Human Lives Have Little Value In India

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By: Dr. Mohammad Aleem, Editor, ICN Group

NEW DELHI: India is on of those countries of the world, where the human lives hold little importance and regard. It can be perished on whim. 

Our thick skinned corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have become so insensitive that killing of any Indian citizen hardly bothers them. And if such unfortunate victim comes from the lower strata of the society, then, their insensitivity becomes more stark.

In a devastating fire, unfortunately, more than 45 people perished in Delhi just a few days back. They were mainly poor laborers and factory workers from Bihar and the Eastern UP, whose main objective is to earn a living for their impoverished families. Sadly, their dream died as they left their human lives, forever.

Such deaths are the outcome of the mishandling and corrupt practices of our decadent government machinery. Here, everyone looks like a shark whose only aim is to gobble its prey in what from and the way it comes.

It happened due to the criminal negligence of the corrupt MCD and the Delhi state government officials. They did not do their job honestly. Why on earth they don’t implement the rules against such unorganised work establishments?

Both the Central and Delhi Government are equally responsible for this tragedy. Such fire incidents have increased in numbers in recent years and it can be said that Delhi’s situation even today is as similar as it was during the shocking Uphar Cinema Fire tragedy many years back in which around 59 people had lost their precious lives. It all happens just because of the vote bank politics. Every time, when such incidents happen, an inquiry commission is instituted, and then,  everything goes as usual as before.

Now, the report is that hundreds of workers are stranded and out of jobs because their factory owners have shut their factories suddenly. They fear about the crackdown of the officials, who will look serious for some days to get the laws implemented. And, after a few days and weeks, they will forget everything again as nothing important remains to do for them.

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