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Father of Mine….

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By: Klinsa Kurien, Bureau Chief-ICN Kerala

The unforgettable words of a song goes, “Father of Mine, you gave to me, all of my life to do as I please. I owe everything I have to you, Father, sweet father of mine.

Yes, this is absolutely true. Father is the originator and creator of life. Without him there would not be a new life, a true gift of God’s vision of a man. To most children, Father means ‘authority’ in its strictest sense. The father is never given the role of being ‘fatherly’ or affectionate. He is considered to be the epitome of all things virtuous and is an eternal provider for the family.  At the same time, he is a constantly encouraging person with the goal of doing the best for his family and expects his family members to excel in their tasks and duties.

But to me, my father was the true definition of a friend, mentor and guide. Right from my baby steps to the woman that I am today is because of one person-My father. He truly would guide me in everything, but at the same time never compelled me to do anything, and left it to my will. He was the same person who would come three times a day to my school. The first time for dropping me to school, then with the lunch box and thirdly for picking me up from school. And then only go about his official duties. Our house was atleast ten kilometers away from school. Driving to and fro for six times a day for ten long years is not simple at all. So much care and concern he had for his children! I can proudly say that no other parent on this earth would have done so.

Despite all this he excelled in his professional life too and reached the topmost position in his respective career. He was the most unmatched and unparalleled person in his respective career too. Till today if I have something important I consult him. My father has extended his same affection to his grandchildren too. He still cares for them as he did for his children, the same amount of love and service.

We were never afraid to ask him anything at any time or share our experiences. He never even left us alone for a day in the care of any relative. He juggled his professional life and personal life with tender care. This has only helped us achieve everything that we are today. My father is still very agile and active to this day, he never even allots any of his duties to his children and does things on his own. I am greatly indebted to him and cannot repay my father back for the kindness he has bestowed on me all these years. I am completely in awe of this man. Hence, do care for your fathers this day and if possible pamper them with some gifts in order to make them feel special!

Wishing a Very Happy Father’s Day to my father. If there is a God on this earth, it is my Father!

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