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Decreasing Moral Values In The Society And Blood Relation

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By: Mohd. Salim Khan, Associate Editor-ICN
Sahaswan/Budaun : The man is a social animal. GOD made the whole universe and created thousands of creatures.Water is the first  & the most ancient creation of Almighty GOD. Among all the ceatures & creation from an ant to giant elephant, eg. human being, beast, fire,water, air, earth,sky mountain, ocean, tree, and plants all the creations of Almighty GOD. Among all these creatures & creations Almighty GOD placed the human being on the high dignity  and human being is the best creation of GOD.Even the angels & gods  do not have such status/ position  as status the human being  have in the court of Almighty GOD. Today in this article I am trying in brief to mention the decreasing moral values in the society & in the relations.
When the man performs  the most vulgar & lowest deeds against the humanity then he crosses  all the limits of brutality. On seeing the brutality of human being even the beasts feel shy  and they would have thank Almighty GOD to born them in the family of beast not in the family of human being. On the other hand when the man performs the great jobs and the public welfare deeds then the entire universe are too short to occupy the greatness of the man and on seeing the great jobs of human being even the angels & gods would have thought If we were born as a human being.
At the moment when Almighty GOD was creating the human being the angels asked Almighty GOD,”  O! GOD why are you creating such a creature who would bleed  & dispute  against each other on the earth?  Are we not enough to worship you? We worship you and recite the tasbeeh of your name.On hearing the angels, Almighty GOD replied them,” What I know you do not know the same.”
Almighty GOD is the ruler of the entire world. Even a leaf does not move without HIS permission. The moon & the sun rise according to HIS permission.Crops are grown in the field & it rains from the sky according to HIS permission. It is our faith & our firm determination too and if we doubt a little on this fact then it would be considered that we doubt on the existence of Almighty GOD.Our brain and our heart believe on this fact or not but it is 100% true that on the earth a single leaf does not move without the permission of Almighty GOD.
When the human being is born as an infant and he or she opens his or her eyes in the lap of his or her mother, then he or she is so helpless that even he or she can not hit the fly  sitting on his or her face. The infant needs milk in liquid form to survive which his mother feeds him. The infant excrete and urinate lying on the bed and the child totally depends on his mother and his or her mother cleans his or her excrete & urine. If it is not done, then the child remains in the same dirty condition on the bed. It is the reality of human being who becomes physically sound after growing up and becomes literate  and he joins the high profile society then he becomes so intoxicated in the pride of young age and wealth that he forgets his whole past time that when came in the world then he was so helpless and he is careless & unaware of his upcoming time that once again the time is about to come in his life, when the horrible shadow of old age will capture in his strong grip and once again he will be so helpless & compelled that despite of having all property, wealth & costly & luxury cars, he would not hit the fly sitting on his face and those children for them the man would have collected the wealth by telling lie & deceiving though out the life, his same children would so fed up from his parents by taking round the hospitals that the man’s own children will wait for the moment when he breaths his last and they take the breath of peace.
Now–a–days there is a disease is found which treatment is not available in medical science and the name of that disease is known as Superiority Complex. The man can himself cures this disease and he can gets rid of this fatal disease himself. I started to write the article from an infant lying in the lap of his mother to the man lying on the bed breathing his last of his  life because the man becomes so blind in superiority complex due to wealth, physical sound, young age, and beautiness intoxication and he does not  see the reality of ground level and he starts to fly in the sky.
The great people who are born in the world eg. Prophet Mohammad Sahab (PBUH). Prushottam Sri Ram Chandra Ji, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji all of these conveyed  the message of love,affection, brotherhood and sacrifice. All the facilities & luxuries, unlimited wealth lied under the feet of these great persons but inspite  of this, these great peoples never took interest in wealth and always these great peoples embraced the poor & exploited peoples of the society. We have blind faith in these great persons and all of us try to follow the foot prints of these great persons and till the existence of the world people will always  pass their lives by inspiring by these great persons but there is a category of a people in the society who write the definition of humanity in its style by the pen of wealth. I do not condemn any rich faculty  because there are such kind of people in the world who proud for having nothing with them that neither they care for any human being nor care for humanity.
Today we are passing through the age where the man who makes 500 friends on Facebook and who writes nice, awesome, great,so beautiful on the post and photo to each other he has no time to get contact and to know about their relatives and nearest in his family. We should not forget to wish our relatives  alongwith to wish our Facebook friends.
