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How Lethal Tentacle of Cyber Crime is Spreading Far and Wide

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By: Mehwash Fatima, Sub-Editor, ICN

NEW DELHI: Nowadays, cybercrime has become a grave threat to the existence of the mankind. It is surprising that in today’s generation, it has become quite common. They get involved in its nefarious game in various ways, especially, the teenagers.

Sometimes they get involved in it with a definite purpose and sometimes just for fun without even knowing about its far-reaching consequences. They don’t even realize they are getting involved in such a heinous crime which can jeopardy their career and life forever.

Recently, a similar case occurred in one of the colleges of Delhi University. I, myself, have witnessed the whole incident. My one of the friends, a girl, was there in the canteen, when a senior boy came to her and asked for a little favor. He and his friends, in fact, were playing a prank. She was asked to propose to him in a manner as she was in deep love with him.

At first, she didn’t feel right to do that and refused. But when he insisted, she finally agreed.

So the boy kneeled down, took out a red rose from his pocket, spread his arms wide and proposed her by presenting the rose to her in a manner as Romeo to Juliet. She smiled, took the rose, and said, “Yes!” Everyone shouted, and cheered at that. After that, he asked her to say thank to him and by taking his rose back again got busy with his friends.

But the whole incident got worse when a girl who was also a fresher filmed the whole incident on her mobile phone. And later on, she uploaded on the social media just for fun.

But, unfortunately, it got viral in no time among her and the boy’s other friends.

When the girl got to know about it, she became quite disturbed and complained to the administration and informed about the whole incident in detail. Although it was done only for fun, the case went directly to the ICC, and strict actions were taken, as the students were adult.

I must inform you that cyber-crime is a heinous criminal offence under the computer misuse Act. People don’t even know that the crime agency and police take cyber-crime extremely seriously and make every effort to arrest and prosecute the offenders.

Even if a boy complements his friend, a girl, over her looks, it also comes under the sexual harassment.

So, my point here is students should take these things very seriously, instead of taking these things lightly, as it can affect their career and their life and it can get destroyed just because of a silly mistake.

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