a gain. 

To top it all women are the most vulnerable lot. All kinds of atrocities are meted out at her – be it physical, mental, physiological, spiritual and psychological too. She is of the same rank and stature as men but with a gender difference. She has the same feeling heart, same thinking brain and the same blood that runs through every human’s veins. These days people fail to realize it. She is only treated as a mere object. Being human beings we should only cultivate in each other the culture of love and not hatred. 

Objectification of human beings occurs when the degree of humanity or humanness is lost for them. The values of love and respect have almost faded into oblivion. When the Supreme Being created humans, he wanted him/her to be different from a beast and so gave him a thinking mind and a feeling heart. When these two organs are not in cognizance with the other, then a negative thought strikes and when not guided properly, then this turns into a harmful action. 

Secondly, the question of rights occurs. When societies only follow a certain hierarchy at times, then all the trouble happens. Give a woman her own space. Let her live, let every little girl bloom into the world like a flower! Don’t pull off her petals away. Every individual has God-given rights to be free and not be tormented. Rights of an individual are specific to his own self. Live and let live! Hence let all take a vow to be humane and right on this “Human Rights” Day.

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