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Flora And Fauna

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By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN 

Animals ever depend on plants to live

While plants produce everything for us to give.

Purifying air, affecting rains, remove germs offensive,

Protect land from erosion and keep Earth good to live.


Life is a boon, getting pure air, water and healthy food,

This is generally polluted by our whim & industry hood.

Releasing fumes, bi products and injurious gases booed,

To shorten our lives and torture our precious livelihood.


Let us orient ourselves to protect & grow more plants,

To stop the by-products from mixing into our river- blands

Improving setup to live free from smoke & chemical giants,

To have fresh air, water and food from friendly plants.


Plants are most essential natural gift for us to live,

The mutualism of wild-life ever enduring us to give.

In these relations, most of the times, we seem to be offensive,

Ignoring a fact that our such acts will prove to be very expensive.

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