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Drive Away Corona

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By: Dr. Samayug Bhowmik, Bureau Chief, ICN-West Bengal   
KOLKATA: COVID-19, the novel corona virus. yes it is the latest generation of Corona Virus that affects human and causing a sensational diaster from a community to a  continent.
It created fear psychosis rather panic among people and all are inclined to procure disinfecting hand sanitizer and face mask and thus creating a price boom with shortage of stock of the above items everywhere throughout the world.
Although we, the human beings started to encounter this virus since a pretty long time although it was first identified in 1960.
Corona viruses most typically cause diseases in animals, specifically birds, bats and pigs etc. and in few occassions there is a spread from animal to human.In an article titled “A Case for the Ancient Origin of Coronaviruses,” published in Journal of Virology, in 2013, suggest that these animal hosts began diversifying tens of millions of years ago, and since then the virus probably evolved.
There are seven varieties of the virus identified till date.They are named as follows
Out of which the last three are highly communicable and life treatening. The other four are though contagious but never endengered our life.But why these three are so powerful and virulant?
As these last three strains of corona viruses are always changing their character by changing their internal configeration i.e changes are occuring inside it’s genetic configurations i.e in genome and thus creating havoc.Due to their frequent change inside genome,our defence system, which is known as immunity, unable to find the exact way to resist the virus and ultimately the victim developes series of ailments starting from pneumonia to multi organ failure leads to death.
Till date the situation although alarming but world wide staticstics shows that near two lakh people are affected and there is only 3.5% death ( except Italy) and majority already a good number are cured and out of danger due to timely intervention with necessary medical management.
Although we are unable to protect ourselves by any medicine or vaccine but we are able to drive away the virus by the guidelines as listed below.
1.Do not go outside except in urgent need.
2.Do not organise a party/ meeting/festival etc.
3.Do not gather in a crowded place.
4.Do not sneez/ spit in open places.
5.Do not touch any surface/laptop/ computer mouse and keyboard used by others.
6.Wash hands at least for 20 secs with warm water and soap or by hand sanitizer(which must contain 60% alcohol) every 3-4 hourly and specially after counting currency notes/coins or before you desire to touch your eyes/nose.
7. Always clean your mobile phone with tissue paper moistened with absolute alcohol or hand sanitizer.
8.Try to receive and pay through digital banking,if possible.
9.Avoid to procure any article through e-commerce shops.
10.Drink warm water and do warm saline water gurgle if you get any irritation in throat.
11.Change all your garments and wash them with hot water daily.
12.Change your handkerchief 2-3 times daily.
13.Stop taking ice cream, cold drinks,pastries,salad and other cold edible items.
14.Use any face mask available if you have sneezing or cough.
15. If you are a health service provider you must wear face mask.
16. Be careful
  a) If you are suffering with diabetes or
  b) if you have history of kidney or any other organ transplant or
  c) if you are in dfferent medications for multiple diseases including consumption of immunosupressive drugs.or
   d) if you are a existing or past smoker.
17.Isolate yourself at least for 14 days, if you get any fever,running nose,sneezing etc.and fix one of your heathy family member to nurse you who should have to use face mask.
18. If your domestic help is showing any sign of running nose or fever or cough…grant him/her leave of at least 14 days.
19.If you get any sort of illness e.g fever running nose cough or breathing difficulty..consult your doctor at the earliest.. DO NOT TRY TO DO SELF MEDICATION OR TO DO SELF DECIDED LABORATORY TESTS  without the advise of your doctor as it may turn futile as well as it will certainly loss the golden hours of treatment. Again to note that the test for this virus only done at 52 authorised centres in India.
20.Moreover if you get very much ill you may directly attend to your nearest hospital without wasting time.
We are unable to kill the virus but we are able to prevent its entry in our body and thus will expel the virus from our community.

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