I am sad to write about this that the moral values standard is getting down in the blood relation with the high speed in society and that is the matter of concern. Often it is observed that either it is our relatives or friends come to each other with their self motive. Without any self interest no one is ready to meet anyone. The man who chats & come to know about his friends on Facebook, has no time to speak his relatives. Actually now the man thinks it the wasting of time to go anywhere without any self interest. On the other hand the people who go to meet their family members and friends without any self interest, they are considered the stupid one in the civilized society. Now a days the people are not so busy as they show them self. There are such people in the society who have a very busy schedule but still they meet with their friends & relatives and pass their expensive time with their dearest and nearest.I know only this one that either we are designated on a very high dignity or we earn a lot of money but if we don’t have our friends & relatives to enjoy with us and to share our joys and sorrows, then  our life is worthless. It is said that the peacock dances in the forest, who looks it.
When the human being steps in young age and he studies very hard to make his future bright and for the sake of their child’s bright future, the parents utilized their all sources to put their life on risk. The parents sell out the land, and borrow the money so that their child becomes a successful man after getting higher education.During the student life the person who could hardly manage two pairs of clothes, a torn inner wear and a broken slipper reparing again and again by the cobbler and who passed his early days of his life under the broken roof from which water comes out as drops and later on when Almighty GOD improves his economic condition, then that person first of all makes a impression  of his education & designation on his relatives & neighborhood. Whenever he forgets that he is trying to make a impression of his education and designation on the same relatives & neighborhood who have seen him many times wearing a torn inner wear & broken slipper. The interesting thing is that when such kind narrow minded people become financially sounded  then they try to pass out the comment & laught at their relatives & colleagues. It is very necessary to have the adverse condition in our life eg. financial crisis & to fall sick etc.In such kinds of circumtances Almighty GOD gives a hint to the man that it is time now to escape and think your actual condition and you are passing your life with the false glory of the world these are all the drops of water that can be seen but it is nothing inside it.After becoming financially sounded either the man is in govt. jobs or doing his business, the man joins cream layer to show their false pomp & show avoiding his relatives and standing with the civilized people he passes  out the comments and laugh at the poor & illiterate relatives & neighborhood.He has a misunderstanding that he will remain healthy & wealthy for ever.The more interesting thing is that when there is a lunch or dinner party of civililzed & well to do persons of the city then there is no share of poor relatives in the feast but the man forgets that when any desaster comes in the form of sickness or financial crisis or any other form, then as mice run away from the sinking ship to leave it,  just like  it the people who live in the such buildings that are constructed on the false & artificial relation’s land  make a distance from the victim person. When the man is going to be married’, the crowd moves forward with joy & zeal and the people who take photographs putting their hands on the shoulders of each other and who share it on the Facebook in such situations when the man involves in a fatal disease, then every one make a distance from the victim. In such adverse situation either the man who loves us most or our wife, our children look after us. Parents are the most esteemed gift presented by Almghty GOD to us that can not be campared to any other relation in the world.If it is said that parents are the second form of Almighty GOD, then there will not be any doubt to say it and undoubtedly if parents are unhappy with their child, then Almighty GOD too angry with him. After the parents for the man wife is the best friend. No body can compare with her devotion for her husband. Wife is still stands with you when all the relatives even our own children leave us and make a distance from their parents.
     ”Blows out which lamps to consider poor
      you will have to light the same lamps for light”
One thing is famous in our society that  the rich man is  arrogant and he is very proud of his wealth and this fact can not be denied but I am writing this fact according to my experince that there are such  fortunate persons who are gifted the wealth of humanity, sympathy, love & affection, alongwith wealth. There are so many people in the world who has the feeling of love affection and sympathy in their hearts and on the other hand such are the people who are full of arrogance for being nothing.
In our absence our merits & demerits represents us.Means……In our absence our merits and demerits represents our personality. The person who is appreciated behind him is infact a successful and gentleman and on the other hand the person who is condemned behind him is a bad one either he is posted on a very high designation or he is wealthy. Integrity, sweet voice, and moral conduct is the key of success.
In the last of the article I would like  to say my respected readers that we should join the civilized society and we should make relation with educated persons and we should join the company  of the same people but we should not be over smart and if Almighty GOD improves our economic condition then we should not make an impression on our relatives and friends of our designation and wealth. There is a universal truth that if we want to get respect from others then first of all we will have to respect them. As we throw a ball against a wall, the ball  will come back  to us with the same speed. In the last of the article I would like to say once again that we should not forget our past. Our past is our faithful colleague which does not leave us after our death.

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